It used to be alive. It used the feel the wind on its skin; water down its throat… Hard to imagine that this huge creature was once moving and-

"Carrie, come on!"


Haylie smiled. "The group's moving on."

Carrie Hart turned. The class was moving onto a different exhibit. She moved away from the Tyrannosaur and joined her mates.

They were in the top year and for their last day in the school they had been taken on a school trip to the museum and right now they were in the dinosaur exhibit.

It wasn't a very pleasant trip for Carrie. She'd been here hundreds of times before and was always fascinated by the dinosaurs but this time there was a new tour guide who knew nothing about paleontology.

"That's wrong!" she would say to the tour guide who merely shrugged and said that she was qualified and that it was Carrie who was obviously mistaken.

The tour guide didn't look very sure when she had said that though and she always paused to remember something. No need, Carrie knew about all the dinosaur parts anyway and her friends knew it all too 'cause of the amount of time their friend had babbled it all to them. Nobody else seemed to care at the guides mistakes; they didn't care about history anyway.
Carrie's aspiration in life was to become a paleontologist. She could end up doing the paperwork, drawings or (preferably) on the digs sites and museums and love every bit of the work.

Carrie was sixteen like the rest of the class. She short, ruffled and scruffy blonde hair that only went down as far as her chin. She liked to dress scruffy too. She usually wore a white t-shirt with a grey and blue heart on the chest, a short blue shoulder bag, blue trainers and a pair of grey knee-length combat trousers (she would often write notes about paleontology and stiff them in the large pockets). The only smart thing about her was that she always wore a necklace made up of stones colored dark mossy green (which she believed to be jasper), a few were yellow (also jasper) and turquoise gems which were sky blue and denim blue.

"So," Haylie said to her friend. "Are you going to go on about what's right and what's wrong?"

"What?" Carrie replied.

Haylie nodded to the tour guide who was looking a bit confused when someone had asked if they had any Triceratops skeletons.

Haylie laughed, "Their tricking her, we just passed two when you were gazing at the T-Rex!"

That made Carrie smile, Haylie could always make you laugh, no matter how upset you were.

Haylie Matthews was naturally hilarious, she was often told to become a comedian. She was sociable and fashionable.

Although today, you had to admit, she wasn't looking as pretty as normal. She has on a long sleeved pink polka-dot shirt, denim shorts, velvety brown boots and a jacket that really only went down as far as just under her chest. She had layered chocolate brown hair with a side parting that made her hair fall and curve nicely under her chin.

Carrie and all her friends looked alike; the hairstyles were all that was different really.

There was Haylie's layered style, Carrie's scruffy style and then there were their other friends.

Their friend Dana Parker had long hair that was blonde and in a Lara Croft style ponytail. Dana, apart from the hair, was a bit like Lara Croft. She was athletic, acrobatic and strong.

She was in her usual blue long sleeve shirt, sandals, a long sparkly bead necklace hung on her neck and jeans which were wearing at the knees and, well, everywhere.

Then there was Abby Carter. She was sporty too. She and Dana always paired up in P.E seeing as they were athletic, acrobatic, strong… They even took karate classes together.

Abby usually dressed in a cameo miniskirt, dark green pumps with little red bows on the toe end and blue and white strapless top.

Abby had long ginger hair usually tied up and with a dark green bandana round the top of her head.

She was coming over now.

"That tour guide is so frustrating!"

"I know," Haylie nodded.

Abby laughed. "Carrie, give us a technical question to ask her!"

Haylie burst into giggles.

Carrie wasn't listening.

Abby nudged her "Carrie?"

"Oh, no," Haylie said, leaning over to Abby. "Something's caught her eye."

"Deinonychus…" Carrie whispered to herself, wandering over to the skeleton on the stand.

She rested her hands on the metal railing and sighed.

Deinonychus was her all time favorite dinosaur and this fossil was the one she had wanted to see.

The thought of this animal made the hair tingle on the back of her neck. She had tried to imagine this dinosaur in packs, swiftly and silently hunting down its prey, its intelligence allowing it to make attack plans and communicate with the other members in the pack.

Carrie was in a world of her own imagination when she heard the annoying tour guide and the class coming up behind her.

"Ah, yes!" the guide was saying in her high posh voice.

Carrie sighed, what a way to spoil her train of thought.

"Now, children, this dinosaur is called Deinonychus, a type of Velociraptor-"

"Dromaeosaur…" Carrie corrected in a whisper.

The guide leaned close to her. "I'm sorry?"

She closed her eyes and swallowed. "Deinonychus is a type of Dromaeosaur."

"Hmm, nice try dear, but I think I know what type of dinosaur this is, let me teach please."

The woman blabbed on and on, all incorrect facts.

Carrie looked at the fossil. The dinosaur was taller than her, which she found frightening.

She decided to go back to her mates.

They sat in the museum café. Carrie and her friends were on their own table, everyone else had their own table.

"I am so glad we're seeing no more of that tour guide." Dana said, shoving a chip into her mouth. "What's u next?"

Abby took out their copy of the museum map. "Uh, volcanology I think it's called."

Carrie sighed. She ate a few of her chips and looked at the map.

They'd had mammals first, birds second, third had been the dinosaurs and it looked like after lunch they were going to see the volcano bit, space, and then mythology section and last looked like geology.

Abby peered over at the timetable "Are we going to the little shop?"

"At the end, yeah," Carrie replied.

"Ah, I love the little shop!"

Haylie laughed. "You are so weird!"

"That's the joy of being me!"

"Right!" their teacher stood up and spoke to the whole class. "We've gotta get moving now, get your things and we'll go to meet our guide!"

Everyone drained their glasses, finished their food and ran out to find the volcano section.