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Recap- Ugh. I'm tired. Just know that Ryan and Fabrey dropped off Maya near her home.

Fabrey's POV

We watched the so called Girl x saunter off to her so called y home. Man, she defines hotness. Pity, she couldn't see the handsome fling I could make.

"Yeah, she's all that. But she's not my type, you know all willing and wanting. And I don't date girls who're too stupid to see I'm all they need," I filled in the silence she left behind.

"Dead wrong. You're not her type- willing and wanting. And if she didn't fall for non-existent charms, then she's bloody well smart," Ryan pointed out but then stopped in his track to stare at something and gingerly picked it up. It was a pair of Gucci sunglasses.

Ryan pondered," These look familiar. Shit, she forgot her sunglasses."

"I really don't see why she even needs those. She could just her overgrown bangs to shade her eyes. How can she even see through that pile of hair? Experience, I guess. I mean, I couldn't even see her eye colour. Man, I wonder what it is," Fabrey ended with a dreamy look on his face.

"Get a life. I'm going to give this back. She went in that direction and ther are only 5 to 6 houses there. It should be relatively easy to find her point y. You guard the car," Ryan took off with the glasses, leaving Fabrey with a pout.

Maya's POV

"I'm home," I shouted for my voice to reach every corner of my home. Man, I have to get hold of everyone and tell them what happened. I caught sight of Serena in the kitchen and rushed off to get rid the burden I felt whenever I went through something big. This isn't even. This is ginormous.

"Serena! Ahh…you don't know what happened next," I was about to rant on full speed when Serena held a wooden spoon to my face to silence me for good.

"I'll hear it later. Why don't you go change and wash your face. You had a long day and accumulated loads of dirt and grime. Now go," she pointed upstairs with her wooden spoon.

I ran upstairs to my room where I found Fiona sleeping on the couch. I woke her up and told her everything while stripping and handing her articles of clothing which all actually belonged to her. I kept the wig neatly in my cupboard as Fiona granted me full ownership of it since she didn't need it anymore. I don't need it as well since I'm quite happy with my new and improved hair. But it holds some good memories.

Finally I took some clothes and set off for the bathroom, leaving Fiona back to dozing off.

Ryan's POV

I found atleast 7 homes in the neighbourhood she headed off to. Okay, let's look at all the points about her and maybe, I can accurately tell which one of the 7 places is her home. Judging from her original Gucci glasses, she must be from a well-to-do family which eliminates 3 out of 7 houses which were medium-size, a little dilapidated or abandoned.

That leaves me with 4 more houses which you can call mansions. One of them happened to be painted pink and from what I've seen, she cannot come from a family who are that pathetic. 4 down, 3 more to go. She disappeared quite fast, given that she was not exactly running home and I was hot on my heels to find her. That only means that she lived in the mansion closest to her dropping point.

I went back a couple of metres and found myself staring at a three storey mansion complete with a neat lawn and backyard pool, protected by high French-style gate and walls overflowing with vines.

My doubts were confirmed when I saw the gates were slightly open. Pushing my way through the gates, I knocked on the door a couple of times, before it swung open to reveal the most gorgeous woman I've ever seen. She was wearing an apron and carrying a wooden spoon. Taking in her luxurious hair but tall and lithe figure, I could tell she was not the mother.

"Hello there, can I help you," she asked, tucking her hair under her ear, managing to smear some flour on her head.

"Um. Yes. I swear someone living in this house has left this outside. I was just returning it," I managed to say without stuttering. I mean, did you see her?

"Oh, that is ours. Thank you so much for returning it. You can keep it on the table," Serena smiled sheepishly, seeing both her hands were full.

"You're welcome. Do you mind if I use the bathroom?" I blurted out. I really don't know why I just said that. My bladder was perfectly fine. I don't know, maybe I wanted to see girl X one last time. Okay, that is dumb seeing that I met her for only a couple of hours. Maybe, I do need the bathroom.

"Ofcourse. Just go upstairs and take a left turn. You might be some part-time thief, looking to nick some goodies while you're at the bathroom but you look nice enough," Serena said good-humouredly but I didn't fail to miss the warning tone.

With that, I jogged upstairs and took my left. There were five doors in this corridor. She didn't exactly specify which door I had to open. I had an eerie feeling like I was in an episode of Scooby-Doo. One wrong door and the Lochness Monster will pop out or I will fall into a deep dark abyss. With such dilemma, I opened the first door to my left. Consumed in my childish fear, I gave my best karate stance to fight off Lochness, only to have a big fat broom slide and collide with my head. This was a freaking broom closet!

I cursed and shoved it back in, promptly shutting the door. The next door was opened and this time I didn't bother with a stance. The broom knocked some sense in my head.

The door revealed a white corridor with pictures hanging from the walls, leading to a room at the end. A few more quiet steps and I found myself staring at a spacious room with football themed wallpaper. A queen size bed was decked at the far corner, with two bedside table overflowing with chem. books and a comfy lounge facing the TV. With closer observation, I noticed a Transformers T-shirt hanging from one arm of the lounge. Girl X was wearing that today. This was her room!

I tried to deny the flicker of excitement building in me but it was overwhelming. I was one step closer to finding out about her. I was acutely annoyed at myself for being like this over someone I was never going to meet again but I decide it was mostly due to the thrill of cracking a mystery and finding the X.

I didn't exactly walk into an empty room. The TV was on. Whoever was watching it, was on the lounge but I couldn't see who because the lounge had its back facing me. Maybe it was her.

Now, is the chance to see her face in proper lights and hopefully, her face won't be covered with bangs or some sunglasses. Once I see her face properly, it will be easy to track her down. Wait, what am I thinking? No one's worth that much of my time. I'll just see her face and that's it. I was about take a few more steps and peek over the lounge but that's when I realized something. Why do I even need to see her if she's not worth my time?

I took a firm step back but that's when my eyes caught on one of those pictures and I kept staring. One more look, and I stealthily crept out off the room and shut the door with painstaking effort to make no noise.

This is my first time writing a boy's POV. I don't know if boys think the way I wrote it so any constructive criticism is appreciated.

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