birds sound like natural (mechanical) malfunctions,
and i'm afraid of not knowing (where am i?).
don't chew me out for dropping a cigarette!
it's just that i hate wasps and waspish people...

i won't stick out my thumb
in spite of everything we have become.
everyone is eating but me (binge/purge/binge/purge)
i just wanted to look good to you.

i am afraid that if i don't improve,
you will leave me again (and again (and again)).
my smile means something different to everyone,
but i haven't wanted anyone else but you.

noise has become something i can't separate from.
distract, distract, distract me, please!
because i can't bear to think that one day
i might have to look into your eyes and see them blank
without love
and without warmth.