Kelly The Furry Hero

Author: Yet another Reiko Herayashi production! Now the sequal to "Emiko The Furry Trophy"

Chapter 1: Kelly!

The day after Zero had killed the chieftan, The wolf tribes Alpha came to discuss the terms of agreement with the chieftan not knowing he was dead...Zero explained about his unworthy leadership and how he met his demies. The alpha wolf seemed to be amused by this. And then explained do to the conditions of having no chief, There can be no nagotiating the terms of the wolf tribes rule. This basicaly meant that the wolves could do anything to them that they wanted with no consequences at all!
This led to the following events!

Zero was running through the village carrying a sleeping Kelly in his arms, The rain was coming down pretty hard but he had Kelly wrapped in a water proof deer skin. He finally reached where he was going. He entered Tanya and Daisuke's Shack.
Tanya hurried over to him and took Kelly in her arm. Zero quickly handed her a piece of paper. "That's the property papers to our house... I'm trusting you to take care of Kelly. And one more thing..." He said handing her a envelope.
"Emiko wanted her to have this when she reached the tribes legal age of maturity. I don't know whats in it but please make sure she gets it..." He said quickly then dashed back out into the rain.

Zero sprinted deep into the forest, he could hear the group of hunters gaining! He came to a cliff high above a raging river.
He could hear The yells of the angry hunters. He turned to them and roared, he wasn't going down without a fight! He lunged to attack! But in the end, he was killed.

XXXX 12 years later XXXX

Kelly had grown into a very lovely young girl. She had grown her hair out so it was about the length of her back, her black scales were well tended every day to keep them shiney. Her dragon tail had started to grow a small spine of red spikes down it which was rare for a dragon much like being born with wings. She had a large ball like tuft of white fur on the tip of her tail, she also had large snow white fox ears. Her boobs had begun to develop shortly after turning 12 and were now about a B cup in size. her hips still seemed slightly un developed. Tanya had resized Emiko's tribal trophy wear, and Kelly wore the tribal designed panties, Tanya also resized the bakini tops, but Kelly often went without the top saying it irritated her scales. Daisuke laughed every time he heard that excuse because he knew it wasn't possible,
but Tanya never seemed to figure that out.

Kelly was walking through the streets of the village. Nearly everywhere she went she saw a wolf causing some kind of trouble.
Wether it was demanding tribute to their alpha, beating on some poor female prize or even a male warrior, iether way, if they so much as raised a finger to stand up against them, that person would iether be sentanced to death or locked away in the forest ruins and left to starve. So many innocent people had faced those harsh punishments...And some even harsher.
Such as getting their hands, tails or tongue's cut off. Some had eyeballs ripped from them, or were publicly tortured to death for the amusement of the wolves and to frighten the villagers into obeying the wolves demands.

Kelly came to the hot springs. She was about to climb in when a wolf grabbed her by the hair and jerked her head back.
She whimpered when she saw him. "Hey there little one...Why haven't I seen you around before?" He asked. She thought about her answer very carefully, Tanya always warned her if she ever had to speak with one of the wolves she had to be careful,
if she said anything that it didn't like it would most likely sentance her to death. "I..I don't go out much..." She said in a soft tender voice. The wolf smirked. "You're much more unieque than those other filthy dragons..." he said brushing a strand of silver white hair from her face. She wanted to spit on him but stopped herself. "Just please let me know what you want..." She pleaded quietly. He smirked. "I want YOU..." He stated simply. Kelly's eyes widened. "Please...Don't..I still have to have my maturity ceremony! If I have sex now I will dishonor my family!" She begged. He laughed and jerked her around to face him and gripped a fist full of her hair. Both of his dicks hardened. Her eyes widened a little. He had two dicks?...No wonder the wolf clan were considered freaks among dragons!

The wolf laughed. "You're going to suck one of my dicks and give the other a hand job.. And that way, you'll still get to keep you're prescious virginity..." he said. Kelly looked at him a bit shakily. He watched her smirking, seeming to enjoy the scared look on her face. "Do it...Or maybe you wish to die?" He asked. Kelly looked at it disgustedly and closed her eyes and licked the tip of the first dick. She reached up and gripped the dick above the one she was licking and stroked the shaft slightly.

The wolf seemed to relax a bit. Kelly snuck a peak up at the wolfs face while licking the tip. He seemed distracted. She strained her ears and listened to the surroundings. There was the wind rustling the tree's, a rabbit was nibbling on a wild raddish nearby while a panther stalked it silently. But she heard no other wolf warriors or even dragons in the area.
She wasted no time and planted a swift punch to the wolf's sack making him let go of her hair, as he inhaled oxygen to let out a cry of pain she jumped to her feet and delivered a lightning quick barrage of punches to his stomach knocking the wind from him preventing him from making a sound. She crouched into a stance and jumped kneeing him in the stomach making him bend over and then snapping his neck! The whole process took a little under 4 seconds. Kelly stood up straight and spit on his corpse. "Filthy mutt..." She mummbled. She quickly tied 7 large rocks to his feet and threw him into the much deeper hot spring hole that was much too hot to bathe in. he sunk to the bottom to join her many other victems that had tried to force themselves on her. She quickly bathed herself and ran home avoiding the curfew patrols.

She entered her mothers old house. She was met by a distraught Tanya. "Thank god you're okay!" She said hugging Kelly tightly. Then she stood up looking angry. "Where were you young lady? it's half an hour past the village curfew!" Kelly sighed. "I had to take a bath, then I killed a cocky wolf and then snuck into the tavern and took some food for us."
Tanya snatched Kelly by the wrist and tanned her rear end for her. "How many times do I have to tell you! Don't do that!"
Kelly rubbed her rear when Tanya was finished. "Which one?" She asked. Tanya growled. "BOTH! Iether one of them could get you killed! One of them more horribly then the other!" She said. Kelly sighed. "I'm sorry Tanya..." But I would rather fight back than let myself get forced to suck dick or forced to let them fuck me!" She said angrily. I stay indoors so much because I don't want to get caught fighting one of them and then die knowing you couldn't keep you're promise to my parents all because I had to fight back...

Tanya hugged Kelly. "You're a sweet child...And tommorrow is you're birthday and ceremony into maturity." She said. Daisuke and I are so proud, and I'm sure you're mother would be too along with you're father. Kelly smiled. When will Daisuke be home?" She asked politely. Tanya sighed. "I don't know...The wolves have him out moving boulders again..."

Kelly looked down. "Alright..." She said. Tanya kissed her forehead. "Go get ready for bed okay?" Kelly nodded and pulled off her travel bag. "Here...Theres enough for you and dad.. I already ate my share." She smiled. Tanya sighed. "I apreciate you thinking of the food delema...But going into the tavern is too dangerous...If you were caught you could be locked away in the ruins...Or beheaded...If you were lucky they would only pluck each one of you're scales by one..." Kelly shouted. "Tanya! please! Are you trying to give me nightmares!?" Tanya giggled. "Sorry...But it's true..Now get to bed alright?" Kelly nodded and hurried over to her bed in the corner and stripped off her tribal bakini bottom. and climbed into bed.

End Of Chapter 1