there is a moment, she realizes, sitting all alone
as the clock ticks over to 11:12 (her time to make
a wish is over, but they never come true for her),
a moment where you can see your life change direction.

when she was a little girl, the two friends would
sit together, looking like sisters, and they would talk
about where they'd be. they drew linear paths -
they were going to each marry a certain guy, live in
a certain house, have a certain number of kids.

but they are not little girls anymore - oh no no no.
virginities have been lost. tears have been shed.
cuts have been made. ties have been severed.

AN: i have never felt so betrayed.
i can't bring myselft to hate you.
but i should.

(she was the youngest -
it always took her longer to catch on.
but oh, she's caught on now.
there's no going back.