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A/N: After a lot of persuasion (and relentless nagging) from a good friend of mine, crzyxswirls, I decided to post some of my FanFiction stories onto FictionPress. Rereading them, I found a fair amount of spelling/grammar errors, but I decided against changing anything, for sake of keeping it in its original state. I don't think that made sense.. But anyway, everything beyond this A/N (including the A/N at the very end of the story) was written before the original post date (11/20/08).
Oh, by the way, this story is about two women. Not a man and a woman. Women. If you don't like, don't read it.

A Moment Too Soon

Fall: her favorite season. It was cold enough for a hoodie, but still warm enough for shorts. Just what she needed right now. She enjoyed the fresh air while she walked slowly through the silence, waiting for the sun to set. She went into the bundle of trees, heading for the largest; her favorite spot. She sat down with her back against it, legs crossed. A soft breeze ruffled her hair. The orange light from the sun filtered through the leaves, casting a gentle glow on her pale face. A tired sigh escaped the pair of cold lips, the owner tired of the world.

Though slowly, she stood, running her hand through her hair. With her head thrown back towards the sky, she opened her dark eyes. They met the soft glow of the faraway stars. At times she wondered what it was like being up there, free and beautiful. Her eyes drifted towards the moon. It was calming, reminding her of pleasant thoughts she missed badly.

She lifted her left hand up to her face, palm facing towards her. Even in the dimness, she could see it. The ring shining against the light. The ring that haunted her day to day. The ring that drowned her in sorrow, yet kept her alive. 'Where is she? What is she doing? What am I doing?' she thought. Dreaming of her.. Yearning for her.. She did everything, but couldn't fight away the pain that struck her heart when she thought of her. That person who stole her heart.. and left with it.

A single tear slid down her cheeks, but she wouldn't allow any more to fall. So with that, she walked away towards where she had come, slightly more prepared to tackle the insanity of the world once again. She always wished she could stay in those few moments, not having to worry about anything around her. Just laying in the grass, enjoying the warmth and coldness of the earth.

She still went back. She couldn't run away from her life, even though at times she wanted to. These times were always her breaks, a time when she could escape reality and let down the walls surrounding her heart. It was the only time she could be herself. But those times always ended, just a moment too soon.

A/N: O:
This was actually a class assignment, which was a 'mini short story,' which is, in my opinion, a weird name for it. XD It was originally shorter, though. I decided to lengthen it since I didn't want it to be TOO short. I like it though.

I do apologize for using the words 'she' and 'her' so much. I dislike using phrases such as 'the girl' or 'the young woman' ect. It bothers me to no end.
And I didn't want to put a name in since I wanted you, as the reader, to decide who you wanted it to be. So, it could really be anyone. I do have a particular person in mind, though. Guess who?

The second sentence, I give credit to ManiazAzn. Ever since she said that to me, it's been stuck in my head like super-glue or something (lame comparison, I know).
Thankies to crzyxswirls (on fictionpress) for helping me out with word choice here and there. (:
And last, but defffiniteelyy not least! Thankies to YOU! The reader! :D

One last (pointless) thing I feel like pointing out. I think my A/N is already nearly half the length of the story itself. And I deleted some parts too. LOL.