I've been thinking a lot lately,
Of what I want to say.
But every time I try to,
The words just slip away.

I decided a moment ago,
Two write my heart's desires.
Because when I'm alone all day,
Poetry transpires.

I'll start with the feeling,
I get when you speak.
Or maybe the pink your face turns,
When your anger's at its peak.

The one thing that's important,
What I'm here to preach.
Is how much I love your voice,
And how you're out of reach.

I can feel the butterflies,
Swarming in my chest.
I better make this quick,
And my very best.

I'm sorry to inform you,
That the words are somehow gone.
I guess when I'm thinking about you,
My thoughts are withdrawn.

I'll leave you with the message,
That our love will never die.
I'll remember the words someday,
I promise that I'll try.