Lilian dreams of butter flavoured kisses

While Jill just hopes for strawberry curls

In two plaits down her little girls back

And that carefree smile, why can't it remain?

Why can't that little girl stay the same?

But growing up seems easier,

but when you get there it's not

but once you've started, it's impossible to stop

so through her buttermilk kisses, she turns to butterscotch

and Lilians losing her smile

but Jill is losing her mind

what happened to the strawberry little girl

her baby left behind?

Blue skies aren't as perplexing,

When you stare at them with mature eyes

Coz what made them so beautiful

Was strawberry insight

And a little hand has grown, and Jill can't hold on anymore

So through strawberry greys she cries...

Why did I have to let go?

Now there's something we all know

Coz love is like a butterfly, I heard somebody say

But millions of butterflies die, everyday,

And no one sees the littered ground,

With colours fading and decaying

She can't hold it too tight

Coz she just wants her strawberry,

To come home tonight