A.N. - Okay, anyone know the band The Maine?? Well, if you do Johnny in the story is based on John the lead singer from The Maine. That's who I was thinking of while I was writing it anyway. But I don't know him or the band, so John could be a total jerk and I wouldn't know. So, I don't know or own John or The Maine, unfortunately! :( But enjoy please!! 6-11-10

Flip Cams in the Parking Lot

"Oh, for the love of Flip Cams!" A shout rang through the Studio parking lot.

"Johnny!!" A girl shrieked, as a Flip Camera was shoved into her face.

"What are you doing?" He asked her, innocence filled his voice.

She raised the book in her hands to the camera.

"The Diary of A Young Girl: Anne Frank. The Definitive Edition.... Interesting.... Haven't you read that like a billion times already?" He asked her, zooming in on the cover as she opened it.

Lifting her eyes from the text she glared at him once, then went back to her book.

"Nooo, Kenziiee!!" Johnny screamed, the camera shaking, dropping to the ground for a second before lifing to the girl's face once again.

Sighing loudly, she looked up from her book again, "What?!"

"I brought you a Coke!" He smiled crookedly, shoving the red can into his friend's face.

Eyes lighting up, her scowl turned to a bright surprised smile.

"Thanks Johnny!" She smiled.

Lifting up for the Coke her smile dropped onced she grabbed the can.

"It's warm!" She screamed, anger evident in her voice.

He chuckled from behind his Flip Cam. Backing up slowly he continued to laugh at his friend as she held the warm Coke.

Springing up from her seat on the Studio wall (book in one hand, Coke in the other) she sprints angrily towards Johnny.

Catching on quickly he turns around and starts running away from her. Camera shaking, pavement and cars appear out of focus, but Johnny's heavy breathing is clear.

"Jonathan O'Callaghan I'm sweating out here!!" Kenzie shouts.

"Oh, calm down, McKenzie!" Johnny chuckles as he continues running.

Running closer to the building a red aluminum can flies over his head.

"Oh shit!" He squeals, running even faster.

"Damn Irish!" She screams before the Flip Cam finally shuts off.