how I'm feeling right now, I could yank it off.
I could sever my toes.
I could shave my head.
And cut off my nose to spite my face.
Despite my face,
I still get laid now and then.
The point I'm trying to make..
Take, Fake, You can't break me.
Broken is a grey word.
Words are more than damaged.
I left my heart in childhood.
Sex has nothing to do with love.
Love is about freedom.
When a soldier is built.
He sacrifices his free falling bliss.
I had one wish, I chose wisdom.
I should have asked for her.
I'll find one, I'll be alright.
The old man, I swear it was God speaking to me.
He said, 'you'll be alright.'
Somehow it felt true.
That was five years ago.
I've come along way.
From inside.
He was so sure of it.
I wonder how he knew.
But still, I've never felt like a sitcom.
They find it so easy to love each other.