Chapter 25: His Old Self

"Yuna likes me?" Reinard thought. Yuna was still embracing him. Her embrace was warm and full of compassion, just like the first time Yuna hugged him when he was sick. The first time he realized that he was starting to like her.

Reinard was so happy that moment, happy because the girl that he liked so much was in his arms. He had waited so long for that moment; he tormented and embarrassed her all the time because he didn't know how to express himself to her.

He was afraid that Yuna might not notice him or that Yuna might just reject him.

But that didn't matter anymore because at that moment, she was in his arms.

"Hey, stop crying already… You're going to ruin my uniform…" Reinard whispered.

After a few seconds, Yuna stood up straight and then she slowly wiped away her tears. "I'm sorry…" Yuna sobbed.

Reinard laughed and then he approached Yuna. "You don't have to be sorry. You didn't do anything wrong."

"B-But you got hurt because of me…" Yuna whispered.

Reinard sighed and then he held both of Yuna's hands. "I'm the one who should be sorry, I couldn't help the orphanage."

"No." Yuna shook her head. "You don't have to do anything, I'll find another way."

Reinard smiled and then he brushed Yuna's hair away from her eyes. "WE have to find another way. I won't let you guys lose the orphanage." Reinard muttered.

Yuna smiled as she started to hug Reinard again. She felt so satisfied, her heart was full of joy and even though she still had the problem with the orphanage, she was sure that she could do it. She felt like she could do anything because she had Reinard by her side.

It looked like all was well for the two. They finally showed their true feelings for each other and it looked like everything was going their way. Reinard and Yuna were happy at that moment but a few meters away from they, someone was not too happy at what he was seeing.

It was Jeziah, he saw everything. He felt angry that Yuna chose Reinard over him and after all the cruel things that Reinard had done to her; he was still the man in her arms.

Jeziah clenched his fists as he fiercely looked at the two. He wouldn't allow them to be together. For him, Yuna was meant to be his and that was all there was to it. "You belong with me Yuna…" Jeziah angrily whispered.

"Aaaaaaaah…" Reinard muttered as he opened his mouth widely. Reinard and Yuna decided to eat at the orphanage and as soon as Mrs. Cross heard the good news about them, she immediately cooked a nice, home cooked meal for the two of them.

"Are you serious?" Yuna asked. She knew that Reinard was just trying to be sweet but he was acting like a mere child again.

"I'm serious. Come on, feed me. I didn't have anything for lunch because of you." Reinard retorted.

Yuna shook her head with annoyance but after a while, she decided to finally give in to Reinard's request.

"You kids are so adorable!" Mrs. Cross chuckled as she clasped her hands.

Reinard smiled as Yuna frowned at Mrs. Cross while she continued to feed Reinard. Yuna was happy that she and Reinard were together. She always felt safe and contented around him but she never thought that being with him could be so… bothersome.

Reinard snickered as Yuna continued to feed him. He longed for that kind of attention from her for so long. Ever since that night where they got stuck in that basement, he started to like her. He started to long for her.

After dinner, Yuna and some of the orphan kids washed the dirty dishes together while Reinard and Mrs. Cross decided to stay at the living room. Mrs. Cross sat at one of the chairs in the room while Reinard foolishly played with the toys scattered around the floor.

"You were really going to pay for my debt?" Mrs. Cross suddenly asked Reinard.

Reinard stopped playing with the toys and then he gently placed it on the table beside him. "I was going to but, something happened…" Reinard muttered. "I'm sorry I wasn't able to help you out."

Mrs. Cross smiled and then she slowly approached Reinard. "Just promise me you'll stay with Yuna's side when worse comes to worst."

Reinard smiled back and then he slowly stood up. "I will…"

Mrs. Cross was relieved, she always treated Yuna as her own daughter and she wanted the best for her. She always wanted Yuna to be happy and now that Yuna had Reinard, she felt relieved because besides her, there was another one who would take care of Yuna.

It was already past ten in the evening when Reinard arrived at the Wubins' manner. Everybody was asleep so Reinard carefully entered the house and silently went up to his room. Reinard didn't want to wake anyone up so he tried not to make any noise as much as he can but unfortunately, his leg brace caught the end of a table which caused a vase on top of it to fall down.

"Oh shoot…" Reinard mumbled as the vase broke into pieces as soon as it hit the floor.

Reinard quickly picked up the pieces of the vase but when he was about to finish, he heard a door a few steps away from him opened.

"Reinard, is that you?"

Reinard quickly turned to where the voice came from. "Sorry for waking you up Kim." Reinard quickly apologized as he saw Kim beside the door.

Kim slowly stretched her arms and yawned for a couple of times but when she saw the broken vase near Reinard, she quickly approached Reinard and then she started to help him pick up the broken pieces. "What are you doing? You should've told me that you're already here." Kim mumbled.

"I didn't want to bother you… Sorry about the vase." Reinard muttered.

Kim stared at Reinard for a while and then a smile quickly escaped her face. Reinard had changed so much ever since he started living at the manner. At first, Reinard was just a spoiled and arrogant brat who was so full of himself. He was mean, egoistic and he didn't care for anyone else.

But the Reinard in front of her had a different vibe. He looked innocent, passionate and caring.

It was like Kim was seeing the Reinard back when they were still kids, the Reinard that she and the others wanted to see again.

"I missed you." Kim muttered.

Reinard snickered and then he looked at Kim. "You just saw me this morning and yet, you already missed me? You're weird Kim." Reinard chuckled.

"Oh I'm weird?" Kim jeered. "Look at you; you're all bruised up because of some girl. Who's weird again?" Kim chuckled.

Kim slightly pushed Reinard off to the ground and when he fell, she quickly tackled him and then she started to scratch his head repeatedly. "Take this!" Kim teased as she started to laugh at him.

Reinard tried to get away from Kim but unfortunately, Kim had a tight grip on him. "Ouch! Hey Kim I'm injured!" Reinard pleaded.

Kim just laughed at him and then she continued to scratch Reinard's head. "Make me!" Kim exclaimed.

"I can't! Help! She's trying to kill me!" Reinard cried out as he tried to pull away from Kim.

Kim and Reinard were all over the floor and because of all the ruckus that they were doing, Sophie was quickly awakened from her deep slumber. Irritated, Sophie quickly came out of her room to find out where all that noise was coming from.

When Sophie saw Kim and Reinard on the floor, she stared at them for a few seconds and then she quickly raised an eyebrow. "What the heck are you guys doing?" Sophie asked irritatingly.

"Sophie!" Reinard cried out. "Help me! Your sister's trying to kill me!"

Sophie chuckled for a little bit but when Reinard yelled at her again, a grin suddenly arose from Sophie's face. "H-Hey S-Sophie…" Reinard stuttered.

Without second thought, Sophie immediately joined Kim. Sophie threw herself at Reinard and then she started to pinch Reinard's cheeks. "Cut it out!" Reinard yelled.

There was nothing that Reinard could do. He wanted to force his way out of them but he was… having fun.

The three of them laughed at each other and when Reinard finally saw an opening, he quickly pressed Kim to the floor. Sophie quickly grabbed Reinard's neck and when Kim got away from Reinard, she quickly pinched his nose.

Laughter filled the entire floor. It was like the three of them were back in their childhood days. They didn't care that there were people already sleeping. They just wanted to savor the moment and fool around with each other.

The three of them were still playing when Mr. Wubin stepped out of his room. As soon as he saw his girls playing with their cousin, a smile formed on his lips.

Ever since Reinard started living there, he had never seen him bonded with his cousins. Reinard always wanted to be alone; he always locked himself inside his room the entire day without even saying a word to any of them.

But that changed, the way Mr. Wubin saw Reinard that moment was different. He was smiling and he was laughing his heart out. It seemed like the Reinard he knew finally came back to life. The sweet, humble, and caring Reinard they all missed.

"Oh look!" Reinard pointed at Mr. Wubin. "It looks like Uncle wants to join us too!" He yelled.

Mr. Wubin's eyes widened as Reinard, Kim, and Sophie quickly stood up and then they all ran to him as fast as they could.

The three of them quickly tackled Mr. Wubin on to the floor and as the night went on; all of them played and laughed their hearts out.