Author's Note: Another poem about my mom, written when I was 13 years old. It was for either Mother's Day or her birthday I don't remember. Please R&R!

Momma, You're A Very Pretty Angel

The pretty smile on your face, escorted by your twinkling eyes,
A happy expression, an adoring fan;
Gaze down at me, Momma, with your obvious love and care.
Hug me, kiss me, hold me tight, and give me the hug of a bear.

Momma, you're a very pretty angel
The prettiest of them all.
Whoever says Mommas don't cry:
Well, they lied.

But Momma, you don't need to cry, I'm still here.
I always will be, for you, because you're my Momma.
Smile, laugh, and be happy
Know that you'll always have me.

The world is so much brighter in between you arms.
Sparkly lights, swirly colors, dreams that never fly by,
With you around, they're never far
I need no wishes on a star.
'Cause you're like a fairy mother
Complete with granting wishes and making delight.

Momma, get this (I've already said it twice):
Momma, you're a very pretty angel.