Newspapers were being grabbed before they were set down. The media was going crazy, because apparently it was the "Biggest Story of the Year."

Raelyn Greene sighed and looked at the clock. One hour, that was all the time she had left before she makes her way in front of millions of people to read the story, the truth.

"…Thank you, Paul. We have just gotten word that the mystery behind Sarah Johnson's death will be revealed at a public reading of her diary today at 12 in Oleander Park…"

She looked toward the small unopened book which was put in her care. She refused to open it, or let anyone else open it, but it was time.

"Raelyn," she turned at her name and saw Damien leaning against the doorway, "It's time." Taking a deep breath she stood and placed the book in her messenger bag for safe keeping and made her way to him.

"It's been two years…" she whispered as Damien wrapped and arm around her.

"I know, Rae." He murmured into her dark brown hair, then sighed and led her to his old Toyota.

"Let's just get this over with…"

People stood everywhere, speaking actively to the strangers on side of them.

"I heard the 'Best Friend' is going to be reading to us…"

Damien quickly covered Raelyn's ears while they walked to the small stage in the middle of the park. "Are you going to be okay?" she heard him ask, not realizing that he had uncovered her ears.

"Yea…I'll be fine." She gave a small hesitant smile and continued up the steps to stand behind the podium and microphone. Clearing her throat, she placed the diary in front of her and flipped through the pages albeit hesitantly. The entries were long and detailed, Raelyn knew her friend had it all planned out…for just in cases.

When she looked out into the crowd and saw every eye on her, she knew it was about time to begin. Looking to her side she saw Mr. Harper, the police officer that helped schedule the reading, give her a slight nod as a cue for her to begin.

Taking another deep breath she turned once more to the crowd and opened the diary to the first page.

"Hello everyone, my name is Raelyn Trinity Greene and I am here to tell you a…story I guess you can say. As you all know, Sarah Jane Johnson, my best friend, was murdered two years ago along with her boyfriend…" My throat closed at the thought of saying his name, "Michael James Ford."

Raelyn looked around and saw sorrowful faces, and pained ones. "My goal here today…is to let everyone know the truth. The real truth, as told by Sarah herself." Murmurs flew across the park as she said this part aloud.

"Fortunately Sarah was smart enough to record what happened for just incases." She closed her eyes for a minute and looked down at the date, "'September 3rd, 2008. Dear Diary…"

And so the story begins…