After a month, Shayan was just about sure that Maron didn't mean any harm to anyone. The young wolf had settled down after a whole lot of complaining. The hunter still remembered the crestfallen look he had gotten when he thought he would be staying indoors, away from nature. Now, though, he bounded through the little patch of trees that Shayan had control over.

Chuckling, Shayan thought back to the day they met. When Maron had gotten down from the shock of having to stay with the hunter, the youth had slumped down in the chains and looked a bit crushed. He had seemed relieved when Shayan had freed him, and even more when he after a week was allowed to go outside. First when he had deemed himself trustworthy to the hunter was he allowed to go into the forest again, and only if he came back before dusk.

He smiled when the giant russet-red wolf skidded to a stop in front of the house. The door opened, and Maron came walking in, clad in the trousers Shayan always left for him outside.

"How was your day?" Maron snorted at his question, as always.

"Well, no hunters out today." He walked over to a chair and sat down, yawning slightly. Shayan chuckled and Maron sent him a half hearted glare. At least they weren't at eachothers throats. The wolf didn't object when the hunter sat down beside him.

"So? Did you catch anything?" Maron smirked at the question. He was always asked that, and to be honest, he didn't really mind having the hunter around. Sure, it had been awkward in the beginning, seeing as he thought the man was going to kill him, but once he got to know him, he understood that as long he didn't do anything bad the hunter would let him go wherever he wanted as long as he came back.

"Nothin' much. 'Few rabbits.." Shayan nodded. The winter was starting and prey would be harder to find for the wolf. He didn't believe Maron had ever been to a market. Hmm, he would have to teach him more about the human ways, even if the youth was half human.

"Hey, want to come with me to the market tomorrow?" Maron snapped his head up from the table.

"Dere's many people dere, ain't it?" Shayan nodded, he had expected this reaction. It would probably be scary the first time, but the more Maron became used to humans, the easier it would be to say that he didn't need to come back if he didn't want to. "Den I don' wan' ta."

"Come on, I need someone to help me carry things!" Shayan almost whined, causing Maron to let out a deep, rumbling chuckle.

"Fine, fine. I'll come wit' ya." Shayan grinned broadly as the wolf pouted to himself. The hunter yawned and vanished into his bedroom. Maron still slept on the floor, the stubborn shifter.

Maron shivered slightly. It was colder that before, and he didn't have a blanket. Living alone in the forest had gotten him used to it, though it was still cold. Shayan rubbed his eye as he walked to the kitchen to get a glass of water. He noticed the sleeping wolf's subtle shivering and went to retrieve a blanket to put over him. He smiled to himself as Maron happily snuggled into it.

Maron blinked sleepily. He couldn't remember having a blanket, but there were one over him now. He looked up as Shayan came out of his bedroom. The hunter seemed tired, but he always was in the morning. It took a few coffee cups to get him properly awake. Maron stood up and threw the blanket onto the couch. He then trekked out to the kitchen in hopes of something to eat. Shayan always made very good food, and he wanted to have some of it. It made the man his favourite human.

Shayan saw the hungry looking wolf as he went past. Coffee first, then breakfast for the predator. He smiled as Maron seemed to be getting impatient and as he went past on his way to the refrigerator, he patted his head, making him growl playfully.

After breakfast, Shayan took Maron out to the car. He refused to walk to the town. The shifter seemed very suspicious about the vehicle, poking at it and then jumping away. It was hilarious to watch. He smiled and climbed into the driver's seat, starting the engine. Maron got away from it once he heard the sound.

"Come on. It's not alive." Maron's eyes were narrowed and he had his teeth bared as he approached it cautiously. Shayan opened the passenger's door, and the wolf nervously sat down in the seat. He laughed quietly as he helped him buckle up and started driving. Maron started to relax after a while, which was good as this was a pretty long drive. The hunter started to smile as the wolf nodded off in the seat beside him.

Maron stirred when he felt the thing he sat in stop. He glanced over at Shayan, the hunter was already out of the car and stood outside waiting for him. He exited, and kept close to the man's back, snarling quietly. It earned him a small smack in the gut from an elbow.

"Play nice." Maron growled and glared mistrustfully at the people around. Shayan just rolled his eyes and dragged the wolf to one of the stands. As he began listing the groceries to the woman, he saw Maron's gaze being turned towards the meat. He quickly took hold of the wolf's hand to hold him there, ignoring the scowl he got. They could get the meat after they were done with the groceries. He paid and walked over to the stand Maron had stared at.

Once they were done with the food, Shayan put it in the car and dragged Maron towards the shops that sold fabric and other goods they could need in the coming winter. The youth looked at the different items and scrunched his nose as there were scents he didn't like. Shayan chuckled at his face. He then turned to the clerk about which fabrics to buy. It ended up to be quite a lot of blankets and clothes, as well as food and limber for the oven.

Maron decided to wait out on the steps. The shop had air that was too stale for his taste, and he was bored. However, he knew that if he began to wander about, Shayan could get mad, and he didn't want the adorable human to become mad. Wait... Did he just think Shayan was 'adorable'? He shook his head, cheeks tinted a light pink and growling at himself.

"Ready to go home?" Maron looked up at the human behind him. He nodded and took some of the bags Shayan was carrying. They placed them in the car and got in to drive back to the house.

Shayan struggled with the packs and bags. He knew it would be difficult to buy so many things, but they were going to need it now that the snow begun to fall. He slipped on a frozen puddle and fell against something warm and hard, Maron. The wolf laughed and helped him to his feet before taking some of the bags and opening the door.

"Ya looked like ya could use help." He said with a grin. Shayan huffed. Oh, how cute he looked, even though he was older than Maron. The wolf shook his head, wondering why he looked at a human he had only known for a month like a potential mate. Ugh, he had to be getting sexually frustrated.

Shaking his head, he went inside to put the items away. When he got back, Shayan was placing food in the cupboards below the sink, making his ass wiggle in Maron's face. He smirked as he went past the hunter, slapping it playfully.

"Don' go wavin' dat 'round if ya don' mean anythin' 'bout it." Shayan squeaked and glared at him. Though it didn't seem very intimidating as he was half into the cupboard and sporting a wolf just grinned mischieviously, making him swallow and turn back to his little task. This could be a long winter. Especially if his affections for the russet-red, yellow-eyed half wolf continued to grow.