Chapter One – Princess Emi

"Quickly now, you must help the Queen," said the King.

In the beautiful city of Gemstone, where the air is fresher and the grass is greener. The ocean glistens like gems just like the name suggest. Children's' laughter is heard from a far, and the citizens wait to greet their princess. In the middle of a room of the castle, that had pink curtains the princess laid in her crib asleep. Both King Barnett and Queen Lela watch other their newborn. Seeing the two adults looking at her with intense stares, the child cries of fear.

Being an unnaturally quick learner, the ten-month-old princess is learning to walk with her parents. The princess begins with a slow crawl and gradually speeds up; as expected she trips on a step. The princess scraps both her hands and her knees. Even through all the blood lost the princess continues to remain calm.

On Princess Emi's first birthday, many lords and ladies arrived in the Grand Hall to celebrate. A table stacked with presents is set out in the corner. The princess awakes from all the noise, causing everyone to rush towards her. Five-year-old Prince Lionel was the first guest to reach Emi's side. Next to reach her side was four year old Leonard and two year old Hideo. The three nobles make silly faces at the princess, hoping to cheer her up, but instead she cries harder. Only until everyone's hearts melt, Emi stops crying.

Emi is about eighteen months old, her beauty shown about all that are her age. Her black hair flows down to her shoulders. Her eyes were unique therefore the factor that made her stand out from everyone; they seem lifeless, and cold. Even when Emi is full of life, her eyes remain the same.

When celebrating her father's birthday she said her first world flawlessly, "Dragons," she said. The king and queen looked at their daughter surprisingly, even more when they found her levitating a small book in the air.

"I must teach her to control her powers," said the Queen, who was also a sorceress.

Lionel, Leonard, and Hideo once again attend Emi's second birthday party. Emi has matured like a young lady waiting to be courted. She is wearing a fluffy pink gown that shines in the light. Hideo goes up to Emi and holds out his hand.

"May I have this dance?" asked Hideo.

Emi answered without thinking, "I prefer to stay by my parents' sides."

Queen Lela interrupted, "She would love to."

'Why does it have to be me?' thought Emi, 'I'm only a child, Why can't Mother dance with him? It's not like she isn't allowed to dance with this … this idiot. Who does he think he is anyways?'

An angry Emi leaves the dance floor alone right when the music ends and sits in front of the presents.

'There, now I'm the center of attention. Perfect,' thought Emi.

First Emi opens the present from Lionel; a crossbow was revealed. Deep inside Emi lunged into a panic attack. Everyone else seemed react the same way.

Emi thought, 'What should I do? I know I should say thank him for this HORRIBLE gift. Why…how could he give me, a princess, such an unbelievable gift on MY birthday? Does he want me to commit suicide… or he wants to kill me. I've never done anything wrong, so why would he want to kill an innocent and pure child like me?'

While calming herself down, Emi begins with another present, it turned out to be from Leonard, Lionel's younger brother. A shinny blue gown with black outline, very similar to the gown Emi is wearing, was discovered in the box. By now, her panic is replaced by the excitement and happiness caused by the new and stunning gown.

As each gift became unwrapped Emi became more excited. Emi had forgotten to be graceful like all princesses should be at all times. As Emi becomes more excited, her parents become more disturbed by her manners. The last unopened gift was from Hideo, the younger cousin of Lionel and Leonard. The gift consisted of a necklace and a matching bracelet consisting of a variety of rare gems fused into the silver.

Emi thought, 'This is more like it.'

A shining tiara, resting on a purple cushion with gold lining, is brought out, after the last present was opened and admired by the public. The gift from her parents, Emi quickly gives her parents a hug and sits down quietly. King Barnett slowly places the tiara on her head.

Everybody is moved in to the dining hall where they await for the huge feast. After the feast, Emi has become tired from her activities and is escorted to her chamber. Many lords and ladies also took the chance to retire from the night.

The two maids that escorted Emi to her chamber are now chasing an adrenaline-filled Emi. Soon one of the maids finally catches the princess screaming.

"Please princess, go to bed," said the first maid.

"But I'm not tired," whined Princess Emi.

"But princess you need the rest."

"Then I'll sleep when I'm tired."

"Princess, please," plead the second maid.

"I already said 'I'm not tired.'"

As Queen Lela entered she said, "Honey, change out of that dress, or it'll get ruined."

"Mother, I'm not tired," said Emi.

"Emi, honey, you need some rest. You can play tomorrow."

"But I'm not tired," said Emi as she rubs her eyes.

"Stop arguing, you know you're tired, so just go to sleep."

"Fine, I will."

The princess finally allows the maids to help her out of her dress and into her nightgown. The maids slowly helped the princess into her bed. Lela went over to her daughter and kissed her good night on the forehead.

Queen Lela said, "Good night, darling."

That night there was a slight breeze in the air. A sweet fragrance that was tinted light pink roamed around the room. It had the same smell of the many gardens located in the palace. The fragrance soothed Emi and it helped her sleep. Soon she dozed off into a deep sleep. She dreams about flying on a cloud soaring through the night sky.

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