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Serena's POV

"Maya! Maya! Wake up. How can you still sleep when you broke the…," I couldn't form the words on my mouth. How was I supposed to tell my little sister that she is so heavy, she broke the bed. And the nerve of her, she's still sleeping. I looked down upon my sister's sleeping form on the floor. Rough, shoulder-length, reddish brown hair hid her acne-scarred face. Her size 16 figure didn't go well with her short 5'4 frame. God, if she just tried, she could have been so pretty. Ugh, now I have to buy a new bed.

Oh finally, she's waking up. Slowly, she lifted her head and looked up at me. I don't mean to be rude but with her droopy wrinkled eyes, bulging stomach and balloon-shaped hair; she kind of looked like Snoopy the Dog.

"Why are you lol-ing" Maya asked, shooting me daggers with her light green eyes. That's the one thing I loved about her. Actually, Dad and Jasper had the same signature light green eyes, but it looked better on Maya, somehow. I've got my mother's eye colour which is a blend of black, brown and grey. I see nothing special with it but apparently my husband, Nate loves it. My mother and I can be described as Indo-American with a tall 5'8 frame, dark grayish brown colour contrasting with our fair complexion. Maya and Jasper inherited Dad's light green eyes, pale complexion and reddish brown hair.

"I asked you something," Maya asked, pulling me out of my train of thoughts. She followed my gaze and noticed the broken bed. She didn't get it at first but then realization dawned upon her. She just ran into the bathroom before I could process what had happened. Oh well then she's gonna make a waterfall then flood the entire house and then what, I have to sweep thefloor. Cause I'm the boss of the house. Well you see, after I married Nate and moved to this big fat house, I persuaded Nate to let my family from India to come and live with us in America. Now lets see, it'll take about 25 till I can get Maya out of the bathroom and into school. Well it's a good thing school starts at 10.

Maya's POV

Even after 10 minutes Serena's still banging on the door but she knows I'm only coming out after 25 minutes. Well, that's enough waterworks for today, I guess. Now let's move on to the basic stuff- brushing and showering. What? You thought I was gonna say make-up. I don't give a shit about my looks but I do care about my weight. The Camerons were born beautiful. Serena, with her mystic black hair and glossy dark eyes and hourglass figure, was a former supermodel. Jasper with his dark auburn hair and newly attained macho body and…..you know what I mean! Even my middle-aged parents look like some super-hit whatnot. They all are good-looking in their own style but none of them were 'too heavy to rock the world.' I swear the floors creak when I walk on them .Of course Serena keeps on telling me the floor is too old. Yeah right, you just built this house fives month ago and the floor is too old. MY FOOT!

"Maya! I'm gonna get you!" Serena swore and then stampeded away. Funny woman. Cant she just uses her brain and gets the keys instead of knocking for 25 minutes or she cou…

The door just swung open and there stood Serena with a key in her hand.

"I should've done that years before," she exclaimed rejoicing over her Eureka moment. What a tubelight.

I quickly dressed up and went down to eat my breakfast. Thankfully mom and dad didn't say a thing about the bed. On the other hand, Jasper had to.

"So I heard the bed crack and I must say that made King Kong look like a Ping Pong. So Serena, when are you buying the new bed," Jasper asked humorously.

" Oh Serena while you're buying a new bed , can you buy a new brain for Jasper," I retorted back, earning a chuckle from Serena and a glare from Jasper.