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Rachel woke up the next morning and looked out the bedroom window. The sun was shining through the leaves again.

Everyone else seemed to be up already. She got up and went downstairs.

Everyone was in the study room.

"Hi guys!" Rachel said cheerfully. "Oh."

Haylie was in tears on the seats on the others were crowded around her.

"Harry didn't come back last night." Abby explained.

Haylie sighed. "I'm ok, I'm ok,"

At that moment Riley appeared in the doorway with a large bag and some binoculars. "We're going to get food; I suggest you come with us."

"Where's Harry?" Abby asked her.

Dana shrugged.

Riley shook her head. "He died in a tragic accident. He was out looking for dinosaurs and, well, he walked into the wrong nest."

Haylie started wailing. Carrie was hugging her tight. "Come on, get a grip on yourself, I'm sure he's fine."

Haylie shook her head. "Didn't you hear? He's dead!"

Riley frowned and walked out. "Be down on the ground shortly."

As soon as she'd gone, Carrie leaned over to Haylie and whispered in her ear. "He didn't go out to find any nests remember? He went to dig up some dirt on Riley."

Haylie shook her head and sniffed. "But where is he now?"

He was bound up with rope on the floor of Fiona Riley's study room. Yes, Harry Jones had been there all night. He had drifted back into consciousness sometime in the early hours. His back was aching from the hard floor, his wrists and ankles which were tied together were rubbing on the rope and he had a thumping headache where he'd been hit.

He looked around, not really expecting to see anything of interest. He saw the furniture, the leaves outside and the arch leading into the platform twisting around the trunk.

He tried to pull his arms and ankles away from each other but the rope held tight. He tried to stand up but only managed a slouching position in the middle of the floor.

He sighed and shut his eyes to pause and think for a moment. Any moment now the others would go out looking for food leaving him here, tired and hungry. He tried yelling for help, the buildings were fairly close so the girls would hear, but when he tried to speak his voice was croaky and tingly; anyway, the two men would have shut him up if he had called for help.

Harry cleared his throat and swallowed, it felt better. He tried again and this time he spoke loud and clear.
"Help! HELP!" he paused, listening for any answers. "PLEASE! Please…"

They were sat on the grass next to a river separating the forest from grassy hills.
The water was surprisingly deep and every now and then, Dana saw silver fish darting about.

Riley clapped her hands and slung her bag over her shoulder. "Ok, let's go!"

"What? Where are we going?" Abby said.

"There are some fruit bushes that line the river a bit further down. We'll be foraging berries. Some of the dinosaurs eat these so they should be fine."

Carrie sat up straight from her sunbathing position on the grass. "Dinosaurs?"

Dana gasped and started clapping her hands sarcastically. "Well done! Genius!"

Carrie stood up and walked over to Riley. "You said some of the dinosaurs live on these bushes?"

"Yes, that's right."

"Well that means that the dinosaurs that live on fruit are herbivorous which means that it's the perfect hunting place for the carnivores! We see this all the time in habitats all over the world."

Riley just shook her head impatiently. "They'll have come earlier in the morning, don't worry, we're quite safe." She nodded to the two men by her side, each holding a weapon.

Carrie was shocked. "You're going to shoot these beautiful creatures?"

Riley stood up straight, her honey hair bouncing lightly on her shoulders. "They won't be so beautiful when they decide to pick on us."

She turned around and walked down the river. With her back turned no one could hear her as she mumbled to herself. "Literally."

Rachel wiped the dripping water from her eye and sat down. She's fallen in the water once and was now soaked.
Riley's bag was full of fruit. The fruits they'd found weren't poisonous, some of them were found in other warm climates and some were even found in shops.

"Right," Riley said. "That'll do us fine."

Everyone sat down with her and relaxed. Their legs ached from walking, they were tired from the heat even though it was still morning and they were all desperate to eat.

Riley looked at her two men. "Right, we'll need to boil the water, wait till it cools and then wash the berries in it."

Abby looked at Rachel. "Why can't we just wash them in the river?"

Rachel shrugged. "Because the water is dirty I guess, even if the dinosaurs drink it. Anyway, we'll want to drink it too so I guess we'll have to boil it anyway."

Abby nodded. "Oh…"

Rachel let herself collapse onto the grass. It was surprisingly cool and relieved her a bit from the hot sun; this was definitely a tropical island.

Riley had taken a boiling pot from her bag. She can get so much into that bag, can't guess what she'll take out next… She's obviously well prepared. Rachel thought.

Rachel was so lost in her own thoughts that she hadn't realized what was going on, until she felt the ground shake.