This Fool


"Promise me you'll never leave me." Yuna softly whispered into Reinard's ear.

"I-I Promise…" Reinard replied trying to hold back his tears.

That was the first time Reinard ever shed a tear for someone. Reinard never cried. Not in front of anyone. He always wanted to look tough, manly, and cool in front of everyone. He didn't want to show that he was weak and emotional.

But with Yuna it was different. He felt so at ease with her. It was the first time that he felt so safe with someone that he didn't want it to end.

"Reinard…" Yuna mumbled.

"What is it?" Reinard slowly answered.

"Take care of them will you?" Yuna requested.

"I-I will…" Reinard answered as a drop of tear fell from his eyes.

Yuna held Reinard's face and then she smiled at him. Reinard wanted to cry his heart out but he never wanted Yuna to see him like that. He wanted to ease her pain by looking strong for her.

Yuna slowly wiped Reinard's tears away from his face and then she smiled at him again.

"Look…" Yuna mumbled. "Even fools can cry."

Chapter 1: Moving in

"Master Reinard? Are you awake?" Tim nervously checked up on him.

"What do you want?" Reinard answered irritatingly.

"Y-Your dad wants to talk you." Tim mumbled.

"Tsk! What now." Reinard told himself.

Reinard Scott was the son of the multi billionaire business tycoon Ronald Scott. He didn't have any special relationship with his father. He never bonded or even talked to him about anything. They were like strangers living in the same house.

Reinard made his way downstairs and when he saw his dad by the dining table he quickly approached him with anger on his face.

"This better be good dad! What do you want now?" Reinard exclaimed.

Mr. Scott just looked at Reinard furiously and then he suddenly showed Reinard the letter that was given to him by his school a day ago.

"What's that? Did someone give you a love letter?" Reinard chuckled.

"This is from your school! They told me that you haven't been attending class again! You're 19 years old and you're still in high school! What the hell is wrong with you?" Mr. Scott yelled.

Tsk! don't act like you care for me.

"School doesn't matter anyway; we're stinking rich! Why do I even need to study?" Reinard exclaimed.

"Damn it Reinard! When are you going to learn to grow up? You think running a company is easy? That's why I want you to go to school!" Mr. Scott yelled.

"Tsk! Whatever." Reinard replied.

Mr. Scott's eyes grew bigger upon hearing Reinard's answers. Reinard saw that from his father but he never really cared. All he cared about was himself and nothing but himself. He didn't need anyone. As long as he had money he was satisfied.

"Reinard! Comeback here!" Mr. Scott yelled.

"What? Don't you dare give me one of those lectures about growing up and some other stuff! You stink at those." Reinard retorted.

"That's it! I don't know what to do with you anymore! I'm sick of this!" Mr. Scott exclaimed.

Yeah, I'm sick of you too.

"If you don't finish your high school within this year then I will took away your inheritance!" He added.

"What? You can't do that! That's not fair!" Reinard shouted.

"Tsk. Who said life is fair?" Mr. Scott muttered. "Now go pack your bags! You're not allowed to any of this luxury until you finished high school. From now on you will start living with your cousins!" Mr. Scott added.

"Cousins? Yeah right. Like I have any." Reinard replied.

"Oh yes you do! Remember Kim and Sophie?" Mr. Scott answered.

Kim and Sophie? The Wubins?

"Sure why not? Aren't those guys richer than us? Living there would be a blast!" Reinard said excitedly.

"Hey wait a minute! What about my school? It's far from their house. How the hell can I go to school then?" Reinard suddenly asked.

Mr. Scott laughed at Reinard and then he suddenly told him that he would be attending a public school near The Wubin's house.

"Public school? That would be easy." He muttered.

"How about my allowance? Where is it?" He asked his dad.

Mr. Scott laughed at him for the second time and then he walked away from him as he continued to laugh as he went back to his room.

"What the hell is wrong with that guy?" Reinard asked himself.

Kim arrived at the Scott's manner later that day to pick Reinard up. Before they left, Kim talked with her Uncle for a few minutes and as they were about to leave Mr. Scott instructed Kim that she was in charge of Reinard from then on.

"In charge of me? No Way! I only follow myself." Reinard whispered.

As Reinard and Kim drove away from the manner Reinard took one last look to his house. Kim saw Reinard and she suddenly laughed at him and then she asked him,

"You're missing your dad already?" Kim chuckled.

"Yeah right. Why would I miss that old bastard?" Reinard retorted.

"You know you should pay him a little more respect. He's your dad anyways." Kim muttered.

"Whatever… You're not my mom so don't tell me what to do." He replied.

Kim just shook her head upon hearing Reinard. She never thought that her cousin would be like that. She never knew the reason why he started to change like that. She then started missing the little Reinard back then. He was so full of life, cheerful, and witty. She never thought that for a short amount of time a person could change that much.

"So how have you been cous?" Kim asked him.

"Nothing much. Stop acting like you missed me." Reinard answered.

"But I do miss you Reinard." Kim replied as she slowly brushed his hair with her hand.

"Stop doing that! I'm not a little kid anymore!" Reinard exclaimed as he tried to remove Kim's hand over his head.

Kim just laughed at him as he crossed his arms over his chest and looked the other way.

"You're the same age as Sophie right? She missed you too! She's looking forward on seeing you again." Kim told him.

"Yeah right, whatever." Reinard mumbled.

He never really liked his cousins. It seemed like they were always on top of him. Kim was the Vice President of their company at an early age and soon Sophie would become the new Vice as Kim would take over the president's place. He was jealous of them. His father always compared him to them and in the end he would always be in the last place.

"Did you know that Sophie is going to be the new Vice President of our Company?" Kim asked.

"Don't care." He replied.

Kim just frowned at him. She never expected her cousin to be that rude. She thought that she could handle him but it might take a little more understanding than she expected.

After a few hours, Kim and Reinard finally arrived at the Wubin's residence. Mr. Wubin and Sophie welcomed Reinard as he stepped off the car but he just nodded at them and quickly went inside the house.

"What's with him?" Sophie wondered.

"Don't mind him. Just let him settle in first." Kim told Sophie.

Kim, Sophie and Mr. Wubin then entered the house and as they all went in they saw Reinard lying on the sofa with his mp3 player to his ear.

"How are you Reinard?" Mr. Wubin asked him.

Reinard just looked at the other way and pretended not to hear him. Kim shook her head again and but after a few seconds Sophie immediately approached Reinard and swiftly removed his earphones off of his ear.

"Hey! What the hell do you want?" Reinard yelled.

Sophie just frowned at him and then she crossed her arms as she suddenly told Reinard,

"Listen. If you're going to live here then you have to change that attitude of yours!"

"Attitude? What's wrong with my attitude huh?" Reinard rudely asked.

Sophie raised an eyebrow and as she was about to speak again Mr. Wubin quickly interrupted them and immediately directed him to his room.

As Reinard and Mr. Wubin went upstairs Kim approached Sophie and then she patted her on the back.

"Relax sis. Just give him time. I bet he will eventually change his attitude." Kim muttered.

"I hope so; I don't think I can handle him very well." Sophie muttered.

Author's Note: Hope you liked my story. For those who have read my story Saying I Love You the Wubins are exactly the same characters. This is a spinoff of that story. It started after the book 1 and as the chapters' progress it would be the same time line as of the book 2. It has a different storyline so it won't affect with the storyline of the book 2. Hope you liked it. Please read and review. ^^