The only way to understand my relationship with Danny would be to understand our past. The first time I met him I hadn't even said my first word. Only a few weeks apart from birth the Danser family, little Danny in tow, came to visit my mother at the hospital when I was born with loads of gifts at hand. The Danser's were ushered in to the delivery room soon after my family had left and once Danny saw me he just kept on looking; intrigued by the mushy baby that laid in my mothers arms.

I know all of this not because I have such a good memory but because the story has been told to me so many times that I believe that someday I will literally hurl. There is also photographic evidence so it is impossible for the both of us to deny this story to the many total strangers it has been forced upon in long lines.

At first Danny was my protector. He found my toys, reprimanded squirrels for messing with me and was the first person to tell me it was going to be okay after I scraped my knee. He was my only friend and I his for so long it bordered on unnatural but it didn't bother us then.

I was timid, shy and couldn't get two words out without beginning to stammer. Danny was super man in training. No task was too big. No climb too high. And then something strange happened. The world shook, worlds collided and our roles switched at ten years old. As Danny began to wear glasses he became an introvert obsessed with Star Wars I on track to find my voice. My voice may have been shaky but it had a purpose.

The dynamics of our chaotic duo had been shaken and I didn't even know it.

"Danny" I'd say "do you want to go outside?" He'd shake his head with vigor while he fashioned his storm trooper gear from scratch, his back towards to me.

"Come on Danny there's a trampoline out"

"I have to finish this"

"You can do it later"

"No I can't"


"No" he replied with force "No, no, no, no. You don't understand!"

"I understand" came my reply as I backed away. He doesn't want me here I thought and there was no need to make him any angrier than he already was. He didn't even have the tact to turn around and face me.

"I'm sorry" He said quietly this time "I just can't." I gripped the nearest chair to me.

"Please don't go." He sounded so small. I moved the chair next to him and sat down without a complaint.

"If we want to go outside we had better get done quick" I replied. His face showed every sign of disbelief as he finally looked towards me.


"Yes." He had please after all.