another day engulfed in JTHM and a little e.e.
my pajamas were baggy but it seemed fitting
i tried my hand at drawing again, no luck there
i took a shower so i didn't have to brush my hair

i'm glad you're back my summer sun
letting me waste my time efficiently
you always knew how make me sleepy
sitting, sippin on peach and ginger tea

does anyone know the date?
oh well, doesn't matter anyway
half way through a new year,
it's about time for some mistakes

nothing like a new sunburn setting in
if it were redder, my eyes would blend in
nothing like chlorine to sting those baby blues
it's too hot for a towel, just get me my shoes

falling asleep at the park when my tummy is full
i guess all the ants knew i had a good meal
and now, thanks to me, they did too
i'm itchy and groggy and allergic to grass
i didn't think this one out too well, did i?

back to bed for the week, maybe the month
haven't slept in days, want to join me?
we can have a nice dinner, watch tv
hibernate for the night to the Price is right

early morning reading comic books
didn't want to wake you dear grizzly
there's lemonade on the table
it tastes better with a little e.e.