Yes, we're all so different
Just thought you'd understand
The way I see this world
With Christ to hold my hand

You don't believe in Him
To me, that's okay
But don't say I'm stupid
Or our friendship will end this way

I knew my King wasn't yours
I accepted that, all was fine
All I asked was your respect
The King is still mine

As far as I can be concerned
He saved me from my sins
His love, His strength, His forgiveness
Yes I'm true to Him, the savior always wins

I would never try to change you
God loves you anyway
Been quiet for so long
How is this okay?

Stop trying to change me
Stop saying I'm wrong
I'd never say so
You've hurt me all along

If all that you don't agree with is stupid, then I guess I'll never be intelligent in your eyes. I'd say I was sorry, but that'd be lying.