her silence says more,

he says, than any of her words,

and how is it that she's

guiltier than ever

when she's done no wrong?

anything he says has become

unanswerable, she can't say a word

for fear she'll say something wrong

something to hurt him

or something to break her

she's with another

and she loves him,

but it hurts her too bad

to see her friend in pain.

she doesn't know what to do anymore,

nor what she can say.

that's okay, he says

your silence says more

than anything you could say.

a/n: late night/early morning conversations... sometimes they hurt. my friend likes me.. a lot, i guess, and he's jealous of me and my boyfriend... and it hurts that he's in pain but it hurts worse that i feel so guilty for something i never meant to do.