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Chapter 1

"Can I be a Princess?" came a small voice. Darkness fell around the three figures as they shuffled through it. The smallest figure belonged to a girl, no older than the age of eight. Taller than the girl was a boy, his age close to eleven. Even though it was dark, you could see a look of determination bound to him. His father was gone, and now he was the man of the House. Well, when they gain a house. He would protect his mother and sister to the best of his abilities, and at this point, those abilities were severely lacking.

"I want to be Princess Jade." the small girl stated boldly. "Jade, you didn't change your name at all." Said the boy, his lips turned with his comment. "I did change my name!" her lips puffed out this time when she spoke. "It was just Jade, not it's princess Jade" she crossed her arms and walked on the other side of their mother, as if getting away from her brother would make her a princess faster. "Jared, be nice to your sister." She finally spoke. The tall woman with dirty blond hair, showering down her shoulders. She wore a dark red dress, short dress that stopped a few inches above her knees. Bending over caused a problem, something she didn't want to show might have.

Jared, the boy, sighed and shook his head. He was smart for his age, and knew what his mother was. A prostitute. Sleeping with different many times of the night. It made him disgusted, and when he was mad, he'd call her out of his name. But he just wanted her attention as a son. Most of all, he hated her pimp. The man always looked at Jade like she was a piece of candy, a man hungry. When in company of them, Jared never left Jade's side, and kept a small pocket knife in his pocket. He wasn't afraid to fight. None at all, even though he was just a kid.

Their mother came to a stop, looking across the street to the house. Men were standing around the house, some women dressed in the same fashion as their mother. She turned around and knelt down to them. Reaching into her small purse she pulled out money and handed it to Jared, who took it and slipped it into his pocket. "Go and get something to eat. I should be done in a few hours." She gave a smile to Jade and gave her a kiss on the cheek. It was routine.

"Can I come with you this time Mommy, I want to be a princess too." Jade gave another frown. Unaware of the true situation. Jade was fed lie after lie so that she wouldn't understand the true situation. "Come on Vicky, I don't got all night!" cut in a voice. Vicky, their mother, sighed with her eyes closed. Then opened them and gave Jade a smile. "Not this time sweety, go with your brother." Vicky looked to Jared. "Wait for me at Stevie's." Jared nodded and grabbed Jade's hand.

The man who shouted before was already to them, grabbing Vicky by her waist and pulling her back into him. "Your missing the party Vicky, ditch the brats and come on." he said, looking straight to Jared with a smirk. Jared gave back a glare. A client of hers, by the name of Mark. Jared liked non of his mothers clients, but Mark was at the very bottom of that list. Mark knew it, Vicky knew it, and Jade even know her brother disliked this man. For reasons she didn't understand.

Mark moved to kiss Vicky, but she managed to wiggle free from his grasp for a moment. "Go Jared." She said, giving a annoyed face. Jared mumbled under his breath. But no one heard it. He turned and grabbed Jade's hand again and pulled her, she followed, Jared was stronger of course. Not looking back as his mother was pulled into the house. He was walking fast out of anger, and her little feet could barely keep. "Jared, your gonna make me fall." she whined.

Jared slowed his pace and walked normally, Jade getting a break walked at his side. She hated when he walked fast, because she didn't like to. She stuck close to her brother because she was afraid of the dark, and Jared always found it necessary to tell her scary stories before they go to bed, and it always sticks in her mind. Their mother had always told them, and taught them to be aware of their surroundings, to pay attention to the body language of a person. It tells a lot, and can prevent bad situations from happening.

The cafe by the name of Stevie's was only a few blocks down from the house their mother stopped at every night. And every night the two would walk into Stevie's for their nights dinner. Their mother never cooked. She barely knew what foods they liked. Sad? But that was her. Working to support her children, and never spend time with them. They knew nothing of their mother. They didn't know their mothers family. Never met anyone. They only knew their last name, Burdgens.

Jared didn't know who his father was, but he only got phone calls. Phone calls and cards before they were booted from their home. He always wanted to have his true father around. Many men came in and out of their lives, that Jared took it into his own hands to not even memorize their name. He just named them all will, as in 'They Will leave in a couple of days.' Jade just tested her ability to count and gave them numbers, and always marked in her little book with a tally to say, 'Your number 2,648'

Ching...The sound alarmed everyone in the cafe. Eye's drew to the door from a few people. A old man, Dave, sat at the far end of the bar, a red cap over his head with Grey hair drawing out from under. A few stools down was Max, a college student. He always crammed for exams at Stevie's. It was quiet, and his roommate wasn't throwing wild parties there. Perfect for studying, and when he wanted to grab a bit, he just called for Mary. Mary was Jade's favorite. She liked to spoil Jade, said she reminded her of her granddaughter back home. And Jade sure loved the attention she got.

"Well, if it isn't Jared and Jade." Stevie said from behind the counter. He was passing Dave a plate. The food smelled good from the door, from outside even. And boy were these two hungry tonight. "It's Princess Jade." Jade said in a matter-of-fact tone as she crawled up on one of the stools, taking her back pack off and throwing it on the counter. "Well, what shall the Princess feast upon tonight." Mary leaned against the counter, her hand holding up her head. "Princess Jade wants pancakes. Pancakes with strawberry and chocolate, with sprinkles!" Mary smiled in return but looked past Jade to Jared, as if asking for his approval. "Pancakes, minus the chocolate and sprinkles." He climbed up into the next booth, sitting down. Jade pouted and crossed her arms again.

"The usual for you bud?" Stevie asked as he turned his back to them, pulling out the ingredients to make the pancakes. Even though she didn't ask for it, he slipped a little cinnamon into it. He usually let her sprinkle some over the finished product, and call it Pixie-Dust. Such a wild imagination the child had. It amused him and the rest of the usual's. Having those two around always brightened their day, or rather their night.

Jared nodded. "Yea, thanks Stevie" he replied, leaning his head down on the table. He was tired. So much responsibility fell on his shoulders, and such small shoulders sometimes he couldn't hold them up. He had to keep so much from Jade, because she wouldn't understand, and she didn't need to know after all. "Come on Shug, I'll put you in the booth." Mary said with her thick Boston accent, picked him up, he would make a fuss about how he was a big boy, and that he could walk on his own. But he didn't even want to use extra energy to do that at this point.

The booth was comfortable, leather and cool. It smelled like hickory pancake syrup, and other food items, including coffee. Sometimes they smelled worse, but they always got the good booth. Not many came in around this time so everyone who was there knew each other. No one argued, no one fought. It was a good environment for the two children. Far better than the environment their mother was currently residing in.

Jade joined him, wiggling her way into the booth and crawling to the side of him. She had taken out her barbie doll and was combing it's hair while they waited for food. It resembled her greatly. The doll had long black hair, like Jade herself. And their eye's Amethyst and full of wonder. Her cheeks were puffy showing the young age in her face. Her eyebrows were bushy and sometimes hidden by bangs of hair pulling down.

Jared's eyes were Lilac, soft yet hard all together. When he looked at someone, it was always full of suspicion. If that suspicion wasn't there, it was replaced with curiosity. His hair was as dark as his sisters, unlike her long hair, his was short.

Plates were set before the two, and it definitely got their attention. The doll left abandoned on the seat of the booth near the comb. While Jade's fingers snaked the fork. Sitting in her booster seat she was able to reach her plate with ease. Her pancakes were already cut up in pieces for her. "Don't forget the Pixie-Dust Jade." Stevie called from behind the counter. He was now leaning over, a towel laying over his left shoulder. "It's-" Jade was about to say, but her voice fell silent when everyone finished her sentence for her. "Princess Jade" they said in union. Jade gave a smile, batting her little eye lashes as Mary trotted over with a bowl of cinnamon.

Jared looked to his meal. He got it almost every night. A cheeseburger with a side of fries. He didn't like much on his food, and he hated for ketchup to even dare touch his bread. So his burgers only held cheese. While his fries were flooded in ketchup. "Pay attention Jared." Jade said stubbornly, angry that his attention was not on her. Her small hands dug into the bowl, grabbing at the brown powder. "I do believe in fairies!" With that said, she threw the powder up. More than she should have thrown. It showered in a light glaze over the table. Mary coughed, fanning before her fist to clear it.

Jared, angry for the cinnamon getting over his burger and ketchup flooded fries. His eye's were closed to keep the cinnamon for getting in them, and when he opened them, he froze. He looked past his sister who held a clumsy look on her face. He looked past Mary who had gone to grab some water. A figure stood near the counter. Tall and built, waring a coat. A beanie was over his head, and when the man turned to look in their direction, Jared was left speechless.

The glasses that framed his face were slant, forceful, and Lilac. This was the only person he'd seen, whose eye's were a shade of purple like his own and Jades. When did he get there? Jared didn't hear the Ching of the door which announced when someone entered or left. Taken back by the realization that someone managed to get into a room without his notice, he was pulled back to his sister and Mary as a question was brought to him. "Do you want something else sweetie?" Jared looked to her, his eye's calming down. He shook his head no, and immediately turned his attention back to the man.

The man had turned his attention to Stevie and was ordering. A cup of coffee was poured and pushed to him, and the man gladly accepted. He didn't turn back around. But something felt different. Being in the presence of this man almost made him suffocate. Jared didn't know what it was, and above all else, it confused him. Maybe if he got a little closer, he could examine him better. "I'll clean it up." Jared looked to Mary with a nod, jumping from the booth. He grabbed the plate and began walking, stopping when he heard a Ching.

His curiosity for the man standing not just a few feet away from him flew away with anger as he watched Mark walk into the room, followed by two others. Jared recognized the taller man Bo. And the third to their party was Larry. Bo was a local drug dealer, who Stevie had a dislike to. Not only was he selling drugs near his Cafe, he had stolen a waitress of his and put her to work on the streets. Stevie had so much confidence in the girl, and no matter how much he tried to keep her from the streets, she lost the battle.

Mark took the lead and walked up to Jared, 'bumping' into him. Jared, being smaller than the taller man almost lost balance in the strength put into the bump. The plate full of cinnamon glazed, ketchup flooded fries and a now cinnamon burger fell to the ground, meeting a loud crashing sound to the tiled floor. "Oh, I am so sorry." Mark said in a sarcastic tone, though his face held a smirk. Jade had twisted around in her chair, looking to the sound. She crawled from her high chair and sank down into the seat, her eye's peeping from the top.

Silence fell over the room. No one dared say a word. Bo was a man to be feared. Everyone knew he carried weapons on him. Everyone knew his violent streak. Everyone knew of his six year prison punishment. Cops were waiting to find a valid excuse to arrest him, and it would be over for good. But Bo 'played it safe' Having connections almost everywhere. "Pick it up kid." Bo said, his eye's beady with a glare. "You pick it up." Jared spurted out. Yes, he'd been hit by Bo before, and yes, it did hurt. But when he felt the blow to his face, that made him stumble, he crumbled to the grouch grabbing his face. He didn't cry. He was above crying.

Mary gasped, and Stevie was about to make a comment when Larry looked at him. "You want some to old man?" Larry said this with a smirk, licking his lips and jerking his body in his direction, in a attempt to intimidate him. "Just leave him be." Stevie commented, his voice almost ruling against him. Mary moved to walk to Jared but was pushed back by Mark. The only person who wasn't watching was the man with Lilac eyes. He sat sipping from his cup of coffee.

Jade, when watching her brother get him started crying. She pushed the plastic booster seat out the way, and hoped down from the booth. She dipped past Mark who was still pushing and toying at Mary and knelt down to her brother. "Leave him alone." she cried, her eye's red and puffy. Jared's face was stinging as he sat up, pushing Jade behind him. Bo continued to stand over them. "You need a beating. Running around in my streets, keeping Vicky from doing her work." Bo was drunk, Mark was drunk. Larry, who had chosen not to drink looked back to the scene. He knew this was wrong, but he'd never cross Bo.

Jared glared up at Bo. If only he wasn't scared right now. If only he was bigger. He'd teach Bo something. He'd hit him, and hit him, over and over until he felt better. Until the stinging on his cheek was gone. "Well, the mess is waiting." Bo said again. "No." Jared pulled the courage to say. He had to show Bo he wasn't afraid, or else he'd mess with him more and more. And he didn't want Jade to see it. She was still behind him, crying, more loudly after hearing her brothers response. Bo looked back to Larry who smirked to him. "I don't like kids anyway." He lifted his foot to kick Jared, but it was stopped. Bo looked as confused as Jared. Who was looking to the stranger with Lilac eyes. "Let me go." Bo glared at this man. Somebody opposing him.

The stranger released his leg, but instead of letting him go, the man pushed his leg. Making Bo fall back on his butt. "No fighting in here. Take it outside!" Stevie shouted. He didn't need anything else pushing at his cafe. "You heard em, outside." Bo said as he turned. Mark walked past the stranger, and pushed his shoulder as he walked out the door, followed by Larry.

"Oh poor baby." Mary, finding her feet ran over to Jared, helping him up. "I'm fine." Jared said, pulling from her reach. "Why didn't you do anything, you just stood there and let him hit me!" Jared had his fair share of bullying from older men, and he hated it. Tears almost swelled in his eyes. Not from the pain. But for his anger.

He turned to the stranger, whom was still standing behind him. But his eyes and body on the door. "And I didn't ask for your help." he almost choked saying it. No, he didn't ask anyone for help. But he wanted someone to do something. He wanted someone to make Bo leave. Even though the stranger knew the three men were waiting outside. The stranger turned to look at Jared, and just shook his head. 'Too much pride with nothing worth using." he reached into his pocket, pulling out bills and reached over, placing it beside his coffee.

"Stevie is it?" the stranger said, looking to Stevie. Who unfroze and the call of his name. "Yes?" The stranger lifted his hand, pointing with his thumb towards Jared. "Got a chop?" looking to the redness on Jared face, Stevie nodded, walking towards the freezer room to fetch a pork chop. Stevie felt ashamed that he watched such a scene and did nothing to help at all. Not that anyone else did. But it was his cafe, he should have done something.

"Do you cry like this all the time Jade?" Her puffy eyes looked up to the stranger, whipping at her tear stained face. "Princess don't cry." She said, almost as if she were saying it to herself. Stevie returned the the piece of meat and handed it to the stranger. He knelt down one one knee so that he could look up to Jared, gently placing it over his face. "It'll cool it off." he commented. And Jared, from this angle got a good look.

Eye's like his own, but these eye's were full of nothing. Looking into his eye's Jared could feel himself drifting away. They were luring, controlling, scary. This man felt dangerous, being his close. His eye's trailed off his eye's and onto his face. He wasn't old, close to their mother in age. His hair was black like their own, and over the left side of his lip was a small scar. Another scar on his arm that was holding the meat to his face. But what caught his attention most was the gun, or as Jade would call it, a Bazooka. Fear ran through him like wildfire. Just who was he?

The sound of the door opening again didn't draw Jared's attention this time. He was still frozen in place. Jade, who was done crying got up excitedly. "Mommy!" she yelled and ran to her open arms. "Is Princess Jade being good?" Vicky asked, picking her up. "She wiped away some brownness from Jade's cheek, smiling. "Pixie Dust." Vicky wiped at Jade's face at the tears. Confused at why her daughter had been crying.

"Jared, I know I told you a couple of hours, I finished early, and why was Jad-" Vicky looked up, jaw dropping. Slowly she sat down Jade, and took a step forward. "You get away from my son right now you Bastard!" She yelled in a fierce tone. Jared broke his eye contact with the stranger to look to his mother. He'd never seen her eye's like this before, full of anger, eyes like the strangers. He was no longer staring into the green grass eye's he seen his whole life, these eye's were Orchid, and looked out of place on his mother.

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