He Felt It All

In that moment, he felt it all. The running water in the streams that trailed through the forest. The growing of the blades of grass in the field, reaching up, up, up, yearning for the sunlight. The whooshing of the wind as it tumbled through the nearby town, rustled bushes, and ghosted into the woods, dense with trees.

He felt the small animals. The rabbits hopping about, searching for vegetables to eat. The squirrels scouring the ground for acorns and other nuts. The birds sweeping from tree to tree, branch to branch, teaching their babies to fly, diving to the ground as they looked for worms, soaring off into the never-ending distance.

He felt the large animals, too. The bears picking through bushes for berries. The wolves staring down their prey. The deer running away from the wolves, gathering their children, moving with speed and diligence over the earth.

He even felt the insects. The beetles hiding under rocks. The ants bringing leaves back to their colony to appease their queen. The bees buzzing about, pollinating flowers, making sweet, sweet honey in their hives, hexagonal tessellations dangling from trees.

It only took one touch of the earth to his lips, one kiss of the ground. But it was in this one insignificant human gesture that he felt it all.

Author's Note: This is what happens when I have a surge of Buddhist inspiration as I'm trying to study for finals. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it. And I want to thank everyone who voted for me in the most recent Campanella Awards. I won three awards: Le Conclusion Meillure (Harry McGilligan), L'Inspirational Lead Character (Harry McGilligan), and Sensational Scribbler.