"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have led you on," he told me with a careful tone. "I already have a girlfriend."

"Oh," I managed to say.

"I'm sorry,"

"Don't worry about it," I smiled at him. My smile must've been so real 'cause he gave me a relieved expression.

My heart was going back to the same cage It was in before I met him. Sobbing and screaming at me. At that time I walked away and promised my heart that it'll never get hurt again.

My eyes flashed open and I sighed. A dream? Well, more like a flashback. I looked at my luggage that was set aside in the corner. My alarm clock went off and I sighed. Why do I even set it if I was going to wake up before it rings?

I got up and turned it off. I strip my clothes and went for a hot shower before I go to Performing Arts Camp. I wonder if this was a good idea, am I willing to face him again just to meet up with an old teacher.

"A teacher that means so much to you," my conscience whispered.

After everything was done I faced my mom.

"Are you sure you want to go?" my mom asked me for the last time.

"You already paid for it," I smiled at her.

A bus-not like a school bus, but a normal bus- stopped in front of my house.

"Take care," she smiled at me.

And I left. This wasn't the first time I would be away from her for a long period of time. I mean three months isn't that long.

"Miz Zesolia?" a conductor asked me when I got on the bus.

"That's me," I gave him a sweet smile and he looked away from my deep brown eyes.

"I'll take your ticket and your luggage and please find a seat for this two hour drive," he stammered. Was I that cute to make this young man stammer? I guess I am.

I quickly looked at the people I would be spending my times with and they're not that much of a big deal. Some were already have asleep. I didn't see him yet which was a good sign.

I sat on a window seat and placed my purse aside. This whole thing was too troublesome. My old teacher and old friends might trigger my 'past' self. After my schooling in Sakura School, I told myself that I would become an individual; not a leader and especially not a follower.

Two hours went by quickly and I found myself surrounded with newbies and an instructor who was showing us around.

I don't have time for this, I wanna see Cher again. His full name is Rhobbie Santo. Cher came from Teacher.

"May I help you?" a woman in her mid 20's asked me.

"Yes, do you know where Ch- err Mr. Santo is?" I smiled at her.

"He's just four doors down, I think he has a class," she said. "Are you one of his students?"

Technically his ex-students but she didn't specify so I nodded.

"Be careful, he's strict when a student is late," she pointed out.

"Thank you," I smiled at her. I'm pretty sure I know that myself but no need to tell her off, I'm a good girl now.

"Bad girls never become good," my conscience whispered once more.

I opened the door but it seemed like I 'barged' in since everyone seemed to look at me but I only focused on him.

"Being late is not tolerable when I am th-" he stopped and I smirked.

"You still use the same line?" I said.

"What are you doing here?" he smiled at me without changing his tone.

He sighed and assigned his class something to do while I came in with my luggage.

"Is that the way to talk to your favorite student?" I asked him.

"Actually, I'm his favorite student," a girl cut off.

His favorite student? What does she know about Cher? I'm pretty sure I'm the only student Cher will ever like.

"Taylor, this is Miz, my ex-student," he introduced me.

"Hi," I sweetly said.

"I'm his favorite now, so you know," she started saying. I sighed and nodded. Everyone wanted to be Cher's favorite. He's a 'heart throb' I suppose but I just don't see why they're so giddy over him.

"I worked hard for the title," she smiled.

"I don't mind," I lied and then she showed me her real smile. Personally, I like her fake smile better.

"Just as long as I'm his first and last," I said. "You, of course, can fill his middle." She quickly frowned at me.

"Anyways," I turned my attention to Cher. "I heard Verona was applying also."

"Now I have Mazen, Walter, Verona, and you to worry about," he sighed.

"Don't worry, I won't 'cause a problem around here," I said. "I'll make sure you don't lose this job."

"It wasn't your fau-"

"Well, I gotta go," I said.

"See you around, Taylor."

Author's note: Well this is my first story here. Well, technically my second but my first story didn't feel right to me so I made another one. First Chapter is done! Hope you liked it!