I'd rather not be a number
and be quantified as such
It's kinda dehumanizing really
that my life's not worth that much
(it seems)

I'd rather not be alphabetized
but hey, you know what? Thanks anyway
I'm more than just the first initial
of my father's surname

I'd rather not put all my energy
into this year-long charade
Just to fit into that normal-curve
at the end of the day

So you can take your acronyms
and computer processed pages
and facelessness and study scores
culminated over the ages

Take your SACs and SATs and GATs
Your 'S''s and your 'N''s
Take them all, I don't want them any more
I've stopped caring how this ends

"This page will not be assessed"
You'll never see this open letter
Your computers wont take it (it'll be thrown out)
And I'll go back to being voiceless


don't mind me, just hating on year 12 again. had the GAT today. what else would you do with 2 hours of free time but write a poem telling the assesors how much you hate their system on the page marked "this page will not be assessed"?