What's this?! A POST?? I'm alive!! 8DD Sorry, I got lazy and forgot about it. But then I read this one story called Control by Linus14 and I thought it was awesome but it was abandoned and I was like "NUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! DDDX" and then I was hit by sudden inspiration to keep going with my own story so... hey, there! xP

Yeah... I really am sorry. .;

Thursday, November 4

I know head wounds bleed a lot, but this is too much. She slammed my head into the table—with a coffee mug—this morning and it's STILL bleeding! Dammit. I found some duct tape and just finished wrapping a mixture of public bathroom paper towels and toilet paper- neither of which is very absorbent, by the way- with about three layers of tape.

I can feel a drop of war liquid starting to descend down my cheek. Dammitdammitdammit.

Okay, so I think I staunched the blood flow for the most part—finally. I'm still in the bathroom at school, waiting out first period, since this took half-way into the stupid class anyway. Not like I was actually going to PASS anything going on in there, so there's really no point.

Right now I'm more concerned about how the hell I'm supposed to hide a load of duct tape and bloody toilet paper sticking to my forehead. We're not allowed to keep our hoods up, though I doubt it'd cover this anyway. The best thing in this situation is to come up with an excuse.

Have I ever mentioned I am an expert liar? Well, I am. The trick is to keep to the truth as much as possible without giving away what you want to hide. It mostly comes to changing a few minor words to come up with a nearly truthful and completely believable lie. Like this:

Truth: Mother got my head slammed into a coffee mug on the table and I didn't have time to cut my shirt into bandages if I wanted to live today.

Perfectly Reasonable Lie: I got my head knocked into a coffee mug on the table and I didn't have time to get any bandages.


The bell sounds the end of first period and I slip into the hallway, off to Chemistry.

~I broke your page—MWAHAHAHAHA!~

Boring boring boring boring boringboringboring………….. AAAAAAGH! How do I live with this dull existence every day!? I keep passing out in the middle of whatever the hell those adult-nerds are lecturing about. I ended up skipping the rest of my classes to sleep behind the ball shed in the soccer field. At the lunch bell I venture away from my sweet napping place for my sandwich.

I find Kio in the lunch line again and follow him to the end to grab two extra sandwiches to go along with his. He looks all confused again—I have a feeling that I'll see this face often.

"You brought your math book this time," I explain, "that means I'll have to work—need more pay."

He rolls his eyes but buys three sandwiches anyway. Score! Today we don't even bother trying to look for a table amongst the mass of starving teenagers, but head straight outside to the picnic bench from yesterday. Kio watches once more in amazement as I inhale my food but looks confused (again, ha) when I put the other one in my backpack to take home.

"You're not going to devour your other one?"

I smirk slightly but keep my eyes fixed as I zip up my bag, "Safekeeping." I'm actually going to leave it out for Mary Jane tonight, but he doesn't need to know that.

He raises an eyebrow (damn sexy one-eyebrow movement) but doesn't say anything as we get down to math-like business.

(AN: I've actually just started precalc this year so… I don't actually know any calculus… We're just going to skip that part unless reviewers can suggest an equation and how to solve it xD Sorry.)

I finally drilled a few concepts into his head before he called it quits. My head immediately falls onto the table and just as I'm about to be whisked off to snoozeworld Kio knocks the table next to my head, making me twitch slightly and turn my Sam's-Terrifying-Go-Away-GlareTM upon him with excruciating force, "What, now?"

However, my glare is easily negated by the Kio's-Sexy-Come-Hither-SmirkTM as he says, "You're still coming with me to my friends."

Ew, no. "Ew, no."

"Aw, come on. Were they really that bad?"


"I promise they won't touch you this time—they just thought your jumpiness was cute. Just come, please?"

Head shake.

"I'll make them apologize and everything. You can not even say a word to them and make them all feel guilty… and stuff. You know you want to."

I consider this for a bit, then sigh and get up to follow him. How the hell does this guy know me so well? Damn.

~Dude, your page just broke. O.o~

We get to his dumb little group hanging out under a tree and they all go from talking to staring at my head. They don't seem to care how much I attempt to glare them away. They've probably all just been desensitized by Kio's smirk.

"Dude," says some guy, "what happened to your head?"

Oh yeah. Why didn't Kio ever ask about that? "Knocked into a coffee mug."

"Ouch, dude. But why duct tape?" This loser just doesn't know when to quit, does he?

Before I try to show him other things I can do with duct tape, Kio interrupts, "Well, anyway- don't you all have something to say?"

"Oh!" exclaims are particularly air-headed girl, "Sam, we're sorry for touching you even though you don't like it." She recited it like it was practiced, "we made you cookies out of guilt for chasing you away!" She offers me an entire zip-lock bag chock full of chocolate chip cookies.

Well, she's not so air-headed after all. Girl knows her diplomacy. I grab the bag but still sit behind Kio where the other losers can't get to me.

"My name's Kristin. We kinda forgot to introduce ourselves yesterday." With two cookies down my gullet, I'm sated enough to take full inventory of this Kristin. I guess she's pretty enough. She has brown, frizzy hair and eyes that look black- but I suppose they must just be dark brown. Her skin is tan and she's wearing caprices and a pink and blue stripped shirt, which she fills out in all of the "right places", as it would be known.

"Done checking me out, yet?" Kristin sounds amused; though I wasn't aware I was purchasing her.

"Not yet," I say absently as my eyes travel down to her shoes. She's wearing ankle socks (damn, I wish I had socks. I find new blisters on my feet every time I think they've finally toughened up) and new-ish looking sneakers (jealousjealousjealous).

I look back up at her to find her giggling. "What?" I ask.

"See anything you like?" She asks, still giggling. Jeez, I'm not that funny. Really.

"Yes," I say bluntly, "I want your sneakers."

The group is dead silent for all of two seconds before everyone around me bursts into laughter, even Kristin. I growl a bit and shrink farther behind Kio, who's also laughing. Psht, traitor. I stuff another cookie in my mouth as I glare, which probably ruins the whole image of "scary", but whatever. I just want food, dammit.

"That was too cute!" Kristin-giggles exclaims, "We have to keep him!"

"I second that!" calls a large guy next to her. Oh, shit. Very, very huge guy next to her. Monstrously ginormous guy. Even sitting down, he looks at least 6'4" and looks like he weighs 300 lbs of pure body-building muscle. He's got a buzz-cut, brown eyes, black skin, and the muscles of a T-Rex.

Monster-man grins at me, "I'm Rex." Oh. Fitting.