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I sat on the soft sand, shoeless, with my arms wrapped around my knees staring at the orange sky as the sun began falling over the Atlantic Ocean, thinking about all that had happened over the past month.

I pushed away a stray lock of my black hair as the wind continued to blow, the only thing my dad ever gave me. I got my blue eyes from my mom, I laughed dryly at the Galway girl stereotype.

My mom, the only person who's ever been there for me was gone.

I couldn't believe it.

I crawled into the car and collapsed face flat in the back. "Ugggh mom the car smells funny" I ended with a giggle.

Alexis Hart loved the earth, it almost killed her to get a car but seeing as we lived so out of everywhere she had no choice.

She loved oils, herbs, incense, the full Monty, almost so much it was unhealthy. She kept spraying truckloads everywhere; I guess her next victim was the car.

"It does smell huh?" she mused, falling into one of her trances.

I sat up straight and watched her ankle length green skirt swish and sway all around her as she circled around the car. She was also wearing a red tank-top with a denim jacket and gladiator sandals.

"So what did you think of the movie, mom?" I asked her as she entered the front driver seat.

We had just finished at the cinema watching that movie with Alex O'Loughlin and J-Lo; mom was working a lot lately and so we hadn't had a lot of time together, but today was the first official day of her summer break and we decided to celebrate with a movie and dinner.

"Wasn't too bad, I suppose." She pulled out of the cinema parking lot and grinned "So is it Chinese or Thai"

She stopped at the traffic light and turned towards me. Her wavy blonde hair looked exactly like it had come straight out of one of those L'Oreal ads. It stopped around her elbows; she had high cheekbones and full pouty lips, her blue eyes twinkling in the shadows.

"Chinese" I sang "Gosh mom, this day has been so great, and I know you were busy and couldn't really find the ti-" The light turned green and the car started to inch forward.

"Honey, I'll always have time for you"

Those were the last words she ever said to me, a drunk driver hit our car, I got away with numerous stitches, bruises and a broken arm but my mom wasn't as fortunate.

It looked like she didn't have enough time, I know it wasn't her fault and I know I shouldn't be angry with her but I was, she told me she would never leave me like my dad did, that she would always have enough time for me, but where was she now! Gone! That's where!

It wasn't too dark out, there were a few people still walking out on the prom, I noticed as I turned my head around.

I also saw the white house. David Hanley's house, My dad's house. David did well for himself after he left. The house was huge with a wide front porch. I only got a glimpse of it when I arrived before I couldn't take much more of David and went to hang out at the beach

He and my mom went out for 2 years; they were 18 when he proposed, the day after she found out she was pregnant. They had a small wedding a few months later and soon had me. We were this big ol' happy family that is 'till he had an affair his with his assistant (classic), then left us.

I was only four at the time so I didn't know what was going on, just that mommy and daddy were fighting and I was crying. Next thing I knew my dad was walking out the door with luggage in each hand.

I remembered my mom to be a mess for the next while; she was always so down and sad. She also cried a lot. I spent a lot of time at her sister, my aunt's house, during that time.

This went on for about a year. She then copped on and started acting like my actual mother. She started to loosen up and actually have fun but I knew she was still heartbroken. She dated but things never got serious, I don't think she ever fully got over him.

The tide began to pull in and it was completely dark now with the streetlights coming to light.

I couldn't hold off talking to David any longer, no matter how long I tried. I knew I would never forgive him and so giving him time to explain why I didn't have a dad for the last 12 years would be a complete waste of not only his time but mine also.

I got up and wiped the bottom of my sand covered jeans shorts. I adjusted my flowy white spaghetti strap top. I located my sandals to the side and slipped them on.

I turned to walk towards David's house.

I looked at my watch and saw that it was 6.50. David told me to come in at about 7 for dinner.

I almost felt like staying out for another hour just to piss him off but staying outside staring at the sun was just really boring.

Mom used to do it all the time, never understood why though; they were just one of the very weird things about my mom.

The house was right across the beach with only the road separating them.

I arrived at the door and began contemplating whether or not I should run or just go in, all factors were pointing towards run, but I knew I was way too cowardly to do such a thing.

The door swung open. I stepped in. "Hello?" I called to the house. Silence. I looked to where I had left my bags earlier on that day, and noticed they were gone.

"Yup phoebe, in here" A feminine and deep voice said at the same time.

I followed the voices and made my way to the dining room, the house was decorated warmly with modern furniture.

I entered the dimly lit dining room and spotted David and a woman that that was there when I had arrived, I'd imagined she'd be gone by now.

I stopped at the doorway and leaned against it.

David was amidst setting the table, when I stepped in he looked up. The woman was at his side and it looked like they were laughing at something.

I felt extremely awkward just being there staring at these practical strangers.

David was in form fitting jeans and a cardigan. His black hair a floppy mess on the top of his head, the woman beside him was in tight jeans and a tank top. Her red hair was in a messy bun.

David left what he was doing and wrapped his arm around the woman beside him. She looked at me through her amber eyes.

"Well, phoebe I'd like you to meet Catriona" he gestured to the woman beside him "she's your step mom."

Whoa! When did this happen?

She came up to me and gave me a hug in which I didn't return.

"How long?" I mumbled to the ground.

"How long what?"

"How long have I had a step-mother" I asked, exhaling to relieve my stress.

"About 11 years, listen I know…"

"…And why, may I ask didn't you see it fit to tell me I had a freaking step-mom" I tried, desperately not to let my frustration show through my voice "you leave mom and me for some… some…" I stole a glance at Cassandra "how could you do this? And what hurts most is that you didn't bother to call up and say 'hey phoebe you have a step-mom"

He stayed silent listening to my rant which infuriated me all the more. I didn't want to lose my calm; it was the only thing that hadn't seemed to leave me yet. "I tried to-…" he began

"Where are my bags?" I asked cutting across him, I wasn't in the mood for a fight after all that had happened today, from the train ride from Dublin here, saying goodbye to my family and being told I had to stay here, I pondered over why they wouldn't let me stay at my aunts. It was definitely the best thing for me; maybe someone up there just didn't like me and wanted to see how long I would last.

David seemed taken aback by the sudden turn of conversation, the seconds ticked by as he collected himself "erm… ya okay I'll show you the way" he took a few steps forward. Then stopped, turned around indecisively "don't you want to wait 'till dinners over first" he said to me.

"No, I'm not hungry" I lied, I was ravenous I hadn't eaten since this morning, but I just didn't want to be in the same room as him right now.

He nodded and led me up the stairs to a red door; all the while I stayed silent.

He paused at the door and turned towards me, he stayed silent for a while possibly waiting for me to say something. "Phoebs, I'm really sorry about your mom" just the way he said it made me reach my peak, I was so sick and tired of all this BS, it was clear he didn't give a shit about me or mom, if he did he would have found me or called us, what was so hard about writing a letter? And that nickname god I felt like slapping him. I couldn't even describe the amount of hatred I felt for this man at that exact moment in time.

"Fuck you" my voice was laden with venom, it even made me shiver, I had never been so angry at anyone ever before.

I grabbed open the door and let myself into the room leaving David standing there behind me