I used to know you like the back of my hand.

You used to be my open book; the person I could read without even batting an eyelid, because the words you were dying to say were always etched in your face. And even then, you'd tell me what was on your mind, because I was the first person you'd want to tell anyway.

When people gave me a hard time, you told them to get over themselves, because it wasn't as if they were perfect. And they listened to you, and they backed off. And we'd share this secret 'Best Friend' smile because we knew that we'd stick up for each other, no matter what.

But we all know things change, don't we?

Because one day, you went away, and you never came back.

Oh yes, sure, your body returned, but where did the rest of you go? It just seemed to fly out a window. No one mattered anymore. Not your baby sister, or our other friends… and certainly not me.

I haven't changed, you used to say. But I noticed. Slowly, you weren't defending us when I needed you, and I thought you could change, and that sunny light I used to always see in you would reappear again.

But you left me to guard for myself in that cold winter. You left me to pick up the pieces of shattered glass that was once our friendship, now scattered in the snow.

You fed me to hungry wolves. You practically set me up for things I didn't do.

You went from being my protector to my persecutor.

You stared at me, as if I were scum, as if you had never interacted with me in your life, although I could remember all those secrets you used to tell me, and I was sure you remembered the secrets I had told you, thinking you would never tell a living soul.

I hoped, and I wished, and I dreamed that you hadn't told anyone about our private conversations, and that you would one day realise your mistake, but how was I to know? I didn't know who you were anymore.

So I tried to give up that hope, and I was no longer alone. Just as you had made new friends, so did I.

But despite the way you still treat me, I see something in your eyes. And although you weren't as open as you once were, I still can read you. You do still care. You know what you're doing is wrong.

But your newfound reputation is simply more important.

The funny thing is, you think you know my biggest secret- I'm scared of the dark. But the truth is, I have an even bigger one that no other living soul knows.

I loved you.

I loved the person you were. But he's gone now.

When you find him, I hope you bring him back to me. I miss him.

Because I hate the person you've become.

I don't really know what this is... it kinda came to me when I was bored, and I gave it to my friend to read, and she went, "Jeez, you made me cry!" So, apologies if you're crying. I hope you like it. And this has NOTHING TO DO WITH MY LIFE. I swear.

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