Write a poem
that is clear.
Write a poem
not bogged down in motif or metaphor.
Write a poem
intended to be understood instead of just analyzed.
Write a poem
that makes a reader nod slowly and say:
Yes I've felt this too
Yes I understand these words
Yes this is meaningful to me.
Write a poem
that is less about angst
and more about life
Write a poem worthy
of being lingered over
of being pondered and revisited
Write a poem that
a reader can fall in love with
Write a poem that
can hold me when I'm lonely,
humble me in a single line,
brace me with truth,
sooth me with imagery;
A poem I can carry in my back pocket
so that--
should I ever need it--
I can call upon it
to reaffirm
that there are some things
that make sense
that don't have an agenda
Write a poem
like that.