Story Title: Cry, Devil Red Eye
Author: Xenossta000
Summery: A poor creature, unknown of mind and soul, is created with one purpose. To kill. But what will become of him when he meets his prey, and is struck by the dancing flame in the boys' eye?

Rated: M (Future Sexual Themes)

Chapter One

I never once really understood my Master's wishes.


He just continuously rambled on about one person. From the moment I was born, it was only about that boy. My Lord hardly spoke of anything else, much less his own quest. Ah yes, this boy had even made my Master forget his own desire, to be the king of Iscon. To rule with an iron fist, causing destruction among hundreds of unsuspecting lives.

His own devotion for chaos, to grip his large hands on the power of the Goddesses, had withered, and almost completely died. But what had I done to stop such foolishness? I had said nothing. I never spoke to my Lord, nor anyone else. I had no desire to share my thoughts with another. I only listened, and observed.

I didn't argue when my Lord made a new choice, that involved me. I only nodded my agreement, as he took me to my new prison. As we stepped into the dark corridors of my future home, I said nothing. He left me there, locked up, in a large, square room. I watched as he left, my blood soaked eyes gazing as him as he disappeared through that door and I made no movement as those bars slammed shut over the entrance.

I didn't have any certain ambition myself. My Lord had never been cruel to me, nor had he been kind. I never held any malice for him, but I didn't enjoy his presence at the same time. At the time, I hadn't cared about him just leaving me in the cold room.

As I sat in the center of the room, I ran his one command through what I thought might be some sort of thinking process. Before now, I had always been in his presence, and hadn't developed any kind of personality, or mind. I was just a doll. Sometimes, when my Master slept, I would watch as his chest rose, and fell, and maybe the thought crossed my mind, why didn't my chest do that? What was the purpose of breathing?

Those were the first few questions I had ever asked myself, and they had opened a whole new door of learning. Before, when I had been created, my Master only made me to follow orders, and fight well. He never even suspected that under my stoic mask, I perhaps could be thinking. Thinking, why, or how. When was this supposed to happen, and where did that go?

But when he left me alone in that room, that large, dark square room, I sat in almost complete silence, with my own mind, and I thought. I thought about why I was born, and what I was really doing here. Kill the Hero of Lands, he had said. How was I supposed to figure out who the Hero of Lands was? What did he look like? Where was he from? Had he been born the same way as I? As I stared around my empty room, I thought about it.

It was very large, with brick walling, ceiling, and floor. Nothing to perk my interests. As I closed my eyes, and thought, I heard the vague, peaceful sound, of dripping water. I thought about a sea, a vast ocean, calm and still, and how beautiful it could be if I ever saw it. I imagined what it could look like, how is would smell. And to my shock, when I opened my eyes, the entire room's floor had been covered in water.

I stood up, and noticed that my feet dug a little into the ground. I had leaned down, and touched the unfamiliar substance, it was course, and grainy. And slightly warm. I stepped into the water, and to my dismay, it only reached to the top of my boot. But I decided to be grateful for what I had. I looked into the distance, and saw nothing but water. A light fog filled the room, dissolving the ceiling, and what was left of the walls. In slight curiosity, I walked out further into the shallow water, my hand held out, and a slight smirk touched my lips as my fingers grazed a course fake wall. Then my smirk fell, and my eyes widened. My hand left the feel of the wall, and reached up to graze my lips. What had I just done? What was that, with my face? I had felt it pull…and it was a slight pleasuring experience.

I wanted to do it again. I looked down, at my reflection, and quirked my lips into what I had seen my Master do before. It was what I believed to be a grin. A grin of happy insanity. I looked good on my pale gray lips, and made my blood red eyes flicker with some kind of evil warmth. Perhaps my Master leaving me alone in this room had been a good thing? I did not know. But I was having the time of my life. I then saw, with much joy, a tree! I was amazed, and nearly fell running towards it, but in moments, I had sobered.

The tree was not real, I had realized. I sat down on the ground, leaning against the dream tree, and stared into the distance. For days, or it felt my like, I sat in that room, staring off into the distance. Over time, more things added themselves into the room, but he did not care, nor pay attention. He lost the value of time, for he had no way to tell it. Nothing happened, nothing excited him, his process of thought halted, and for the longest time, he again became a doll, sitting and gazing into the foggy abyss of his prison.

It was then, that by the sound of a door creaking open, that it all began.

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