A/N This was for an English assignment, and we needed five objects to portray a character from a book or play we had read. I think it's quite apparent I chose Juliet Capulet, and my objects were as follows: A mask, a ring, a letter, a poison vile, and bones.

The night I met a love most unwanted,
The son of my enemy, my dreams he haunted.
The night I met fair, sweet Romeo
Is the night my heart did ten times grow.

I was wearing this black feather mask,
When for my kiss he did ask.
He asked for my hand; we would be forever!
And this ring did bind us together.

But our happiness could not last,
For out of Verona my lover was cast.
Because not an hour later, a crime my love did commit
Murdered was my cousin by my husband's hit.

Then my father promised to Paris I would betroth,
He did not care that this Idea I did loathe.
Out of fear I quickly went to friar,
For he knew this situation was terribly dire.

To me he presented a poison vile,
Promising it would render me dead for a while.
Quickly was sent a letter to Romeo,
but for this plan I worried so.

The next morning my family found me dead,
Not a drop of blood spilt on my bed.
The bones of ancestors from my family vault,
This one was my lover's fault.

When I awoke from my sleep,
It was then a terrible realization did creep.
The letter sent to Romeo failed,
My love's face with death was paled

An empty bottle of poison I found,
Laying with Romeo on the ground.
None for me did my lover leave,
As I cried and moaned and grieved.

Right then I pulled out this dagger,
With one swift sweep, no stagger,
I drove this through my still beating heart,
And no longer were Romeo and I apart.