The One Who Came and Never Left

It's been almost a year since that day,

The day that we met for the first time,

Though that may be the only day,

We'll ever meet throughout our lives,

But months after, we still talk,

We talk all day and end at night,

Sometimes we talk whenever I walk,

And I think that you just might,

Be the one friend I've always wanted,

The one friend from my dreams,

The only one I could ever turn to,

When things are as bad as they seem,

And through the months there were those days,

When I made a horrible mistake,

To kick you out of my life for good,

But I knew I had to change my ways,

You were the only one who cared,

The only one who knew me well,

And though there are all these great people out here,

You're the greatest, I can tell,

You're the only one who can have the title,

Of the best best friend, definitely,

And though we might never meet again,

You know, we'll be the best of friends,

So many friends I've had in my life,

But eventually they found a mistake with me,

And I know you know my faults,

But you chose to stay and help me,

I'll never understand why we're best friends,

There are so many reasons, too much to count,

But all I know is that through our separate lives,

We'll always be the best friends we were meant to be,

We both had many tough times,

We both never understood why,

And though those tough times were always separate,

We turned to each other and answered the question, "why?"

I'll always listen to what you have to say,

Because you've don't the same for me,

And as the year of best friendship starts to end,

The next year of our friendship is beginning,

Now that we truly know each other well,

Now that I know that at one time, we both wept,

I can now safely say with very deep meaning,

That you are the one who came and never left.

A/N: This is inspired by and dedicated to the actual person who never left, my best friend Rain. Happy birthday buddy. I know we'll be friends forever. :)