~150 MYA

The land that had once been part of the super-continent known as Pangaea was a verdant place for the myriad of creatures that resided on the great continent. Nearly everything – vegetation and animals alike – were oversized predecessors to the creatures that would populate Pangaea, though at that distant future point in time it had long since ceased to be Pangaea in name or definition.

One of Pangaea's residents stood in a thick forest, branches heavy with leaves. The air was hot and humid, attaining a rare level of comfort for the occupant, his leathery scales glistening dully under the sunlight that filtered through the leaves. His long neck stretched many feet high, the head located atop this impressive appendage gaining easy access to the lush growth on the high branches. Large, limpid eyes stared ahead as a even larger mouth closed down on some leaves, flat teeth crunching down with lazy ease.

His peanut-sized brain registered pleasure at the ample vegetation and the quality of his meal. Weighing several tons, he required a considerable amount of food just to meet his basic needs. Most of his consciousness was geared towards the acquisition of food to satisfy the hunger that came with a body of his size. He eliminated whenever needed, slept when he fatigued, and sought warmth and water. The spots of warmth on his skin brought on by the patches of sunlight above were pleasing to him, however his dim mind comprehended pleasure.

He stood there on thick feet, flat, round soles barely registering the crushed grass underneath. He would eat and eat until he felt overfull. It was what he tended to do during the more fertile time of the year. And since he had never known harsh winters, food was easy to procure even when the days become slightly cooler, the air more brisk. As a result, he was a lazy, happy creature, large and well-fed, a robust specimen of a male that had already enjoyed several sessions of copulating through his life. He had forgotten about these experiences, but every time a certain time came around, he would remember. And then forget again once it was over. He had long since forgotten about the offspring he had produced.

And so his days passed. He had no reckoning of time. Food was the main pursuit of his life. This tiny, placid mind could not even begin to imagine that some hundred million years later, creatures much smaller than he would one day dig up his bones, and marvel that he had been a creature of such size, and wonder what he looked like, did, and ate.

The area that he lived in would one day become savannahs bordered by what would become known as the Sahara. These savannahs would be filled with sleek predators, much more agile and compact than their distant saurian relatives. These grassland predators would crouch and wait for their prey, huddled low, padding along on silent paws before bursting out with fierce speed.

The predator that was stalking him during his much-enjoyable meal was not as quiet or sleek, and nowhere near as small and well-designed as these yet-to-be-born savannah creatures. It moved along on large, clawed feet, its small arms having withered away over generations from disuse, though this lost flesh had apparently traveled to other areas of its body. The massive head held two jagged rows of sharp teeth, designed to tear away at flesh rather than munch on vegetables.

Her large and thick tail provided counterbalance to her inadequate arms, enabling her to stand and move about on two feet. Her cold reptilian eyes regarded her prey as she lumbered through the trees. Her predator mind cautioned her to make little noise, so she acted accordingly, taking measured steps. Her prey continued eating, and her mind had been able to work out the fact that this meant she had a good chance of bringing him down.

Without warning, she burst from the trees at his side, her jaws wide open as she aimed for his long neck. He had been so absorbed in his eating that he almost failed to not see her, but he swung away just in time, her jaws snapping down on empty air. With an agitated bellow – his simple mind registering the all too-real danger and the fear that came with it – he started to lumber away, for with nothing to bite, his predator had fallen on her stomach.

With a growl of effort, she tried to right herself. Without useful arms, she would have failed in this task, but evolution had indeed compensated for her by giving her a powerful tail. Using it as an counterweight, she clambered to her feet and took after him.

She and her kind were fierce creatures, more intelligent than the average herbivore, with powerful hind legs that carried them well. But like her prey, she would never comprehend the future. If she was able to ponder the knowledge, she would be rather pleased to know that one day her species would bear the words 'king' and 'tyrant' within their given name, and that out of all the creatures that had lived at this time, she and her ilk would be the most iconic and recognizable image of an ancient era.

The saurian predator was joined by a couple of others, closing in on the lumbering dinosaur. His bulk was massive, but he was no match against several vicious, fanged mouths, two of them tearing his throat and one biting down on his shoulder. With another bellow, he tried to fight them off, lumbering to his left and swinging his tail. It struck one of the original predator's companions, but the newcomer righted itself and bit his tail when it swung back around. More flesh was torn from his throat, and the last thing he was conscious of was a swarm of gaping, bloodied maws closing in on him.