Shopping is ridiculously long.

Now I like shopping as much as the next girl. But after two hours and finding little to buy – it was starting to lose its novelty.

And god, saturday shopping as well – ever been told how unbelievably crowded it is?

Lets just say I hate Victoria Market. It's way too busy for my liking.

It was then, I crashed into someone – causing the two of stumble. From the looks of it, some Asian guy who seemed to resemble someone very familiar.

The 'Asian guy' who I had nicknamed, stared at me in surprise. "Ally?"

Okay yes, more familiar than I wish for. My ex boyfriend to be exact – the one I never really truly got over.

My lips formed a weak smile. "Hey Josh."

God dammit, just what I needed. I just had to go to Victoria Market on holiday the same day he was here.

I wondered if he still hated me over that one stupid mistake – me dumping him for being so fucking annoying? The funny thing was – he had the same thing in common with my most recent ex boyfriend. I dumped both, but they both managed to shatter my heart into pieces.

"You look...different." He said, his gaze boring into my skull.

I felt a blush shade my cheeks. It was strange – the two of us were in an online relationship for so long and had always dreamed about the day we'd eventually meet. I remembered my stupid dream of sharing a flat with him when I was 26.

Stupid really – we were only teenagers back then – him 16 and me 18. I had barely spoken to him since then. Maybe the two of us were destined to part; I couldn't handle his jealously and he couldn't handle my mood swings and me 'constantly talking about hot guys' as he put it.

Hey I like hot guys.

Yet, he knew me back from when I had short hair. My hair was longer and much straighter with purple streaks. He hadn't changed much, although his hair now had spikes.

I smiled. "Yeah I grew my hair longer."

It's strange, over analysing every single aspect of the conversation and our past relationship. It was 5 years ago for God's sake.

He scratched his hair. He had pierced ears I noticed. Pierced ears? I forced back a laugh.

"So you on holiday then?" He asked politely.

"Yeah." I replied honestly. "I've met up with Nathan, Nick, Cael and...Zhaun." I practically choked that last name out.

Zhaun – his best friend and my friend too. He was always the problem between us. Him being the stereotypically 'hot' guy who I had mentioned once was my 'type' – Josh could just not get over the jealously back then.

It was so stupid thinking about it. It wasn't as if I wanted Zhaun that way.

Yet strangely, there was no flicker of jealously in his eyes – just a flicker of annoyance which quickly dissipated.

"They never told me you were in Australia."

Was that why he was annoyed?

I shrugged, and took it as my cue to leave. "Well I've got to go Josh – can't leave my friend waiting."

"Sure, sure." He suddenly shook my hand. "We can meet up for coffee some day?"

God I wish I could.

I smiled wistfully. "Maybe."

I caught his stunned expression as I suddenly turned away back into the crowd. It was strange – the scenario that we'd imagined and concoted up so many times was so different to what we really wanted.

Scenarios of hugging and kissing each other at the airport, hanging out at his was all imagination. All those times of making up those stories about us, the lists we'd written to show how we were made for each other...all gone. Maybe we could have lasted longer then we did, had those stupid insecurities not existed.

Sighing, I made my way to the coffee house where Sophie was waiting for me. I grinned at my best friend for 5 years from university. She loved coffee, and was probably pretty high on it. No matter how crazy she was, I loved her to death.

"What took you so long?" She looked at me suspiciously, seeing I was carrying no bags.

"Didn't find anything I liked." I sighed in relief, sitting down at last. "Where's Adam?"

My answer was found in the sight of him carrying a box of Krispy Kremes. He grinned at the two of us, and sat down next to us. "Damn these are good."

I giggled at his joy and interwined my hand with his, my engagement ring shining brightly. "Are you going to be like this when we get married?"

He squeezed my hand back. "Damn straight."

Tbh I'm really not happy with this story.

I swear there are so many mistakes, which I can't see. Sorry I have no beta reader xD Forgive me for that?

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I DON'T own krispy kremes. I've actually been to Victoria Market before and I've probably got the facts wrong – coz I don't even remember if they had a coffee house or krispy kremes – I'm pretty sure they didn't have a krispy kremes XD

But pretend it does have one for the sake of this story =p

Rated T for the f word used xD

And if you're wondering where I got the story from – me and my boyfriend have just broken up and I always wondered what the future would be like 5 years from now.

An alternate ending (:

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