My skin ignites like fire beneath the tip of your fingers, and I squirm beneath you. Your weight settles on me, soft lips brushing the skin of my temple, breathy exhales blooming on my skin, damp and warm. I can feel your heart pound strongly against my own as your hands continue spreading trails of fire scorching, searing right through me.


Lips brush my own, a tongue coming out to meet mine. The heady taste of smoke invades my senses, curling over my own tongue thickly. With that smoke, there lies another taste, so deliciously you it steals my breath away, knees going weak.


Breathy exhales breathed in my ear, pale imitations to the usual husky tenor of your voice. Regardless, it sends shivers rocketing down my spine, my frail frame shuddering against you. The whisper of skin brushing skin, of clothes whispering as they fell to the ground, silent as snow, yet loud as the roar of the sea, invade my senses, blocking off everything else.


Like you taste, you smell of smoke, coupled with hickory. The strong scent of your cologne, washed away in a haze of soap and water, unable to mask the intoxicating combination. I can smell the sweat cooling on your body, the candles you lit before, even the shampoo you use, but they're not quite as strong as the scent embedded in your skin.


Golden brown eyes, clouded with lust meet my own lilac gaze, seeing straight into my soul. Black hair, pressed to your tawny skin by cold fingers of sweat, glistens in the half light. Pale scars stand out against your skin as I see you mouth the three simplest words,

(I love you . . .)

A/N: An English project for grade nine that I found while scrounging around through my old papers that my mom definitely did not ask me to throw away and I just hid under the bed ... This is one of my older pieces of writing and I tried editing it ... Failed, but tried ...

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