In a dark room a teenager lay asleep on his bed snoring slightly, this teenagers name is Jake Chavarria; he lives in Beverly Hills, California; Jake is someone who has everything any guy can ask for: a nice house to live in, a cool car, a motorcycle, the perfect girlfriend and respect at the Beverly Hills high school.

The alarm on his night stand started beeping as he slammed his fist on it but didn't think of getting up from his bed, so his female German shepherd named Leah got up from her cushion and walked up to his side and started licking his face until he woke up

"Alright, alright I'm up" he said shoving his dogs muzzle away from his face and sat up from his bed stretching and cracked his neck before going to the bathroom in his room.

He stripped of his pajamas which consisted only a pair of black boxers and got into the shower starting to clean himself.

Once he got out of the shower he came out in nothing but a towel and ran his hand through his dark wet hair when he heard his sister call to him "Jake hurry up, we got to go to school" Jen said and he heard her footsteps fading

"Well Leah, let's see what this day holds for us" Jake said looking at his dog who headed to the door and used her paw to turn the door knob before leaving the room so he could get changed and ready for school. He put on a black V neck t shirt along with dark jeans with his combat boots and of course put on his favorite black leather jacket he always wore, and his silver cross his mom insisted that he should always wear.

Jake went down stairs and headed to the kitchen and was greeted by his mother who offered him a thermos filled with dark coffee, he gave her a peck on the cheek before going outside to his car to pick up his girlfriend.

Jake was driving up to his girlfriend's house to take her to school in his black Camaro vehicle listening to the radio. They were reporting on a strange animal lurking around the town especially the park, mysterious desapearence and murders and police officers found like five dead corpse in the local park, Jake shook his head at this simply thinking its just some stupid story to scare some kids and teenagers who sneeked away from their homes

He parked in front of the large house and parked his car and got out smiling and saw the familiar blonde haired girl come walking up to him "hey you" Frida said looking at her tall muscular boyfriend with a smile forming on her raspberry cherry lip glossed lips.

He knew his girlfriend all her life, and all though they are the same age, Jake was born on January 26 while she was born on December 21, making him twelve months older than her. They were the best of friends all their lives until he confessed his love for her to which she shared the same feelings, since then the two have been going strong and were still very much in love

Like always Jake took in her appearence smiling at what he saw, her long blonde hair was pulled in a half ponytail, her blue eyes accented with light purple eye shadow matching the dark purple jacket she wore along with the denim jeans hugging her low the hips along with a silver belt and purple highheels she wore, and like always she wore the gold locket he gave her for her tenth birthday

"Hey, how are you doing?" he asked looking at his girlfriend kissing her cheek opening the door for her watching her as she got in.

"I'm cool, except on the news people have been reporting of some kind of animal lurking around the park, and they found three dead people there" she said looking a little crept out as they drove past the large Fenton mansion "what if it comes around here, police have been looking everywhere but never found nothing, but giant paw prints and scratch marks on trees that come from claws too big for any natural animal" Frida continued looking worried knowing Jake's dad was one of the police on the search

"Don't worry about it, me and dad are going to look for it at five ó clock after school with the other officers, and if we don't find anything, well Joe's dad Mr. Fenton will be put on the search" he said assuring his girlfriend it would be ok, cause one of the things that makes her unique is that she worries about him as if they were a married couple.

Even though Jake was just seventeen years old, his dad who was a police officer took Jake to work as a police as well, making him the youngest police in the place. And he was a well trained one, having permission to own a handgun and knowing how to use it well enough, and even though he is a threat at school, Jake got straight A's, was a good person, and besides he wasn't allowed to take the gun to school.

Once they got to the school, Jake and Frida walked to her locker and he leaned there on a locker next to her while watching guard making sure no guy would try to sneak a peek at his girlfriend. Jake gained respect for a reason and the reason was he had no control over his anger, any guy who tried to outsmart him or disrespect his girlfriend and his three sisters would earn a good beating that would send them to the hospital, so no guy tried to provoke his anger but some guys who would want to talk or look at his girl and wasnt a proyect partner of hers or ect. was already dead meat.

Then a guy with brown hair and blue eyes walked up to the couple looking grumpy and like someone who hasn't slept for hours "hey Jake, hey Frida" Joe Fenton greeted the couple but looked tired as his eyes drooped as he let out a yawn

"You stayed up late didn't you?" Jake asked looking at his exhausted best friend whose eyes began to slowly close shut "if it's about that history report you were supposed to give in today, you should have done it earlier" he said snapping his fingers to get Joe's attention and prevent him from falling asleep like last time

"Wha, wha I'm up" Joe said groggily looking at his friends and let out a yawn and sneezed shaking his head to keep himself awake, he already fell asleep for the third time in class and his parents said if he ever did it again they would cut his five hundred dollar allowance short for more than a month and he didnt want that

"Seriously Joe, what were you doing that made you do home work that late?" Frida asked looking concerned but had a scolding look on her face in a some what motherly way as she looked at her friend

"I was, um I was doing….hey have you heard the news this morning? more than two more people were found killed down by the park" Joe said trying to change the subject, they just rolled their eyes at this but decided to let the previous conversation go "Seriously, I think it's some kind of monster who came from another dimension to eat people" he continued looking at them, Jake just rolled his eyes at his friends immaturity

"Yes Joe, we heard the news, but I'm pretty sure it's not a monster that came from a different dimension trying to eat people, I and my dad are going to check out the park but im sure we wont find that supposed monster" Jake said mocking Joe in the last part and knew he made a mistake, Joe was someone who loved action and always wanted to be a part of it

"Can I come? Please I promise I won't bug you guys" he pleaded looking at his friend with wide blue eyes and stuck out his lower lip which made Jake want to laugh

"First off: don't do that, and second: yeah he should go it would make the search much easier with a half ghost helping ya" Frida said smiling looking at her boyfriend, Jake knew well that Frida made the suggestion because she didn't want him to get hurt despite how strong and tough he actually was

He sighed reluctantly "you can come, but I have to talk to my dad about it first alright, you know that he doesn't like surprises as much as I do" Jake said looking at his over joyed friend and his relieved girlfriend and headed to class with his girlfriend close behind since they had Math together.

After school everyone was entering in their cars as others entered the school bus, Jake stopped at the exit and looked between his black car where his girlfriend was waiting and then noticed Joe walk toward his car. Before leaving to his car and his girlfriend Jake walked up to a silver mustang Gt that belonged to his friend Joe "hey Joe guess what? I talked to dad and he agreed that you can come along" Jake said looking serious as if he didnt like the idea at all

"Awesome I'm going to be a part of a monster search" Joe said looking happy and got in his car and looked at his friend who still didnt look pleased at all, Jake knew Joe since they were four years old and it gave enough knowledge to know that Joe was born childish and lets just say grow up being a childish fool, he knew Joe had the spirit and behavior of a toddler

"Joe just to tell you, this isnt a trip to have fun and fooling around, this is a serious work and you have to take it seriously" Jake said still looking serious at his best friend hoping his friend would get the picture of this mission

"Serious, got it no fooling around for the sake of our beloved city" Joe said in a heroic voice making a fake serious expression making Jake punch him on the arm "ok, ok no fooling around got it" he said rubbing his arm and started his car

"Remember Joe, watch your back or you could be the next victim or ill punch in the face just for not listening" Jake said with a menacing voice and watched as his friend nodded his head and drove out of the parking lot.

Jake got in his car and looked at his girlfriend with a smile on his face "sorry for taking so long" he said as he started the car and put it in reverse and looked in the mirror to see if nothing was behind the vehicle

"What was that about?" Frida asked as she looked at Jake with curiosity as he started driving out of the school parking lot and on the streets of Beverly hills heading home.

"Just taking care of business" Jake replied eyes fixed on the streets ahead of them with a serious look on his face.

Once they headed to the park, the group splitted in teams of two searching different parts of the park for the park was pretty big. Jake and Joe were looking around both holding a gun and looking around the place and the trees around them. They both held a leash that held Jake's German shepherds Killer and Leah who were police dogs and they were sniffing around the place to find any familiar scent of the piece of clothing they found around here.

Even though Jake was calm and concentrated looking around his suroundings as he held his gun in the back of his pants and keeping his most agressive pet Killer in control by the leash, Joe was the exact opposite: he kept looking at the weapon in his hand as if he never knew how to hold one as he kept Jake's dog Leah in a steady pace...he looked kinda creept out and when he was he would never stop babbling.

"I can't believe they actually trust me to use a gun, I mean I handled guns before but those were for shooting ghost, I'm using something that can kill a human" Joe said babbling different subjects and Jake was already getting tired of his friends ranting and babbling

"Joe would you shut up, you've been ranting for the past two hours, give it a rest already" Jake said glaring at his friend who looked like he was going to say something but tripped on something

"What the..." He said getting up and pointed his flashlight at the object he tripped on, but when he did he wished he didn't do it "holly shit, it's the corpse of Mrs. Fleming" Joe said squatting down beside the corpse who he recognized as the local librarian as the two dogs sniffed it.

"Carcass is more like it" Jake said looking over the carcass that seemed by the looks of it mauled by some kind of animal, bite marks didn't show seeing as what was left of the body was the skeleton but scratches from sharp teeth definitly did show on them. Jake grabbed the walkie talkie he had standing up and spoke "Officer Stewart this is Officer Chavarria, we found the carcass of Mrs. Fleming…..around a few blocks from the fountain… we haven't found any signs of the creature…well wait here" he said and put the device back in his pockets

"What are we going to…" Joe now standing up was interrupted by a rustlings noise coming from between the trees and a low growl was heard, Leah started barking at the direction and Killer was pulling at leash baring his teeth and growling but Jake kept the leash snug and tight, Joe looked at Jake and pointed the flash light to the place they heard the noise and they were both amazed at what they saw

a tall gray wolf like creature standing on his hind legs and was as tall as a clysdale horse was growling at them looking at them with evil gold eyes that shown in the darkness. Jake loaded his gun and pointed it at the wolf but it strike out and ran at him biting Jakes left arm before morphing into a giant wolf running further into the giant park, Jake let out a scream but didn't stop at what he was doing and shot the wolf on its hind quarters before it disappeared with both dogs running after it.

Joe ran to his friend who looked strained not letting his pain show "Jake you ok man?" he asked trying to get his friend to talk "what the fuck was that thing?" looking back at where the animal headed when they heard shouting and seconds later Jake's dad and officer Stewart came running to them

"Everything alright here? You said you found a dead body…Jake what happened to your arm?" Mr. Chavarria asked as he noticed his son's arm bleeding slightly and watched as Officer Stewart walked up to the carcass

"I'm fine, I just got bit that's all" Jake replied looking at his dad

"Well they got one thing right, this is Mrs. Fleming just left in bones as if that thing cleaned off every flesh and gut" he said shuttering and walked up to them and looked at Jake's wounded arm "did it cause that too?" he said pointing at the wound

"Yeah, you should've seen it…it was huge man" Joe said and looked at them as he continued not mentioning the part that it was pratically something they never seen before but was interrupted by Jakes dad

"You guys saw it?" He asked looking at the two teens "what did it look like, you did get a good look at it did you?" Mr. Chavarria continued looking serious at the two teenagers

"Well to tell you the truth, it looked like a gray wolf...Just too big for its natural size, that thing got a good bite out of me though" Jake said picking up his gun and looked for the reaction of the adults also hiding the fact in what he actually saw, Jake was as serious as any officer was on a duty and he didn't like being called ridiculous.

"Well seems like we have to close this park, as much as my daughter Kim likes coming here, this place is too dangerous for people to come along and have their picnics" Officer Stewart said referring to his thirteen year old daughter who Joe was dating

"Your right Chuck, you two go back home, you know how your mom doesn't like you being late for dinner Jake" Mr. Chavarria said looking at his son and let out a load whistle, a few seconds later Killer and Leah came running looking tired "take them with you, they already know what the animal looks like but by their tired look they can use a break like you two kids" he said handing the leashes to Jake

"Sure dad" Jake replied taking the leashes and headed to the way of the exit with Joe behind him, for some unknown reason Jake felt a hot feeling in his stomach rising to his chest and by all the angry outburst he experienced he knew he was getting angry but knew well not to jerk at the leashes leading his two dogs, his mom was a veterinarian and would scold him for taking his anger out at his dogs who done their best to get that animal. But what Joe said next made him snap

"I sure hope that werewolf is long gone soon, it would be a nightmare to live in a place with one around" Joe said acting like he didn't say anything out of line while looking around as if cuatious that the creature would come back

"There is no such thing as a fucking werewolf got it, so keep those crappy thoughts to yourself get it Fenton!" Jake snapped at his friend looking totally pissed off

"What the fuck are you pissed off about, it's obvious of what that thing is Jake, you saw that thing yourself and you know there such thing like that doesnt exist!" Joe said pissed off looking at his angered friend but kept his distance from him knowing that Jake could punch him in the face any chance he had when he was angered,

Jake calmed down by taking deep breaths and looked somewhat less angry and cracked his neck "sorry, I didn't know what came over me, I should get going and so should you" Jake said getting his dogs in the car as he got in the driver seat looking serious and started his car.

Joe was left alone as he watched the car disappear and then he heard a slight howl that made him rush off to his car back home. But he never put the thought of what could happen to his friend Jake after being bitten by what was he considered at what he saw: a werewolf.


It was twelve ó clock and Jake felt restless and uneasy; he kept tossing and turning feeling a stomach ache but dismissed it. Finally he got up and went to the bathroom feeling in total pain and looked in the bathroom mirror and what looked back at him were gold brown eyes instead of his dark ones,

Jake shut his eyes closed thinking he was seeing things but the pain had gotten worse and he let out a load groan bumping into things in his room waking Leah up and she looked up with sleepy eyes her surroundings and looked scared to see her master's form change completely, she runned to the door scratching it and missing the door knob several times until she opened it and ran out of the room whimpering.

His mom headed to the stairs woken by hearing things breaking coming from his room and seemed more worried when she saw Leah running for the back yard door to the confinement dog house in where Killer slept; she started running up the stairs when she heard him starting to scream in pain.

When she got to the upper level of the house she saw his three sisters were already awake wondering what was happening in his room but they didn't think of going in there so she walked to the door that somehow already closed and she opened it slightly "Jake, honey are you alright" she asked looking in his bedroom but turned completely shocked at what she saw,

A wolf like creature morphed involuntarely into a giant black wolf standing on the bed shaking uncontrolably as if he didn't know what was going on around the completely messed up room, her gasp made him turn his head and look at her letting out a growl that made her shut the door once he took a step off the bed.

She looked completely in shock making her daughters and husband worried "what's wrong? Is he alright what happened" Jacqueline asked looking at her mother wondering what was going on in her little brother's bedroom when she heard a loud growl come from inside the bedroom

"He's he's..." Mrs. Chavarria stuttered but couldn't let out the words to tell them what was going on in there and what was it that she saw; Mr. Chavarria didn't wait for his distressed wife to say anything and headed to the bedroom as his three daughters told their mother to take deep breaths.

Adan looked at the giant wolf that was growling at him seeming to not regonize his father at all. Adan left the room as soon as he got in there and went to his bedroom downstairs to get his gun assuming that the wolf was the animal Jake and Joe saw earlier, when he came back with the gun and headed to the bedroom door his wife stopped him "you can't shoot him Adan" she said distress replaced with anger looking at her husband

"Juliana I have to, that's the animal that's been killing people, as much as you love animals that thing is a monster" he said looking stern at his wife

"That monster is our son Adan" she said making him look baffled at what she said and their daughters look shocked "and don't say I lost my mind Adan I saw it with my own eyes and that wolf is our son" she continued with an arched eyebrow with her hands on her hips waiting to see what her husband would say

"Are you serious that that thing is our son?" he said putting his gun aside and looked at their three daughters who looked unsure of their mother's explanation, Jakes sisters weren't like many girls at their school, they loved horror movies as much as Jake did and many other stuff many girls would consider scary but this situation made them scared and worried wondering in what was going on with their brother

"What, would you want to think a giant wolf ate our son?" Juliana said looking skeptical at Adan with her hands on her hips assuming thats what the man was actually thinking about at the moment

"Well…" he started looking at the four girls around him and cleared his throat "if that wolf really is Jake, how did he become like that, because as far as I'm concerned I don't remember my son being a giant wolf" he said and looked at his daughters for an explanation knowing they had knowledge of such things

"Maybe….I don't want to sound crazy, but maybe that thing Jake and Joe saw was a…werewolf" Jen said looking at her dad knowing he would be the first to reprimand her and looked at her sister Jessie for her to continue

"He did say he was bitten by that thing, that's the only explanation of why he's like that" Jessie said looking at her parents for any reaction

"Are you sure, it's probably something else…" Juliana said but was interrupted by her oldest child Jacqueline

"Ma there's no other explanation of why Jakes a giant wolf, you and all of us have to face the fact that Jake is a werewolf" Jacqueline said looking at her parents with a serious look on her face "now the only thing we have to think about is how we get him back to normal" she said and looked kind of unsure not sure how on earth they were going to do that

"And how do you suppose we do that?" Adan asked looking at them but they simply shrugged, they stood there thinking ignoring the low growling coming from the room and the sound of large pawing sound at the door as cracks started to be heard on the wood

"Danny" Juliana said looking at them with a smile on her face "Danny can help us out" she continued and waited for a response from any of them

"Ma, I'm pretty sure Mr. Fenton can't help us out, he deals with ghost not werewolves, ¿remember?" Jen said looking at her mother as if she were crazy

"Then who else are going to go to, as far as I know Mr. Fenton is the only one who's dealt with things like this, and I don't want my Jake to be a werewolf forever" she said looking serious and yet looked worried over her sons sake.

"Danny it is, Jul you call Dan, me and the girls are going to get Jake in the car" Adan said looking like the serious police he is and motioned his daughters who looked slightly frighten to deal with their werewolf brother but went for the door as Juliana went downstairs to call Mr. Fenton.

When Juliana called the Fenton's phone number as she expected the butler who sounded tired but kept his professional tone answered the phone "hello this is Fenton's residence this is Andrew speaking, how may I help you?" the butler asked on the other line

"Andrews its Mrs. Chavarria, I need to talk to Danny please its urgent" Juliana replied looking and sounding completely worried

"Well good morning Mrs. Chavarria, but I think you have to think of calling later, Mr. Fenton doesn't like being woke up at 1:30 in the morning" Andrews said keeping his professional tone in keep from his tired one

"Please Andrews, I need to talk to him, it's for Jake's sake, something is wrong with him" Juliana pleaded almost sounding close to tears hoping the butler would give in

"Well alright, if it's something Mr. Fenton has to be involved I'll let you speak to him, hold on one moment please" He replied and seconds later she heard the phone be put down and footsteps fading until a few minutes later a pair of footsteps came stomping and she heard rustling noises

"What do you want at this fucking hour Juliana?" Danny answered sounding totally and utterly pissed off to be woken at an early hour "I have things to do later Jul so you better make this quick" he continued still sounding pissed off

"Don't give me that tone; it's about Jake he's in need of your help Dan" she replied in a scolding way she made when her kids cussed, ignoring the crashing sounds and insults coming from her husband "he's not himself today and it's not human normal" Juliana continued

"What's wrong?" Danny asked putting his tone in a more curios one wondering in what could be wrong with the guy who had 'I can take care of myself' attitude that required his help

"You know about that animal that's been killing people around town? Yeah well it's a werewolf and it bit Jake making him one, and we don't know who to turn to and we thought that you can help him, please Danny can you help Jake?" Juliana said noticing the babbling and the pleading in her voice and waited for him to answer

"Well I don't know much about werewolves…but I think I could help you with Jake" he said making her sigh in relief "I think you should bring him over now since I lost all sense off feeling tired" Danny continued sounding a bit amused about his now lack of sleepiness

"Oh thank you Dan god bless you, Adan and the girls are...I think trying to get Jake in the car, well be right over, adios" Juliana said and hung up once he said bye and went to her husband and kids only to find Jake sitting who didnt look pleased at all as Adan and the girls pushing him into moving which made Juliana put her hands on her hips and looked at them with a scolding look

"ay Adan you're the one who gave the order and you couldn't even move your own son into coming downstairs? Vamos Jake vete al auto vamos a llevarte a la casa de Joe" she said ordering Jake using Spanish (translation: Go to the car Jake, were taking you to Joe's house) at this Jake stood up on all four legs and went walking gloomily and growled at his sisters who were making sure he'd keep walking, when they froze with fear backing up to give himhis personal space he turned around and went down the stairs and let out a bark implying he was already waiting at the door.


Jen and Jessie looked around the front yard to see if no one was around and went back inside the house "the coast is clear" Jen said looking at her parents as they opened the two doors so Jake could get out "the bastard Mendozas aren't awake" she continued making her mother look at her with a scolding look on her face

"Jennifer Natalie Chavarria Aguilar as much as we hate those neighbors, you aren't allowed to use such language" Juliana said still looking at her daughter with a scolding look, she went outside and went to the family car that leaning from behind where Jake was put in and wished them good luck as Adan started the car, the three girls were about to get in until their father told them

"You girls have to stay here, no complaints, you guys have school tomorrow alright" he said ignoring the complaints and huffs as he left the house and headed to Danny's that was only fourteen blocks away from theirs.