the rain wasn't heavy as it fell around us
it just grazed our skin and left a chill
but it didn't faze your lips as they spoke
your sweet voice warmed our faces so close.

the soft sprinkles of moisture kissed our teeth
and the sun tried as hard as it could to shine
though you shine brighter than anyone
you gleam like the summer sun.

speaking, smiling, on a bench in the cold
there are many more stories waiting to be told
kiss me again and see my cheeks turn blush
the rain melts away as the blood starts to rush.

the rain was barely falling, but merely floating to you and i
your lips moved gently as they spoke to the overcast sky
and for awhile i forgot about my change in temperature,
i had no reason to be reminded to shiver and shake.

you held my hand tighter in yours
as i soaked the rain through my pores
and i felt warm, having you so close
even as the sky fell upon our lips

strange, how coats and boots only heat the skin
odd, how seeing you smile warms everything within.