Kelly The furry Hero

Chapter 10: The Ceremony

Early the next morning Kelly awoke feeling a little better. She smiled softly as she stood up, looking around she could see the sun had yet to rise over the mountains, the birds were chirping and the sky was a dim morning blue. The grass was damp with the morning dew and Ling slept peacefully by the camp fire which now had become just smoldering embers, normally this is the kind of morning she liked to enjoy but she knew what needed to be done today. Getting up Kelly stretched quietly with a slight yawn. She looked around one last time before she pulled on a pair of her shorts and a shirt. Looking up at the branches high above she could see the torn panties hanging from the rope as a reminder of last nights childish fun. Kelly shook her head as she headed into the forest.

Running along the path she smiled as she came to a small hut at the base of the mountain just out of sight. Her and Tanya had decided to hide their most precious belongings here when she was just a child. She walked up to it quietly taking note of the weeds and vines around it it was clear that no one had touched this place in years. Quietly ducking inside she could see the hole in the roof allowing the sun light within the hut to illuminate the inside.

Kelly searched through a trunk located in the corner for what her mother had left behind for her, and there she found it. A deer skin dress, pearls studded from the left thigh moving up along the tummy and curving around the right side bellow the arm. She smiled softly as she slipped on a matching pair of deer skin panties before pulling the dress over her head, her arms slipping in through the arm holes as she looked herself over. She looked down into the trunk again and pulled out a silver chain, at the end of it was the crest her mother had hand made for her father. The very one that required 3 precious gems, a ruby, a sapphire and a emerald. She held it close to her heart for a moment. "I'll give this to Ling.." she said.


Ling sat in a meadow preparing for the ceremony, Ling wanted nothing but to make this night perfect for Kelly, his eyes closed and hand clutching one fist while praying to his ancestors, a roaring fire was built in the center of the meadow as was tradition to his people. Ling had placed stones around the fire, a spell tag upon each stone. The flames stood of about 12 foot tall a suddle crackle emitting from the embers, something about the warmth filling the clearing was special to him. "Please Great Ogre Ubar... Djinn and Deity of my people.. I pray you accept my offering as I have built the likeness of a Soul Candle.." Ling began "Tomorrow My love Kelly Fang…And myself Shall attempt to liberate the Dragon Claw Clan's Village.. Its people have been enslaved… They live in fear and Kelly's family is in danger… Tonight we express our love not only to each other but as a symbol of belonging… We would ever be pleased should you watch over us, I do not expect nor demand your attention to this plight.. But I humbly request if nothing else that you accept us as Mates.." he finished as he remained in prayer, running the words over again.


Kelly had her hair tied back into a graceful pony tail as she approached the Warriors Cliff. She held her hands gracefully within her sleeves while she walked, keeping her eyes upon the stone figure of her father. She stood before him, even in death his body stood tall, much taller then her own and watching over her now. She took in a deep breath as she looked up to it.

"Father… I don't have much practice in my prayers and… I know I haven't always looked up to you as I am now… I don't know if you can even hear me but… I wish for your blessing… " she said quietly feeling foolish. Her eyes watched his form for a long moment "Ling is a great guy… I love him… And we wish to mate before tomorrow… We only want to save my village and we know it is an impossible task… But… I am no hero…" she said watching her fathers stone figure she sighed. "Please… I would give anything if I could only talk to you once in my life.." she whispered.

After another long moment she looked down, she was foolish to think some kind of vision would bless her with an audience with her father. Only in fairy tales does this happen, she knew this but she shook her head quietly as she walked away. "I love you daddy.." she said.


Kelly slowly approached the meadow, the sun had set and the moon was slowly making its ascent to the sky. She came to stand in the light of the roaring fire as she looked at him. "Ling…" she said bowing to him. Ling bowed back. "Miss Kelly…" he greeted. Kelly held out the gem encrusted amulet. "Please accept my offering.." she said "As a token of my love, in accepting this you accept me as your mate" She finished.

Ling smiled as he accepted the amulet "Thank you Miss Kelly.." he whispered. Ling led her over to a circle of roses layed in the grass In front of the fire. Kelly watched him as he picked up a small pot with a form of colored clay paint within it. He dipped his fingers in and spoke while he drew a heart on her left cheek "Miss Kelly… Here I give you my heart… May its passion keep you warm at night should I not be there to do the job.." he said kindly as he set it down, he then picked up another pot of hand made paint as he drew a 4 point star on her forehead "You are the light that illuminates my world… My nights and my day could not be complete without you." he says as he put the paint pot down, once more picking up the last one he dipped his thumb in, pressing it to her cheek twice creating 2 dots and then lightly caressing her cheek as he drew a line beneath them "With this symbol may our first born, wether it be boy or girl.. One or two.. Be a healthy litter." he finished while placing the third clay pot down.

Ling then picked up a small basket of berries as he kissed her cheek "I also wish you to accept this token of my labors, may they keep your hunger satisfied now and for years to come.." he says as he placed it within her waiting mouth, a smile upon his lips as she ate it.

Ling picked up a strange looking fruit, he cut it open with a blade and smiled softly "Kelly… I wish for us to share this fruit.. May its flavor and scent always remind us, even in times of disagreement, of the fruits of our relationship will bring… May they bring us much fortune in the times yet to come." He said.

Kelly took the one half of the fruit with a gentle smile "I accept all…But not for your passion, not for you labor…and Not for the fruits…I accept them for you.. Because I love you and that's all that matters to me.." she said with a gentle smile. They shared the fruit, feeding each other as its strong flavor warmed both their bodies. The sun having now set, darkness overtaking the sky as the stars laminated above, the meadow around them lit by the immense flames of Lings Soul Candle.

Kelly smiled as she wrapped her arms around Ling planting a soft kiss on his cheek as she came to have her head rest on his forehead, she was anxious and nervous for what was to come. Her lips met with his in a gentle kiss.

Ling kissed back as he smiled to her. "Let us place the mark of our love…" he said as he raised his hand to her neck, he pricked his claws into the flesh very lightly drawing 5 small drops of blood in a circle formation. "Kelly Fang… I vow to always be there for you, to always obey and to never give up on you… With this mark you are mine and I am yours… All who see this will know you are claimed and forbidden to touch.." he stated "Less they seal their own doom with their touch.." he finished, Ling lowered his mouth to her neck licking away the droplets of blood before nibbling softly.

Kelly closed her eyes as she felt his lips nibbling at her neck, she could feel his fangs beginning to dig within her neck, forming the mates mark, a sharp warmth shot though her body as he did so, she felt herself bonded to Ling, his presence within her very being was almost too much not to notice.

Kelly smiled softly as she performed the same ritual upon Ling her claws forming 5 pricks upon his firm neck, leaning forward she licked away the droplets of blood before kissing the spot tenderly with her lips, she began to nibble the flesh carefully before biting down, her fangs forming a mark in his skin. "Ling, with this mark I give myself to you… May I never accept another mans touch as long as you shall live, may I never cheat less I sign myself into sacrifice and death… May our love stand strong and us stand always together to face anything..." she finished.

They kissed lovingly before speaking in unison

"I love you Kelly.." Ling whispered"I love you Ling.." Kelly whispered

Kelly looked into his eyes passionately as she let her deer skin dress slip off her shoulders, she let it fall to the grass lightly as she leaned forward to kiss Ling, her tongue gracing his bottom lip as she wrapped her arms around him. Ling's arms wrapped around her as he kissed back, parting his lips for her tongue as he lightly caressed her arm with his left hand.

Kelly closed her eyes as her tongue made its way into his mouth, stopping to lick over his lips lovingly as she made her entrance to his mouth special with each motion. Lings free hand caressed down her back slowly feeling along the curves of her body, her smooth dragon skin smooth like the skin of a new born. He caressed her hip for a moment before trailing it over her back side holding his hand only a half inch or so from her bottom before he continued onward to caress her thigh. He wanted to make this as enjoyable for her as he could.

Kelly broke the kiss looking into his eyes longingly as she reached her hands to his chest, helping him to remove his Gi She kept her gaze upon his face and his upon hers even as they both stood naked in the light of the bond fire. They both knelt down as Kelly lifted a wooden goblet filled with rum. She looked down to it as she tenderly brushed her cheek along its side testing its warmth before kissing it softly, the passion in her kiss nothing short of what she would show him before she looked back up to him.

Ling smiled softly as she raised the goblet up to his lips, parting them once more to drink as her free hand graced his side slowly caressing along it and down his abdomen, his toned stomach felt firm for one as young as him but he wasn't by any means the perfect build. Ling finished the rum with a smile as Kelly set it aside. Slowly lowering to her hands she crawled forward seductively as she pressed one hand to his chest, slowly guiding him back onto the grass as she crawled over his form looking down into his eyes.

Ling smiled up to her as he propped himself up on his elbows and kissed her softly, Kelly's lips kissed back as her hand moved to the basket of berries she plucked a few up as the kiss was broken. "A berry for your love..?" she asked with a wink as she offered it to him. Ling smiled as she fed him a couple berries.

Kelly sat down on his lower abdomen as she freed her hair from the pony tail, letting it fall loosely around her shoulders as she smiled down at him. Lings hand moved down her side and caressed her deer skin covered bottom. She smiled lightly with a blush as she turned, watching his hand at her rear end. Ling moved his hand moved up along her bottom and dipped his fingers into the waist band of her panties, his thumb caressing the base of her tail lightly.

Kelly smiled as she watched his hand move along the inside of her waist band, moving towards the front as he looked up to her almost as if asking for permission to put them in. Kelly leaned forward on her hands and knee's kissing him softly in a manner of granting him access, her plight taken as she felt his hand enter into her panties, fingers brushing lightly over her pink flesh that resided between her thighs as he watched her hips squirm slightly, the foreplay was something she had never experienced before, her eyes closed slowly as she shivered in pleasure a soft "mmm…" escaping her lips as his hand moved in closer, cupping his palm over her womanhood feeling her warmth.

He smiled up at her as his free hand caressed her cheek. "Your enjoying this.." He whispered. Kelly panted softly as she nodded, her hair draped over her shoulders as his hand rubbed along her inner thighs delicately. Her folds getting wet from the stimulation as she kissed him once more. Kelly eased her panties off as she worked her hips and legs till they finally were laying on the grass. Ling smiled as she gently pushed Kelly back, pinning her down playfully as her hand moved along between her legs, rubbing her slit as he watched her tormented yet pleasured expressions as he teased her.

Kelly gasped and moaned softly as she squirmed and wiggled her hips, arching her lower back off the grass as his fingers graced every part of her lower sensual regions. "Ling…I can't take it any more.." she whispered as she kissed his neck "Please just do it.." she begged "The foreplay is killing me.." she said with a moan as she bucked her hips against his hand. "Not yet Kelly.." he whispered planting a soft kiss on her chest. His free hand cupping one of her breasts as he massaged lightly, His other hand ran 2 fingers down her folds till they met with her entrance lightly pushing in as her back arched off the ground once more.

Ling kissed her chest once more his tongue playing its way over her left nipple as his hand massaged her other mound. Kelly moaned louder as she grinded her hips against his fingers her moans growing louder and louder as his fingers moved within and out of her folds, Kelly bit her lip as she bucked her hips once, she was so close to her first pain free climax, her panting coming in heavy breathing as he played with her. Kelly's eyes rolled back as she could feel the pleasure explode within her, striking her woman hood with a series of fierce spasms of pure pleasure, much like a pack of firecrackers going off or fireworks in the sky, these were but a few of the things that went through her mind as she screamed out in pleasure, her juices spilling forth as she did.

Ling kissed her softly as he looked into her eyes "Miss Kelly…Are you ready?" he asked. Kelly smiled softly as she nodded "You'll…You'll still be gentle..right..?" she asked watching his member unsheathe itself as the remainder of her ceremony into adulthood. The day she lost her virginity by unwanted force… The day before she became a fugitive…

Kelly wrapped her arms around Ling's waist, her lips locking with his as he gently pushed his way into her womanly glory. She could feel every inch of him push in as the movement sent sparks of pleasure through her cervix, her eyes closing as she shuddered in pleasure letting out muffled moans into the kiss. She spread her legs more for him, a light flush of pink gracing her lips as she felt him begin to move his hips between her thighs, her eyes rolling back only slightly as she arched her back from the grass.

Ling broke the kiss as he looked down upon Kelly with a soft smile "Your so beautiful.." he whispered as he kissed her neck, letting slight groans of pleasure into her shoulder as he moved himself between her legs, thrusting within her dripping folds. Kelly moaned louder with every thrust "Oh god…Ling…" she mumbled as she held him her legs wrapping around his waist allowing him a maximum ease of access to her pride. His thrusts gradually increased in speed and depth as well as the depth of their breathing, which in turn became heavier and faster.

Kelly cried out in pleasure into Lings shoulder as he thrust it didn't take her long at all before she was screaming in pleasure again, this time muffledly into his shoulder as her folds tightened around his bucking member, her juices spilling forth with each pound into her that he made.

Ling himself wasn't far off, he pounded into her faster and deeper groaning loudly in pleasure as they mated. Soon it all came to an end, Kelly moaned deeply as she felt Ling push into her womb and cum, shooting off a strong stream of hot seed within her. She moaned as she felt his seed fill up her womb, she collapsed beneath his form panting heavily, Ling rolled slightly as he pulled her on top of him before going limp beneath her. In respect for her size and gender he thought it unsuitable should his much heavier frame and figure collapse upon her petit form. He caressed her back as she layed on him panting. "Was it..Any good..Miss Kelly?" he asked quietly, he was nervous as he listened to her heart.

Kelly smiled softly, her body beaded with sweat as she spoke "It was unbelievable.." she said as she laid on him. Ling smiled softly "Sleep well Miss Kelly.." he whispered kissing her on the head.

"I love you Ling.." she whispered as she drifted off to sleep.