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Summary: Legends are just that right? Legends? A eighteen year old girl from Pennsylvania is just about to find out. But what happens when she collapses at school before embarking on a journey that will test not only her strength, but her trust for her new allies and her faith in herself and a timeless legend that now controls her every breath.

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It had been an accident, a terrible mistake wrought from accidental magic and caring, but rash and powerful parents. A wall of fire and a burned child was all that was needed for the brutal war to begin. For eighteen long, bloody years, the dragons and magic users fought and hate grew and grew until, finally, two voices spoke up: one, the princess, the daughter of the most powerful sorceress and the other, the son of the great dragon lord.

These two young voices were wise beyond their years as they came to an agreement with the Council of Ancients. Boundaries were set, duties assigned and before the sunset, it was done, it was finished.

The war was over and peace rang through the valley. The dragons and Magic Folk could co-exist peacefully again. Throughout the Ancient City bonfires were lit, homes were opened and bountiful feasts were summed in response to the joyous news. The dead were both celebrated and mourned by all in the valley as they shared stories over warm fires.

High in the Citadel, the Ancients watched as change swept through the mountain-guarded city. In a far corner beside a thundering waterfall, the Dragon Lord and the Golden Sorceress sat under the twinkling stars. For many long hours they sat, illuminated only by a small blaze, retelling their stories and scripting new laws to introduce to the Ancients so that the magical world would never again see such bloodshed from within itself.

Yet, amongst all this, the most captivating figures of the evening were the stunning Dragon Child and her fierce dragon partner, Kahrnock; the peacekeepers and hope for the future. People from every race admired them as they walked amongst the younger ones who had grown up in the war and knew only hate and fear.

Together, sorceress and dragon worked to show that they were not very different from each other. Physically, perhaps, but that was where the differences ended. In time, everyone would come to see just how pointless those external differences were.

Hundreds of years past and true peace thrived throughout the magical world. That, however, was ten thousand years ago. As the title was passed on, the people they fought to protect were forced to become more and more secretive until they were completely masked from the mortal realm. Yet the peace never broke. Ties may have been strained but the bonds never broke.

However, for the first time in ten thousand years, those bonds would be tested to the near breaking point.

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