Tap, tap, tap….The sound was loud in his ears as his body lay against the black pavement. It was raining, the drops hitting against the broken stop sign near by. And he just lay there, silently. Showing emotions wasn't something he'd done a lot in his life. There were only a few moments in his life when he cried, those moments in his youth. Anger was seldom showed, but it was surely there, dark, deep with in him ready to explode when he needed. Although he laid there motionlessly, his body was aware if it's surroundings. He could feel the water falling and hitting his body all over. The rain was fierce, and made his wounds appear worse than they really were. Mixing with his blood surrounding around him. He could taste the bitter warm liquid in his mouth, if he had the strength he'd lean up and spit it out, but he couldn't.

His eye's traveled to the girl beside him. Even though it was raining, he could see the tears staining her face as clear as day. She was scared. Not only was she scared of what just happened, she was scared of for his life, scared that she would witness his life leave his body fully. Her body jerked with the sobs that built up in her body. With each sob she jerked more. "I can't do it!" her voice was loud, it rang through his ear. Maybe It wasn't loud enough for the whole world to hear, but it was loud enough for him.

"If you don't….I'll die." the man finally spoke. Blood ran from his mouth when he moved to speak, and it made the girl shiver more. Her sobs were out of control again. "It's my fault! If I would have done what you said, you-" she joked on her sobs, leaning forward with the small knife in her hand. The knife he'd given her to do this small task that she was too afraid to do. "You have too…if my lungs get full..I'll drown in my own blood…" he spoke out again, more blood spilled from his lip.

She cried out again as she took the knife, pushing softly against the exposed flesh he'd presented her. When the knife pierced his skin fully, he didn't wince, or flinch at all. "Good…put the small tube in.." this time he choked, and blood spit out over his shirt. He liked this shirt, it was plain white that would usually be worn at night, but he preferred to wear it now, or, before all of this happened. Sadly he'd have to throw it away, there'd be no way for him to get all of this blood out.

He gasped lightly for air when she inserted the tube into the cut wound she'd placed over him, dropping the pocket knife. She pushed the tube down and watched as blood slowly drained from the wound, taking the blood that was spilling into his lungs. He wouldn't drown on his own blood now, but there was still the fact that there was a bullet wound in his upper shoulder. "What do I do now?" she asked, her voice still held the intent of crying as she spoke. "Find some tape, and tape the tube in place." He ordered, coughing a little. "But you'll lose all your blood." she said, drawing a hand to her eyes, wiping at the continually tears. "Just get the tape. Jade." Stumbling to her feat, her eye's traveled to his before she turned and left. The tapping of her feet running became distant.

It was as if everything was flashing before his eyes. He saw himself, still in his youth. He was about 6 when it all happened. When they were left on the streets with a group of other kids, stealing for the days meal and getting beatings as the punishment. Love was something never shown to him, appreciation was only shown from his younger sister, Jade, whom was only 4 at the time. She was grateful for the food he'd get her. And the shelter away from the rain. He'd always taken care of her, but now she was taking care of him. Keeping him from dying in the rain from the bullet that pierced his body.

"J-jared.." He was pulled from his mind, glancing up. He could see Jade, but her small body was surrounded by others. "Is that him?" One asked, looking to the man who was holding a gun to Jade's head. "Yea, the girl called him by name." He spoke out, pushing her forward. She stumbled forward, falling beside him. She was frantic, and her body was trembling in fear. She was afraid again, worse than before.

"We gonna kill him or what? You know I don't like the rain, it messes up my hair." One man complained, he was tall and lean. His features were that of a Hispanic, a mustache framed his lips and his eyes were beady. "Go ahead, make it quick Carlos." The leader ordered, he stepped over to the side allowing for the man named Carlos to move closer to the two siblings. "Jared…we have to run.." Jade said quickly. As Carlos got closer, she stood, standing in front of her injured brother. "Don't touch him." She pulled her hands out, as if waiting to receive a hug. But that didn't stop Carlos, he shoved her to the side, drawing back his gun against her face. Blood sprawled from a new found wound placed over her temple as her body fell limply to the ground.

Carlos laughed as he turned to look at Jared, who'd, for the first time since their arrival moved. The wounded man was on his feet, moving quickly, the blade that was used to save his life earlier was now taking this mans. Slicing over his throat. Carlos fell back, a hand over his throat as the blood gushed out. His hand that was holding the gun pulled down tightly on the trigger, a gun escaping the barrel and hitting one of his own comrades. The other four men ran towards Jared, who was know barely holding himself up on one knee. He was who he was. He was trained to ignore pain, he was trained to kill a man in many different ways without leaving a trace. He was trained to do all of this in silence, but he couldn't do any of that now. He couldn't feel the pain, but it was tiring down his body.

One of the four men made a move towards him, but a knife met his head, throwing his body violent backwards, splashing against the water. The second man was slashed, this time by a blade. A man stood behind as the body feel to the ground with a thud. "It seems every time I turn my back, you end up getting shot up J." the man spoke with a smirk as the other two men turned his attention from Jared to the new figure. The tension in Jareds body loosened when he heard the others voice. "Good to see you too Alex." He said with a sigh, kneeling back down to the ground. With in second the man called Alex killed the remaining too.

Alex was tall, his hair was long and blonde, long enough to fit into a ponytail. His eye's were Carmel, and he held a scar down the left side of his face. It was a wound Jared had given him long ago. But the feud between them died shortly after the fight they'd had long ago. "That chic, she Jade?" Alex asked as he knelt down in front of Jared. "Yea…that's her." Jared stated. "She's cute…bloody..but cute." Alex said with a smile. "She's my sister." Jared said, of course Alex knew it. But the point of the saying was a threatening in his tone.

"Take her first." Jared replied, wincing a little. "Are you sure, what if more come back?" Alex asked, leaving Jareds side he walked over to Jade, grabbing her into his arms. "I can protect myself. She can't. Now go." Jared replied. Alex nodded, walking forward. "Ishin's pissed you know?" Alex stated, looking over his shoulder. "I know." Ishin was the cause for it all. The reason Jared was turned into a cold blooded killer, the reason he'd become a assassin. And the reason he'd been separated from his sister. "He's pulling out all the best to bring you back." Alex called. "I know." Jared answered. "Will you go back?" Alex was still walking, but his words could be heard. "Only to kill him.."