When a mother and a mother alone,
Has a baby of her own
She won't chat with her old school friends on the phone
But nourish her child on her own.

When a mother and a mother alone,
Loves her baby all alone
She'll raise her into a good human being,
Leaving behind all her dreams.

When a mother and a mother alone,
Helps her child on her own
The child will love her more than ever,
And remember her forever and ever.

Oh! Mother if you can only see
What love you have given me
You'll give me love more than before
Which in my heart I'll forever store.

Mother now it seems to me;
I can now clearly see
That you're a gift from heaven to me
Who will love me and only me.

Now mother here's a note from me:
Wherever in the world I may be
You will always remain a mother to me.
I love you and you'll love me.

Author's Note: I wrote this when I was 10 years old so no disrespect please! xD R&R