Drill Team vs. Color Guard

In the early days of TZA, Noiz was still looking for ways to promote the academy. She had come to inherit this building from a friend. So far That really didnt look so good at first. To run academy, you need a few things: students, staff, money, and supplies. The kitty slowly acquired all of the following over five months. Yet, she still had a problem. Noiz still needed more students to keep the academy open. So, what to do? What to do?

Then, Noiz came up with an idea. Why not use the ROTC program to recruit new students to Tokyo-Zion Academy. She decided that the drill team and color guard would do just fine. Before we go into this, lets back up to the staff, shall we? You see, three weeks ago, Noiz hired a new teacher. His name was Anthony Stalin. Lets all call him Tony for short. He hails all the way from Moscow, Russia. He and Noiz met at a writers conference. The man followed her back to Japan and got a job at the academy. So far, that was proving to be a huge mistake. All Noiz and Tony have done so far is fight. Both are polar opposites of each other. Kind in mind, the headmistress was still a bit innocent back then. She didnt have a sexy mouse to play with as well. Noiz was still a good girl while Tony was a playboy. This reflected most in their writing styles. The kitty liked just writing about general PG to PG-13 rated things. While Tony wrote well porn. Noiz was just so shocked when she first read a sample of his work.

OH MY GOD!!! the kitty cried when she saw the number of students coming to Tonys classes. The Russian man stuck his head out in the hallway.

Yes? he asked. Noiz looked at him sharply.

In my office, now! she barked. The man stared at her, confused.

Why? he asked. That didnt really help the situation at all. Noiz tried her best not to make a screen and scream in rage. She grabbed Tony by the arm and dragged him down the hall.

Hey! Whatd I do?!? Whats going on?!? he shouted. Noiz didnt answer until they got to her office. She slammed the door right behind them. Tony looked around confused.

Whats wrong? he asked. Why are you so pissed off for? The kitty still didnt answer. Instead, she just slammed down a copy of Canti Angel[1]. Tony still didnt see the problem. He shrugged at her.

So? he asked. Noiz became bring red in the face.

Its disgusting!!! she screamed. Tony blinked at her once.

What are you, twelve? he asked. Come on, the attendance in this school and traffic on the site has shot up dramatically.

Yeah, but its nothing but perverts! Noiz screamed.

Yeah, so?

Im only starting out! I dont want a school of nothing but perverts! Thats just tacky!

Why are you acting so shocked about my work?!? You knew what I wrote at the conference!

Yeah, but I thought you did that in your spare time!

No, this is how I make my money! Noiz stood there red-faced. She couldnt fire him, however. She still needed the staff to keep the academy open. Tight spot for her. Since then, they havent really seen eye to eye on taste.

Now, back to the drill team and color guard. The planning was rather simple. Noiz arranged the deal over the phone with the military academy in Okinawa. The request turned out easier than she thought. However, this plan hit a little snag. Two weeks before the debut, Noiz received a call on her cell phone.

Noiz-san, she said before her English I class started.

Is this the headmistress of TZA? a mans voice asked on the other line.


Noiz-san, we have a problem with our drill team and color guard? The cat began to look worried.

You cant make it? she asked.

No, the colonel said. The teams can make it, but

But what?

The team leaders got sick. Noiz really looked worried now. She panicked in her head. The academy couldnt afford to lose this chance. If the teams arent here to put on a show for the recruits, new students wont transfer to the academy. No, no, no! Noiz couldnt afford to let this opportunity slip away.

Without thinking, she blurted out, Ill get them ready for the show in two weeks! The other line was silent for a moment.

Are you sure you can take it? the colonel asked.

Yes! Noiz said. I was in both the color guard and saber team in high school. I can train the color guard just fine!

And what about the drill team? Noiz paused for a moment.

Uh Ill get someone to lead them. I mean, drilling is easy, isnt it?

I guess

Great! Thats settled! Bring them by this afternoon!


Great! Bye.

Bye Noiz hung up as fast as she could. Good, now she had the cadets in her trap. Now to get someone to lead the drill team. She tried to get the girls to do it with her. They all had different excuses for not taking the job. But ironically, guess who signed up to take on the drill team. Tony Stalin, himself! Oh great! That means she would have to share the field with the creepy Russian pervert. May the mess and clashes begin!

On Monday, Noiz stepped out to the twenty students of the color guard. She did a quick count of all of the cadets. A smile came onto her face. Good, she thought. Everyone is here! The kitty clapped her hands together.

Okay! she said. What I want is for us to put on a great show to attract more students to Tokyo-Zion Academy. Just do the routine that we have picked last night, run it through, and you will be set. Any questions? Silence for the bored crowd. Noiz smiled at them brightly.

Good, she said. Lets begin! The color guard began to do their routine. So far, so good. But then, Tony and his drill team came onto the field. The kitty tried to ignore them at first. Then, the Russian man walked up to the kitty. He leaned in close to her ear.

Pretty nice day for a march, huh pussy? he whispered. *Plus-cross on Noizs head*

Dont call me that! Tony laughed.

Oh come on, Noiz! Lighten up! She sneered at him coldly.

Were supposed to be working!

Oh lightened up! Have a little fun with this.

We cant! Tony looked at her oddly.

Why not? Noiz sighed aloud.

We cant relax until we confirm that the school will stay up. Tony smiled and shook his head.

And this will send the students flocking to this place? Noiz nodded.

Yeah. Tony and Noiz looked at her team. Some of them were doing well while others well they were just struggling. Then, they looked at his time. They seemed to be doing so much better that they were just bored. They turned back to his boss. Tony smirked at her.

Yeah I can see that working. Well done to you. Noiz sighed and shrugged at him.

Okay, so they are a little rough. But, I can pull them together! The Russian man snorted at her.

Yeah. Good luck with that! Then, he walked back over to his team, laughing. *Plus-cross on Noizs head as she grits her teeth in rage* Ha-ha-ha, you stupid Russian bastard! she thought bitterly. My color guard will crush your drill team when these two weeks are over! But then, the kitty sighed aloud. That was going to be a long two weeks. Oh what fun! The kitty lowered her head, in frustration. Please kill me now! Noiz thought in stress.

Welcome to Serbia, Kitty!

[1] A fanfic series on the Tokyo-Zion Academy web site.