Standing outside the chemistry classroom

A smile on my face, a laugh in my heart

Lighter than air,

Floating on a constant cloud of blissful ignorance.

No sad thought or depressing feeling, it's like I'm flying, tumbling, free wheeling.

Door creaks open, a breeze wafts forward, cold tendrils of air wrap themselves around the students,

drawing them in.

The class room, spacious yet claustrophobic awaits us.

The teacher stood at the front, a smile on his face, gestures for us to enter.

In the other students go a raucous bunch, chattering amongst themselves.

Not I though. Already my feet feel like lead.

I walk into the room filled with students, the room with the rows of desks.

The room where the equipment stands at the sides.

The room I'm beginning to recognise as hell.

The sound of the scraping stools pierces me like the sharp wicked end of a pointed blade.

I cringe as I move to my place.

The feeling of lead rises up into my body.

Washing, crushing over me like a tsunami over a village,

and like a tsunami washes away the remnants of a village, the lead feeling washes away my hope.

As the noise levels fall, my depression rises.

Then he speaks, the teacher, the voice of impending doom,

the lesson is to begin, he turns to the door.

I watch him.

I wait.

He moves, the sound of each footfall like the voice of a juror sentencing me to imprisonment.

He reaches the door, extends a hand.

And like someone bound and gagged all I can do is watch, watch as it slams shut.

The noise echoes inside my mind ricochet after ricochet.

There is no escape now, I'm trapped like an offender in a prison

Trapped like an animal in a cage.

The lesson has hardly begun; the teacher speaks of dipole-dipole and intermolecular forces

All I hear is indistinguishable gibberish

Already I feel the happiness being sucked from me,

As though the room itself were a vacuum, my body a carpet and my joy the dirt imbedded in it.

Halfway through the lesson silence has fallen upon the students, like a heavy blanket it covers us

Like a benign presence it takes over us all

My soul is shrinking into insanity, I'm falling, falling into a black hole, into which there may be no return.

I'm drifting through a never ending darkness,

black so complete that light could not hope to penetrate it.

Minutes pass, I lose all track of time it may have been a moment or maybe a day.

I do not know, I do not care.

It is as though I no longer exist as though I feel nothing, I hear nothing, I see nothing,

I am nothing.

My brain once a mass of electrical impulses is dead,

No flash not even a spark remains.

Finally when all seems lost and every ray of hope, happiness, kindness and all that is good has dissipated from me,

I hear something so faint at first I believe I have dreamt it

But it comes again, louder now.

For the first time in 55minutes, something has broken through my seemingly never ending oblivion.

It is the sound of other students clearing away. My heart rises, my spirit begins to soar.

And as I roll through my darkness, I see a ray of light.

It hits me, goes straight through me, and sweeps through every part of my being.

Hope begins to swell once again.

Then I hear it. The sound I have been waiting for, it seems all my life, since the beginning of time,

for all eternity.

The walls of my prison shatter, the bars of my cage melt and the darkness engulfing me is obliterated by a white shining light.

It is the bell, the sweet bell.

My salvation.

A/N : this was a first attempt at anything resembling a poem, or a story poem as some might say. I did in the beginning attempt to make it rhyme, but as you can see I gave up on that very quickly :). I'm not the biggest fan of this piece but I was very, very bored, so it ended up being very, very melodramatic. I thought I would post it up see if anyone read it, or what they thought of it. A.A