I'm lost at heart, for all my kin are dead
My closest friends, family, and my dear brother; all gone.
I am lost and confused in this world of hatred,
For I shall seek revenge, I shall.

I'm lost in a world, where things end in a tragic
There's a pain coming from inside my heart,
A stabbing pain, that won't go away
I will wake up from this dream one day

I wake up from the dream into a nightmare,
All my kin are truly dead, everyone.
The murder didn't spare anyone, no child, no soul;
For I should have died as well, with everyone I've known throughout my life.

I am trapped inside a world of blackness, where no one can escape;
For there is no reason for me to run,
I have nothing to run from.
My life isn't worth living any longer.

But there's a light in front of me, a bright white light;
A light of hope, and a chance to seek my revenge.
I run from the world of blackness, into the bright light; shining ahead,
For I see the true meaning of my life.

I've arrived back at my village;
Where the corpse of my kin should lay.
But instead of bodies I see graves,
There my kin laid in peace, at last.

There stood a woman, two men, and a child;
On their faces, I saw one word, "Friends."
Now I see, I have another meaning to live,
For these people are my new found friends and companions

We've journey long and hard,
In a search for revenge, all of us,
In search of a man, that we all want revenge on;
For very different reasons.

I've finally found my brother, alive and well.
But he can't remember who I am, for his memory has been erased.
The pain in my heart returns, even stronger, growing inside of me
My brother is close beside me now, but yet our spirits are far, far away.

My brother, taken away from me, once again;
My friends and I; especially I will kill to find my dear brother.
We will lift the curse on my brother, and then he shall be mine again,
And we will be together again, in peace.

But before that I will seek revenge for my people.
My strength will come from my love and hatred;
My love of my brother and the hatred of the man who killed my people.
But before that I will keep hoping and searching for you; my dear, dear brother