Extinction DJ Corisis 19


The government experiment was only meant to be purely for testing. It had never for extended periods of research. The test subject had had the procedure thoroughly explained to him, and no citizen doctor or scientist could have predicted the events that would happen that day.

"The patient is ready to be administered doctor." The nurse informed Doctor Cleavland, who was working on a large machine.

"Bring him in nurse." The doctor replied. The nurse left the room and returned a few moments later with the test subject, a man in his mid-twenties, allowed to wear nothing but for his boxer shorts.

"You may leave now nurse." The doctor instructed. The nurse obeyed and left the doctor and patient to their work. The doctor turned to continue fiddling with the large machine and said,

"Would you please remove your boxer shorts now? We must allow only the smallest amount of matter possible to undergo the experiment." The man did as he was told and stood waiting.

"Heh, never expected I would be doing this when I enlisted for the army." The man said.

"Yes, I'm sure you didn't…" the doctor pressed a few buttons on the metallic device and it began to whir with power. "Are you ready to begin?" he said turning around.

"Little late to turn back now don't you think?" the subject said, not enjoying the air conditioned room.

"Very well then," the doctor opened a door on the machine to expose a small chamber, "Let us get started then. If you would please climb into the chamber…"

The man did as he was told and climbed in. it had been previously molded to his specific body, all limbs and extremities spread apart so as they would not make contact with another part of his body. The doctor pulled a small hose and needle from the siding of the mold and inserted it into the man's arm, connecting him to the machine. The doctor closed the chamber, creating a glove tight fit for the test subject, the smallest amount of room for movement available and an air mask built into the head mold and placed on his mouth and nose.

From the outside the doctor typed on a computer, bringing up a status screen of the test subject, all aspects of his bodily health and state on screen.

"Now you may feel a slight chilling sensation John." The doctor explained.

"Got it…" John mumbled into the air mask.

"you will start to feel yourself lose consciousness soon now… and remember that when you wake up, it will be a month in the future, not tomorrow morning, got it?"

"Loud and clear…" John said as he began to feel his mind slipping from him. His vision soon dimmed and he drifted off to sleep.

John did not awaken to the same people who had laid him to sleep. He was incredibly groggy and his vision was blurred, but as the chamber opened and his systems began to return to normal, he was able to hear the conversation taking place.

"How long has he been in cryosleep?" a female's voice asked.

"It's impossible to tell right off. It could be as long as three hundred years. This military facility was shut down in the third world war. This cryosleep chamber must have been running off of the backup atomic generator the city installed some years ago." A male voice said this time, who appeared to be messing with the chamber controls.

"How can we even be certain that he is alive?"

"His vitals are still visible on the screen. No one has been able to see them for years because of the dust that has been caked on though. We're lucky that we had been assigned to this sector of the city for demolition. Any of those other reckless fools would simply have demolished it without a thought to look inside."

The woman laughed and said, "We do seem to be surrounded my many fools don't we? I think who ever we found here is going to be quite surprised with the advancements he sees however."

"Yes, it certainly is going to be a shift for him isn't it? No doubt he will attempt to return to his time."

"Do we tell him of the possibility?" she whispered so John could not hear.

"No, no… we mustn't. The possibility of letting such great knowledge of what would await the future of his generation would create much chaos for both that time and ours. We must keep him convinced that he has no choice but to remain in our time." The man whispered back.

"Understood." The woman said calmly.

The man finished his messing with the controls, and after turning a final dial, the chamber seal opened, releasing air from three hundred years ago. The woman walked forward and searched for any cables connecting him to the machine, and after removing the only one she was able to find, wrapped a towel around the man inside.

"His heart rate is increasing to normal," the man said, monitoring John's vitals, "his brain activity is picking up also. His vision should be restored in a short time, followed by his speech and motor functions."

As the man had said, John soon opened his eyes with a jolt, looking at his environment with wild intensity due to the conversation he had just heard.

"Don't worry, you are not paralyzed. Your systems are simply returning to homeostasis. You will find your speech and movement returned soon. I am Doctor Sletic, and this is my colleague, Doctor Kuris." There was silence as the two doctors watched as John attempted to speak for the first time in centuries.

"N-n-nice…t-to…greet you." John said.

The woman smiled and said, "Nice to meet you to. That will get better as your brain returns to normal. As I suppose you had already learned, you are no longer living in your generation. We cannot ascertain for certain why you were left here, however we believe it was a crisis that required immediate evacuation and desertion of this facility. Everyone you knew at one point is now dead. That reality should come as no surprise to you, however it sometimes helps to realize it when it is heard."

"and while I'm certain that you wish to regain all bodily functions here at your own pace, this machine ran out of the stability fluid that had been being supplied to you through that tube," the man said, pointing to the old encrusted medical tube lying on the floor, "resulting in your body producing its own fluids ever since it ran out, the result being poisonous to your health. We must escort you to the hospital immediately."

"Come, there has been an emergency vehicle waiting outside since we located your chamber."

"we must warn you however, that due to the quick change of pace, you will most likely faint from the sudden change in heart rate after three hundred years." The two doctors helped to support John to get out of the chamber, his motor functions still not operational. As the doctor had said, John was able to feel his heart rate quickly increase, what would normally had been his normal heart rate, causing him great pain as if he was taking part in a triathlon. And as the doctor had said, he soon blacked out.

John awoke in a dark room. He found himself to by lying in a bed fit with what seemed to be a cross between regular sheets and foil space blankets. They were incredibly thin, and while they provided the warmth needed, they lacked the warm comfort the blankets he was used to provided.

He looked around the room, and saw that it was filled with numerous small pods. He was beginning to take notice of a soft, high pitch, constant whirring noise in the room, and upon looking closely at one of the pods, he saw that it was coming from a small rotating wheel inside a plastic case attached to each of the pods.

He jumped when he heard a loud whooshing noise, and looked to see a door sliding open, revealing a bright, sterile white room full of bustling people.

"Ah, you're awake." A woman said after she walked into the room. John looked at her perplexed.

"You probably don't remember me. I'm Doctor Sletic, we freed you from your cryosleep, remember?" the previous events from before rushed back to John.

The woman smiled at John, and noticed that he had been looking at the pods in the room.

"Wondering what those are?" John shook his head.

"Their fetus pods. After a little bit of research, it was found that one of the main causes of abortion was due to the couple not wanting to give up the pleasures of sex during the gestation period of the child. So these nifty little devices were developed to solve that," she said, patting a nearby pod, "they are capable of providing all the same functions of a mother, and with many more advantages."

"Like what?!" John asked, disgusted with the change of birth views.

"Advantages such as the fetus being supplied with only that of which it needs. It is given the richest of nutrients and vitamins, and there is no possibility of the consumption of harmful substances either, such as alcohol." Doctor Sletic watched as John ran his hand across a pod, and saw that he took notice of the small turning wheel.

"Ah, you noticed the pre-birth knowledge implement. I'm sure you are aware of the concept of what a child hears while in the womb can affect how its thinks and acts after birth. These instruments are supplying and constant stream of information to each fetus, such as languages, math, science, and philosophy. This process has been proven to increase the child's productivity in school and later in their lives."

John wasn't sure whether to admire the concept of the fetus pods, or to follow the human instinct of it being unnatural. The doctor then added, "The fetus is placed in the pod at the quickest time, most commonly within hours of the conception. Couples are required to make an appointment here at the hospital to perform the act of sex with intention of conception, so as to keep close watch over the mother for a successful conception. Intercourse is of course allowed outside the hospital for pleasure whenever the couple wishes, and conception does occasionally result from carelessness. While out-of-hospital conception is illegal, we are a hospital that sticks to certain values and welcomes those with difficulties."

"I'm sure you are wondering why we placed you in the nursery, and that is simply due to the fact that you are not yet registered into the societal system, as is the case with all these unborn children."

"Societal system? As in a citizenship, or a barcode type of system?"

The woman laughed with a grin for a moment, then said, "I had a feeling you might think of that silly barcode system. Our time has found many relics depicting ideas from your generation depicting numerous forms of labeling, like the barcodes you're thinking of. No, our system is not as labeling as barcodes, however I'm sure that you will view it as extreme at first. It is actually why I came to see you, so I could escort you to become integrated into our system. You cannot be legally allowed to wander the city unless otherwise administered."

"What kind of process are we talking about here?" John asked nervously.

The doctor paced for a few moments before responding, then said, "At the moment of connection to the fetus pod, a small, microscopic chip is inserted into the very fetus, directly placed so as the brain will literally develop and grow around it. Each and every chip is connected to multiple fail-safe systems, such as a satellite orbiting the Earth, and a master computer. The chips allow for constant surveillance of where every person is at in the world, and if necessary, detain them for either medical reasons or needs of the law."

"Couldn't someone simply remove the chip and essentially not exist?"

"Impossible. Because the chip has been present in the brain since the start of its development, no possible surgery could remove the chip without killing the patient."

"I see…"

"So you understand why it is essential that you are entered into the system?"

"Is the surgery major?"

The woman laughed and said, "no no, of course not. Our surgical tools today are far more advanced than what you remember from your time. We need only to make one small incision and a small drill will perform the rest. You will or course be asleep."

"Do I have a choice?"

"You can receive the chip, or you can stay in the nursery for the rest of your life."

"But what if I return home? I'm sure after three hundred years some advancement must have been made towards time travel." John said. The woman shifted uncomfortably on her feet,

"Unfortunately, no. That goal sending a being through time has proven itself to be the most challenging task yet, as it was for your time."

John looked at her skeptically for a minute and asked, "Would you tell me if there was a way?"

The woman looked at John uncomfortably, knowing that she is unable to lie to him, the microchip in her head preventing the act of lying. They stood there for a second and just when the doctor was about to answer with the truth, the door swished open and a young nurse entered saying,

"We are ready for the implantation of the chip doctor."

"Ah! Very good!" Doctor Sletic exclaimed, clapping her hands together. The nurse left the room for a moment and returned with a guarder, "now if you would kindly lie down, well begin the process and it will be done before you know it." She said smiling.

John, seeing that his options were down to one, laid himself out on the guarder. They placed a mask over his mouth and nose, and soon his vision blurred, his mind falling into darkness.

John later awoke in a bed fitted with the same odd sheets as the hospital. He had a slight headache, but he could find no sign of surgery when he examined his head in the mirror.

"You're not going to find anything," A voice said from behind him, "surgical tools in this time are far more advanced and less…messy. Any marks would be gone at this point anyway."

John turned around and saw a male person standing in his doorway with his arms folded behind him.

"Doctor Kuris?" John asked.

"Ah so your brain wasn't completely destroyed after three hundred years. I am glad to see that. But yes, that is correct. How is the future accommodating you?"

"Could use a dash of the past." John said in both distaste and comic.

"Perhaps you would like to explore the bedrooms of this era." The doctor said. John, for the first time, noticed his surroundings. He was in a perfectly square room, that was very neat and tidy. The single room contained everything needed for common living; a small kitchen in the corner, a bedroom, entertainment, and utilities. There were even windows on each wall.

"You may form the room however you wish with this," the doctor said, handing him a small device, "simply point and drag. The floor corresponds to the screen on that device. You may also add walls if you wish. There is no need to fret about power to the fridge, stove or appliances, all power is supplied wirelessly. Great view also, isn't it? Almost makes you think the windows are real."

"How are they not real?" John asked perplexed.

"Each of them is merely a high definition screen, able to be set to any scene you wish. Your living quarters is actually located in a tetragon, like most other living quarters. They are rather large, square buildings, each of the one hundred floors containing two thousand twenty five rooms. It may seem to be a confusing system at first, however I find the order to be quite comforting." The doctor watched John fiddle with the placement of the room for a few moments, and then said,

"I'm sure you are wondering where you are." John looked up from the small screen and said,

"I'm guessing down the street from the hospital."

"Actually you are on the other side of the country." John coughed in disbelief.

"How long was I asleep for?!"

"About thirty minutes… it is a very quick operation."

"How could we possibly travel cross country in less than thirty minutes?"

"This is the future John! What may have seemed impossible in your time, is very much reality in ours, such as that concept of teleportation."

"Teleportation was proven?!"

"Oh very much so! Most likely not in the sense you are thinking of, however we shall get to that. For now we must acquaint you to the future. We must travel to New Europe! Always a nice visit…"

"Are we going to teleport?"

"Indeed we are. Follow me if you would please."

John followed the doctor out of his room and into a hallway that looked as if it extended in both directions without end.

"Didn't realize the tetragons were so big did you? Thank goodness for floor seats," The doctor said pointing to two chair looking figures traveling at a small pace, seeming to hover just above the floor, "these nifty little devices carry us at high speeds down the halls and to the elevators, always in communication with the hundreds of other chairs on the floor so to not create a wreck. Please, sit." John did as he was told and sat in the chair that was hovering next to him. The doctor pulled a small cable from underneath it and connected his with John's. He then located a small touch screen on the side of his chair and selected an option.

"Hold on tight." The doctor said as he sat in his chair. Within seconds the chairs leapt forward at what John estimated to be twenty to thirty miles an hour. They were somehow managing to take note of all other chairs on the floor, their location, speed, and direction of movement and change course to accommodate conditions. They took the corners unbelievably well.

After the chairs had taken John and Doctor Kuris to what appeared to the side of the tetragon, and the two men took an elevator on the outside of the building to the first floor, John awe struck at the size of the buildings he could see outside the elevator, they entered into the street.

"Now then, before we depart for New Europe, I should give you this," The doctor said, handing John a card, "that is the sector number, tetragon location, and room number you reside in. You need only to swipe this at any teleportation booth to return here." John took the card, perplexed.

"Now then, teleportation! These facilities are open to the general public, and are as common as restrooms. At their start, they did indeed cost an impossibly large amount of money, however they are dirt cheap now because they are old technology, but, still useful in many ways. They are commonly the white buildings with a hologram of a materializing man out front. Ah, there's one over there. They are commonly referred to as teleport-stations." The doctor said with a laugh and a grin at his pun, pointing down the street.

John observed his surroundings as he and the doctor trekked to the teleport-station. The sky was oddly dark, however it had a more enclosed feeling than night. Near everything was dark or black in color, and no buildings had viewable windows on the outside. The air was thick to breathe, and seemed to get caught in John's throat when he inhaled deeply. The lights of the street were white and pieced his eyes like no white light ever had in his time.

"Here we are," the doctor said, "now, before we embark on this quick venture, I wish to demonstrate a key concept of teleportation. May I see your card?" John handed over his card as he was asked, and once the doctor got a hold of it, grabbed John's hand and swiped at it, causing a deep, bleeding cut.

"Ow! Why did you do that?!" John screamed, pulling his hand away.

The doctor held out the card for John to take and said, "Remember that cut."

The two men walked into the facility and went to the counter, encountering an attendant behind a counter.

"Two for New Europe please." The doctor said, handing over bills similar to John's currency but with different faces on them.

"Your chambers numbers are thirteen and fourteen. Enjoy your trip." The attendant said.

John followed the doctor down a hall and to two doors with the numbers 13 and 14 printed on them.

"I'll take fourteen." The doctor said. He walked into the room and closed the door behind him, leaving John with the only option to do the same.

He walked in, and the door closed, creating what seemed like an air tight seal. A recorded voice came over a speaker from somewhere and said

Please place all belongings in the bin on the left, including clothing items. Please make sure to have all items separated from one another. Please continue to the red center circle after completion and await transport.

John, having only his card as a possession placed it in the bin. He then remembered his clothing, and to his dislike removed his clothing and placed them neatly by the card. He then stood naked in the red center circle. He started to hear a soft hum, which gradually grew with intensity. He blinked his eyes after a few moments for a split second, and the humming had stopped, and all was as it had been before.

Please retrieve your belongings and replace any clothes removed. We hope you enjoyed your trip.

Doing as he was told, John went for his card, in the same position he had left it. In reaching for it, he noticed that the cut on his hand was no longer there. He exited the room, not sure of what to think.

"Ah, there you are. I assume you have noticed your miraculous healing?" the doctor said, waiting outside of chamber thirteen.

"How does that work?" John asked, "I don't remember ever leaving even!"

"That's the beauty of teleportation. While it may seem like it, the cut that is no longer on your hand is proof that you are not simply traveling. I'm sure you heard that humming noise. That was the chamber scanning three very important things; your items, your brain, and every single fiber of your being. You see, after actual teleportation was deemed too dangerous, they devised a way to copy what needed transferred. These chambers scan every atom of your existence and belongings, and every electron of your memories, and copies them. It sends the incomprehensibly enormous amount of data to the destination, and it creates a copy of everything. Now the reason for the cut disappearing is that it was not physically tied to your DNA, which is the main part of what is being scanned. The new you, that is, the you that is here right now, was created from what the chamber read from your DNA and built you from other atoms, most commonly dirt or scrap metal."

"What happens to the original me?!"

"All originals are immediately incinerated at the second of a successful teleportation. You don't want a copy of yourself running around. Think of the chaos!"

"So essentially I was burnt to ashes and swept into a trash can?" John asked angrily.

"Essentially, yes. But! You are here! Identical body, DNA and memories! Just without the scars of the past! It's like a refurbished you!" the doctor said with a grin.

"How could the church not intervene in this?! There must have been some debate about the worth and sacredness of the human soul and whatnot."

"Oh no, all denominations were perfectly fine with teleportation at the time of its invention."

"This would never be allowed in my time…"

"Yes well I'm sure the church has changed a little in the past three hundred years."

"How much has it changed?"

"Why don't you go see for yourself? We can take a magnet train to the nearest temple."

"How do you know that my denomination is even still in existence?"

"I don't. But all denominations are all located in the same building in this era. If it is still in existence, it will be there."

"Were they combined for reasons of peace and toleration? Or was it out of lack of room for different buildings for different denominations?"

"It was before my time… you can see it for yourself and decide your own opinion." The doctor led John to a large stone building, bustling with people of all nationalities going in and out.

"Where would Christian be at?" John asked after he had entered the large building and saw the countless different areas of worship.

"Its alphabetical." John guessed it went from the bottom floor up, and after a few minutes of searching, finally found the Christian denomination section.

He opened the door, and saw that the walls were lined with booths, with different booths under signs of different categories, including marriage, divorce, and tithe.

"Marriage? You can get married in a booth now?" John asked in disbelief.

"Essentially, yes. The history books say that there used to be priests in each booth, but that the occupation died out but they were still very needed, so they were replaced with a machine. I believe the equivalent of your time would be a mechanical genie or fortune teller in a large glass box. You simple enter the booth that pertains to the business in need of being taken care of and you take care of it. For example the marriage booth; you enter with your spouse, answer a few questions, choose that last name, sign your names, and out prints a certificate of your new marriage, legally binding in both the church and city." Doctor Kuris explained.

"That's disgusting." John stated.

"That, is the future. Oh, and here, take these bills. Every citizen is required to give tithe to some denomination." The doctor said pointing to the tithe booths. John took the bills and entered one of the booths, closing the door behind him. What he saw was exactly what the doctor had described; the top half of a person on a counter in a glass case, just as the mechanical fortune tellers in his era were, except these were in priestly garments.

Peace be with you. The machine said.

"…and also with you?" John said, uncertain if he were expected to respond.

Please, sit down. Have you come to give tithe?

"Yes…" John said, holding up the bills.

Insert them into my palm please. The mechanical priest extended his cold metal arm and John noticed a small bill slot in the center. He inserted the bills and the machine pulled them into its mechanical belly greedily.

The Lord thanks you. Would you like to purchase a host? We here having a special on them today, two for the price of one! It's the Body of Christ while being packed full of flavor and nutrients! Good for both the body and soul. The machine advertised, adding a jingle to the last sentence.

John stood up and shoved the booth door open in anger and betrayal. He stormed past Doctor Kuris and onto the street where he stood still, looking up at the sky he wished he could see.

"Is something the matter?" the doctor asked as he came up behind John.

"This is disgusting. All of it. This whole damned future has gone to Hell! Or did Hell disappear with religion, respect for God and respect for life?" the doctor just stood there with John, looking up at the non-existent sky with him and taking deep breaths.

"That's a bright Austra-glow today…" the doctor said.

John looked at the doctor with a glare and asked, "Austra-what?"

"Austra-Glow. It's coming from Australia."

"Why is Australia glowing?"

"It's from the war taking place there. World War Three has been taking place there for many generations. I believe you are familiar with the atomic bomb from your time?" John nodded his head. "Well in your time for ammunition, regular bullets made from small pieces of metal were used, correct?" John nodded again. "Well imagine the most common ammunition being that of the atomic bomb. The entire country of Australia was transformed into a battle ground for World War Three. Compared to your time, everything is supersized. Giant robotic and mechanical suits, as tall as buildings and armored with the strongest of materials yet to be found by your era. They shoot atomic bombs at one another for common fighting. I realize that you must be imagining what the weapons of mass destruction must be like right now, and I can assure you that you are not able to imagine it. That glow you see on the horizon is from how radioactive the island of Australia has become due to such destructive fighting. It has become so intense that if a pilot of a robotic suit were to step out, he would combust instantly and vaporize. It is truly a no-mans-land.

"I want to go home. To my own time. Is there any way at all I can return?" John asked, wishing to no longer stay in the future where all is desensitized.

The doctor was silent, knowing that he must answer with the truth because of the chip in his head.

"There is a way… the chip in my head prevents the act of lying."

"So send me back. I have no want to stay here for another minute." The doctor pulled a device out of his pocket and dialed a number. He said a few words to what sounded like Doctor Sletic.

"My accomplice will be teleporting here momentarily. I should warn you however… we are not able to send a physical presence back to the past. What we are capable of doing required more research and funding than any other project in history. We had to find an energy source that had been present throughout all of time. We found of course gravity and electromagnetism. Not being able to send information via gravitational energy, we had to use electromagnetism."

"Can you send me back, or not?"

"We can send only your mind back. We found a way to take a person's mind and implant it into that of a fetus. You will still be you, but in a different body not at all your own."

"And what about the child that would have been born?"

The doctor paused for a moment and said, "is it any different than the millions of bodies we burn daily from teleportation? It's just an empty vessel John…" Hearing this John clenched his fists in anger and frustration.

"I can't allow this future to take place." He said to himself.

"Ah, Doctor Sletic! You have arrived! We have a patient here wishing to do a little traveling." Doctor Kuris called.

"I have already made arrangements with the lab in tetragon 37B to the west of here." The doctor said.

"Take me there, now." John commanded. The doctors obeyed, knowing that it was not a good idea to send such knowledge of the future back to the past. The group entered the tetragon, and after preparing John with the correct headgear and formalities, they entered a sterile room, which was colored a white so intense John was having trouble discerning if it was a color, or God trying desperately to reach his creation through the only way left.

"Are you ready John?" Doctor Kuris asked.

"Just get me out of here… I have friends and family I would like to see, not their three hundred year old headstones." John stated coldly.

"Were going to put you to sleep now John. At first it may take you a few months as a child to develop the needed brainpower to remember everything, but you will recall." Doctor Sletic informed.

"Now lie back." The other doctor instructed. John did so, and slowly, he drifted off to sleep, the large helmet fitted with more voltage and current imaginable and connected to one of the largest memory banks imaginable, becoming lighter and lighter as his senses left him. Until finally, he was asleep, the helmet copying every aspect of his mind for transfer.

"Doctor, I was thinking," Doctor Sletic said, "Did he specify a time?"

"He did not… and we cannot allow such knowledge of the future to enter into the past. To do so would be pure and utter chaos. However we cannot simply kill him, the chip in his head would disperse and signal and we would be found in a matter of hours. There is but one logical solution." Doctor Kuris concluded.

"What is that?"

"Send his mind to the Medieval Period. Not a soul will believe his blather of such a future in that era."