April 5, 1967

[Juliet McEvens and her son Mike sit on an outdated couch in their ranch style home. Mike is a skulking teenager who sits as far from his mother as possible. Juliet is almost giddy with nervous energy. She does the talking for Mike.]

I'm sorry he's so nervous. The police have already talked to him so the story is still…fresh.

Why don't you just tell me what you saw that night?

Well, he was on his way home and taking a shortcut through Potters field. Which he isn't allowed to do.

(She shoots the kid a knowing glare.)

That's when he heard Mr. Potter scream. A horrible thing to experience. He ran to the sound and that's when he found him. Mr. Potter was in the corner of the shack…dead.

(Tears glisten in the corners of her eyes and she grows very quiet)

[I turn to Mike and address the next question to him. He speaks in a mumbled voice.]

Can you describe the scene? If you don't mind.


He was…all curled up in the corner. I think I saw blood on ground but it was dark. I saw the chains though: a big long chain with a leather strap at the end. There was blood on that for sure.

What did you do then?

(Another shrug)

I ran. I think I saw the guy running in the other direction but there was…I dunno, something wrong with him. Like he couldn't run or something. I'm not really sure, it was dark.

Did you know about the shack before that day?

Yeah, I guess. Me and my friends joke about it sometimes.


April 5, 1967

[Police officer Jonathan Berntly is stoic as I shake his hand and take a seat on the opposite side of his desk. He's a hardened cop and he seems wary of reporters.]

We have Alex Zeeta in custody and are conducting a thorough psychiatric evaluation while he recovers physically. No official charges have been made as we are still assessing the situation through an on-going investigation.

Can you describe the crime scene?

(Berntly rubs a hand down his face.)

The body was found in a deprecate storage facility at the edge of the victims field.

What else was in the "storage facility"?

I cannot disclose that information at this time. You'll have to wait until this case has been closed and the police reports are released to the public.

So it's true then? That there were devices of questionable nature? Such as chains and collars?

(Berntly gets a dangerous look on his face.)

I cannot disclose that information.

Where was the suspect found?

In a ravine two miles away from the crime scene. He was unconscious and in a seriously deprived physical state.

(He raises a hand.)

I'm sorry but I have important work to get to.

[Before I can open my mouth to say goodbye, officer Berntly is already out of the office and melting into the maze of the police station.]