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Maron moved very silently. If he stepped on a dry twig or something now, the whole hunt would be wasted. All the prey would run away.

He lifted his big head, and sniffed the air. Nothing out of the ordinary. Then he crouched down as well as he could with his huge body, and fixed his yellow eyes on a little deer. It wouldn't dissolve his hunger completely, but it would help.

Shayan stepped into the forest cautiously. From what he'd heard, there was a giant, russet-red wolf in this area. It hadn't attacked people yet, but it could anytime.

He steeled himself and went deeper into the forest. It was almost too quiet. No birds that sang at all. Shayan swallowed silently. From the stories the townspeople had told him, he knew he had to be careful. If he were to believe them, the wolf was about 169 cm up to its shoulders.

Maron concentrated so hard on the deer that he didn't see the human closing in from the left. He readied himself, and sprang. In just a few seconds, he was over the deer, his teeth embedded deeply in its neck. Maron put it down on the ground and started eating. It had been a long time since he had eaten deermeat.

Shayan stared at the big wolf in awe. He had never before seen such a beatiful animal.

The wolf was, as the townspeople had said, about 169 cm to its shoulders, it looked very powerful, but the long, ruffled fur could create an image that didn't quite fit.

Maron looked up. Something smelled different, almost like a human. He glanced around anxiously. There was a human in between the trees, a male, and he was staring right at him, mouth open.

The second the wolf looked up, Shayan came out from his hiding place, lifted his gun, only loaded with a sedative, and aimed it at the animal. He saw the giant wolf take one step back, terror reflecting in it's yellow eyes. He steadied himself, and started to press the trigger.

Maron turned quickly to the right, and jumped into the forest, away from the hunter. He could hear him curse. It took him almost all his will not to turn back to check on the human.

After running a while, and getting about two miles from where he met the hunter, Maron stopped. He glanced around before rising up on his two hind legs. As soon as he stood up, he changed back into a human. He didn't have any clothes on, and his long ruffled hair stood in all directions.

Shayan had tried to keep up with the wolf, but he had failed. He was totally lost, and with no sense of where he was. The forest was pretty quiet here too. He stared into the trees as he heard some twigs snapping. What he saw was a kid, around 19 years old if he were to judge by the youth's looks. He was completely naked, which had been odd if it wasn't for the lake in front of him, he probably planned on taking a swim, and he had the same hair- and eyecolour as the wolf from earlier, weird. But, he was extremely beautiful. Not too defined muscles, but one could see they were there.

"Hey, kid! Are you alone?" Maron looked up. The hunter he had met earlier had caught up with him. But this time, Maron was sure he wouldn't get hunted since he had gone back to his human form.

"Yeah. Nobody's around. Why'd y' ask?" Shayan blinked. The youth didn't seem used to talk to others.

"Oh, I just thought it might be dangerous to walk around on your own... By the way, have you seen a huge, russet-red wolf run around here?" The youth shook his head. "I see. Be careful of it."

Maron stared at the hunter's back as he rushed back into the forest. He then crouched, and returned to his beast form. He turned his back to the hunter and crouched for a jump into the woods.

Shayan turned. He had expected the beast to turn up again, but not so soon. He looked around. The youth he had met earlier was nowhere in sight.

He aimed, and let the sedative-dart fly. It hit perfectly. He ran forward as he waited for the big wolf to fall.

Maron hadn't expected to suddenly feel something hit his rear end. He roared and turned to see what it was, and found out it was a dart shot by the hunter. As he tried to run away, he felt a weariness creep over him, and he crumpled to the ground. The last thing he saw before his eyes closed were the hunter. He was standing just a couple of feet away.

Shayan watched as the wolf fell. It seemed annoyed at being caught, but it also seemed afraid of dying. As it's head hit the ground, it started to change shape, and Shayan jumped backwards. He was amused to see that it was the youth from before that suddenly lay in front of him. Stark naked.

He bent down and picked him up. He was very light. Shayan carried the wolf-youth to his house. He had small wounds all over his body, probably from running through the forest and battling other wolves or hunting, as well as a pretty deep looking one along his arm. Why hadn't he noticed them earlier? He was also very handsome, and, as long he wasn't in his wolf form, he didn't take up much space.

Shayan blushed. He looked away from the youth, who was sleeping silently on the bed. If he didn't compose himself, he might loose his reasoning. He gradually calmed down and started thinking. If the youth was a human it would be no problem, but Shayan had seen him go from wolf to human. What was he? Wolf, human or a mix of both?

"Uuh...." Shayan looked up as the youth opened his eyes. He had sleeping-tears in the corners of his eyes, and he looked really groggy. He quickly got his surroundings, and tried to flee. Unfortunately for him, Shayan had fastened chains to his wrists and ankles, chaining him to the bed. He let out an angry sound.

"Lie still. You're only going to hurt yourself." Maron noticed the hunter he had seen earlier that day. He started shivering, worried that the man might kill him. After all, there were a knife on the table directly in front of him.

"What're ya gonna do wit' me?" His voice was high-pitched in fear. Shayan's heart twisted, but he didn't show anything on his face.

"I don't know yet. Firstly, I want to know what you are." Shayan challenged him with his stare. The youth stared back, meeting his gaze levelingly.

"I'm a shapeshifter. I change into a wolf, and I find it easier to run 'round like one!" Maron glared angrily up at the hunter, and yanked his chains again. The sedative had taken his ability for now.

"Why do you think that, kid?" Maron lounged his head up, snapping after the hunter's nose. He missed, and a hand pushed him back down. "Now, now. Calm down."

"Like Hell I can! I only run 'round like a wolf, because dey're da only species dat's understood me since I got dese powers, which was by birth!" He was angry, frustrated and scared.

"What do you mean by 'they're the only species that understand you'?" Shayan had almost given up calming him down. The halfwolf still snapped at the chains, almost making them break.

"Me own parents threw me out by me first transformation! I was 5 years old!" Maron glared at the hunter. Shayan carefully put his hand on a part of his stomach where the youth couldn't reach, pushing him down on the bed again.

"Calm down. You're going to aggravate your wound... Anyway, I would like to know your name, young one. I can't go around calling you wolf-boy or anything." The boy let out a breath, it sounded angry and anxious. And he had reason to be both. Shayan lifted the knife and saw the boy flinch violently, then put it away and relief flooded the wolf's face. He sat down close to the bed. "Come on, tell me your name." His voice held a lot of patience. Maron shifted as well as he could, thankful for the sheet covering him up from now waist and down to his knees. He swallowed uncomfortably.

"Name's....Maron.." Shayan smiled, already finding Maron's speaking pattern and accent extremely cute.

"I see. My name is Shayan. I guess you'll be living with me until I've decided if you're a threat to people or not." Around 1 minute went by until he got a response from the boy. Yellow eyes widened to an adorable image.


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