I have a tendency to use big words
correctly in a sentence
without exactly knowing what they mean.
Like "stolid" or "contingent" or "supercilious."
Not difficult words.
Words that are simple enough so that I don't feel intimidated into the dictionary
But not so simple that, when asked the definition, I can rattle it off with confidence.

I've realized though
That some words are deceptively simple
And impossible to define.
Like "love."

I cannot say with any assurance
That I know what love means.
I do not know if I've felt it,
But I know the circumstances and the emotion
Where the word "love" would be appropriate.

I don't know what love means
And a dictionary won't do at all.
What I need are your arms around me,
Your smile and your laugh
And your sweet sweet eyes.
I need that feeling where all the bad things go away.

So when I say "I love you."
I might not know exactly what I'm saying.
But I know that it's right.

Yeah... an honest poem. I was almost afraid to post it. Oh silly me.