Chapter 4 – An Expected Escape

After the tour, the three girls hurried off to the chamber talking quietly talking about their daily events. The two sisters sat on the bed that was pushed beside the wall. Mariko was worried about the safety of her sister had never let her guard down ever since they arrived. Emi sat on the bed on the opposite side of the room; she looked at the ceiling in deep thought. Ever since she entered the room she had kept to herself, never leaving the safety of her bed. Beside her bed was a fairly large window Emi walks towards the window; Emi shifts her eyes towards the night sky.

When everything was quiet with the two other girls asleep, Emi walks towards the window and decides to climb through it. As clumsy as she is and being too weak to completely open the window, she opens it up a crack just enough to let her slip through. Emi slowly and quietly climbs through the window as the two others girls continue sleeping.

"What do you think you're doing?" asked Mariko.

Emi replied, "Well, let's see. I've been kidnapped. What do you think a person would do under these circumstances?"

Akiko worried, "You can't do that; you'll die. Do you know how high off the ground we are?"

"Try and stop me."

Emi continues to carry out her plan as Mariko heads towards her, Mariko grabs Emi's arm and easily pulls her away from the window. Both of them fall onto the floor and Emi landing on top of Mariko. Mariko yelled, "Get off of me!" and she pushed Emi off herself. Akiko hurries over to help them up. Emi slaps Akiko's hand away and stands by herself to face the others. Akiko hurries to her sister.

"If you two don't want to escape, then fine! I don't really care. But I'm going back to any country, so stop trying to stop me!"

Akiko tugs on Mariko's sleeve and whispers, "Mariko, I really want to leave."

With that Mariko makes up her mind and said, "Fine then the three of us will leave, tonight."

Emi snickered, "Look I don't need your help. You'll just be slowing me down anyways."

"So you're going to attempt jumping out the window and killing yourself." The room fell silent, with the three girls each in deep thought. "The only possible way is to sneak out, later tonight."

The girls made preparations and waited till it was pass midnight. As they waited Emi and Akiko fell asleep. Mariko stayed awake and woke the others until the time was right. Once they were ready they carried out their plan.

The corridor was dark; the girls have trouble seeing the way as they tried to recall the path. Because it was pitch black, the girls kept stepping on each other when they ran into something. They struggled together and after a while they were successful.

When Rena woke up the next morning, saw the dragons crowding around the entrance, and then she spotted the girls. Rena heads to the entrance. The dragons continued to circle the girls even when Rena arrived, she asked, "What's happening?"

Because the dragons can only roar they send telepathic messages to Rena and the former warriors. Therefore the girls can't hear Fireflash, he said, "They were trying to escape last night."

Rena gives each of the girls a death stare while saying, "Were you trying to run away? It's dangerous out there. You must stay here it's your destiny."

Emi yelled, "I'd rather die then stay here!"

"You can't you don't know how important you are. Just stay here a couple of days and you'll learn to love the dragons. You'll start to remember your past and if your not protected you'll die. More importantly, you have to save the world."

"I want to go home. I can't save the world and I don't care," sobbed Emi, then she ran back to her chamber. Mariko and Akiko looked at their feet but then ran after Emi.